Eco hotel: Hostal Grau

July 2016

What exactly is it about this city that has me head over heels? I visited it a year ago and, fast forward time, I again had the opportunity to walk on its streets in July. Now, for work. Chasing a dream I've had for the past year and giving it all I've got to make it a reality! Barcelona is beyond amazing, guys! Every corner holds architectural masterpieces. Old and new. Gothic and modern. La Sagrada Familia to Parc Güell. There's a little bit of everything for everyone! The best part of it?...New vegan and vegetarian spots are opening every single day! It’s incredible! And delicious!
My 4-day trip to Barcelona began (after a 5hr nap, that is!) with a walk around Plaza de España followed by a delicious plant-based dinner with friends I hadn't seen in a while at Mordisco topped with a solo midnight walk around Barcelona's busy streets. Where else do you get to walk around past midnight by yourself with no fear whatsoever contemplating everyone and everything around you?? Even those two-story tour buses full of people run past midnight! A city that comes even more alive at night! Beautiful. Seriously! Specially to fight jet-lag.

My second day started around 2pm. YES! I was jet-lagged and couldn’t close an eye until 6am so I literally went out for “breakfast” at 2pm! And… it was so good!! A mouthwatering Acai bowl topped with uncountable superfoods, almond cappuccino with brown sugar, and a green juice at Hammock Juice Station. A plant-based “hammock” juice bar that opened its doors a month prior. And by “hammocks” I mean actual hammocks hanging around everywhere for its visitors to melt on. Coolest and yummiest place I visited during my 4 days in Barcelona!
Another place that made my stay priceless was the eco-friendly hotel I spent my nights at: Hostal Grau. This little piece of green heaven portrays everything I imagine my future home to look like. Just for you to get an idea, the room I stayed at was called the “OFF Room” and it took sustainability to the next level! The minute I opened my room’s door I was surprised with 1) an eco mattress made from coconut fiber, recycled denim and other natural fibers (so comfy it left me in awe!) 2) sheets made from organic cotton 3) furniture made from recycled wood 4) Eco wifi, which reduces the radiation effect 5) Eco switch that turns everything off when you're not using it (lights, water, AC) 6) eco-friendly non-toxic paint used on walls + a coat of organic carbon paint to reduce electromagnetic frequencies 7) organic herbs (rosemary & basil) in the bathroom 8) natural & cruelty-free bath products. As if that were not enough, every furniture piece in the hotel was recycled and visitors could rent bikes to drive around the city! Cutest eco-friendly boutique hotel in town!
My third day began with breakfast at a tiny Café, Café Camelia, near Park Güell that offered plant-based options and the best cacao-cappuccino with vegan milk ever! I also ordered the homemade müesli with soy milk and a delicious beet-OJ-carrot juice. From there, I proceeded to walk for 2-hours until I somehow got to Park Guëll. I could’ve obviously taken a taxi or bus there but my body asked for the walk. If you keep walking for about 20 minutes (all the way up!) from Park Guëll are the Bunkers of Carmel; remains of anti-aircraft fortifications from the Spanish Civil War that have now become a scenic 360 viewpoint of Barcelona. This place is a must, guys! Whether you visit during the day or at sunset, the Bunkers are magic! Take a snack, water and wine with you and you’ll feel in heaven!
To end my day, I decided to pay “Quinoa” a visit. Another plant-based spot in Barcelona where I devoured a tofu burger, a Spinach + Basil + Apple juice (so refreshing!) and a Coconut Cream + Apple cake. Petite bohemian restaurant but delightful!
There are other vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona you guys can enjoy. I vistied these last year and LOVED every bite.
1)   Flax and Kale: extremely famous flexitarian restaurant with many scrumptious vegan options.
2)   The Dog is Hot: for those moments  you crave junk food, this place is IT! Vegan hot dogs with as many yummy toppings as your mind can fathom.(They also have non-vegan options)