Narnia.. aka BAHAMAS!


Ok.. so 2014 was dedicated to traveling for the blog and for work. From the climate change march in NYC, to my invitations to review ecological and holistic hotels in Guatemala and Costa Rica. To be honest I was not expecting to travel in January at all because December had already taking over all my energy with the trips to Mexico and Seattle but out of the blue this trip to Bahamas came alive. I don’t even remember when was the last time I took a trip that had nothing to do with work (private banking), the blog, or family. In order words, I don’t remember when was the last time I took a trip with friends. A trip for pure childish, worry-free fun!

Last week at work (even though it was the holidays and usually a quiet time in the private banking world) was full of stress! We had clients wanting to establish relationships with us last minute which meant my team and I had to stay at the office longer than usual and on the 31st I almost spent NYE locked in my office. Meanwhile, my friends were planning a 2-day weekend getaway to paradise. How could I say no?! I needed it so bladly! So, after having to cancel two flights because of work-conflicts, my Friday night flight to Nassau being delayed 2 hours, taking a 30 minute taxi ride from the Nassau airport to the port, and a 60 minute boat ride at midnight with me, myself, the captain and his 7 ft. tall guy-friend, I got to Narnia! I’m not going to lie. I thought I would not make it alive! The entire trip seemed like a scene of a horror movie. Specially the boat ride with two strangers who happened to be HUGE men, a storm taking over the ocean while we were in the middle of it, and our walk to the house with a lantern and these two guys behind me. Yes. I freaked out and I’m pretty sure I almost peed myself. I got to the house soaking wet wanting to kill my friends and went to bed mad. But then, what I woke up to at 6 in the morning changed my mood for life! I’ve never EVER seen water that clear. EVER! And our house. My God, our house! Nothing but white painted wood with huge windows/doors that remained open at all times. We would go to bed with the sound of the ocean waves crashing the rocks, and would wake up to powerful sunrays hitting our eyes and the cool wind lifting our bedsheets. In that moment, I understood that everything was part of the adventure. Even fear itself. Instead of letting it consume me, I had to learn from it. Let it go and just flow. No words to describe what I felt once there. I didn’t want to come back. As a matter of fact, we are planning another getaway there soon.

Now, for my wanderlust-lovers, let’s talk numbers. A round-airfare ticket from Miami to Nassau is usually around $200. The house we rented was on was approx $700 night for max 8 people. If you split that cost between all guests, your stay in paradise is honestly really cheap. Other things to have in mind are taxi rides from Nassau to port and back ($40 each way) and boat ride ($300 each way for 5 people). Lastly, you just need to buy your own groceries, rosé, water bottles and you are good to go. Make it happen, loves! You will never regret a penny spent on travel. There are so many incredible places waiting for us this year. Let's make sure 2015 is filled with them.


ps: Once again, no filters or photoshop needed. :)