“You Have One Life. Be Raw. Be You. Risk It All When It Comes To Your Dreams. Treat This Earth As Your Temple And Every Living Being As Your Equal. Accept Equality As The Only Language And Pass It Down To Your Future Generations. Choose Love And Make It Your Everyday Mantra.” Valeria Hinojosa

Where to begin? Writing my bio has always been challenging for me. I want to include so many experiences and aspects of my life that have made me who I am today, but in doing so my bio would probably become a book! So, to keep it short, I’ll focus on the essence and leave all the stories of “how I got there” for my future blog posts. 

I’m 31. Born and raised in Bolivia but have been living in sunny Miami for the past 10 years. Vegan. Yogi. Social Entrepreneur. Adventure-seeker. Animal-lover (in case that wasn’t obvious enough with “vegan”). I was in the Private Banking world for almost 5 years and I have to say, it has probably been the biggest factor in shaping my personality. 7 years ago, as a fresh college graduate, I was so focused on seeking a career that would give me the “status”, the salary, and the VIP perks, that I completely lost myself… lost my essence. I worked non-stop and crazy hours until I got promoted. Once I achieved that, I was already thinking about my next promotion but none of that was fulfilling. I was empty. Fast forward a few years and now all I have to say is that I'm thankful. I left Private Banking to pursue the things that set my soul on fire. I became a certified Yoga Teacher and  a full-time conscious travel and lifestyle blogger aiming at inspiring all of you to chase that kind and adventurous "WaterThruSkin" lifestyle, and a social entrepreneur. Now, finally...I fully understand that life is all about finding the right balance, making time for yourself and the things you love, and about making conscious decisions that have a positive impact on someone other than yourself. I came to understand, that if you read carefully into all those YOLO quotes on Instagram, you can to truly grasp the idea that we only have one life… One life to decide if we want to be a slave of the ordinary, or an eye-catching and breath-taking creature. One life to decide if we want to think inside the box, or dare to be creative and visionary… One life to learn to love ourselves and make the right long-term choices when it comes to our physical and spiritual health… One life to realize that the world does not spin around us and it’s our duty to preserve it for future generations. One life to dream big and follow every inch of our passions… One life to make the most of every day and inspire others in the process. In the end, that is what life should be all about.. Inspiring and being inspired.

I hope you enjoy WaterThruSkin!

With love, 


KIND TITLES: Founder of WTS Connect, Yoga Teacher (RYT 200).

FEATURED IN: Forbes, People En Español, Self, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Airbnb, Telemundo, WWD and others