Hurricane Irma Relief (Humans & Animals)

Florida has been my home for the past 10 years and it breaks my heart to see what people, and animals, have experienced this past week. Some houses have been completely torn apart, broken trees lay every two blocks, and dozens of families are currently living in shelters. To help, I've teamed up with @tedgemindfulcoworking and @ayahbrands (two Florida-based conscious brands founded by beautiful humans I'm lucky to have in my life!) to collect as many donations as possible and take everything to the families impacted by the hurricane in Miami and the Keys. We would like to deliver the donations starting this weekend so, pretty please, join our efforts! We will keep collecting for the next month or so. We need EVERYTHING! Take a minute to look around your home and donate whatever you didn't use during the hurricane, or any items that have been sitting in a corner unused. Food (human and animal), hygiene products, clothes, feminine pads, mats, pillows, lamps, flashlights. There are people with no access to water or electricity still, and this is everyone's chance to do something good and realize how wonderful it feels to help others smile again!

For my animal-lovers, I've also partnered with @southfloridawildlifecenter to have a drive specifically for our wild earthlings. I know we've all been busy protecting our own but, reality is, hundreds of squirrels, birds, raccoons and other wild animals have been left homeless too. @southfloridawildlifecenter has been taking all of them in, even though its premises were hit by the hurricane severely. Thus, they need our help! Below is a donation list. If you wish to donate cash, you can do so below too.

1) Please email me if you have items to donate to schedule pick-up or drop-off.

2) If you live outside of FL and wish to donate cash, please do by clicking the link below. Every $ you donate will go directly to helping the non-profits I have partnered with.



LETS Help each other bloom aGain.jpg

National Bacon Day Vegan Recipe!

HAPPY #INTERNATIONALBACONDAY, WORLD! Today, I decided to try something new and share one of my favorite recipes (transformed into a vegan one) with you, and also give some tips to those souls that might not be ready to go vegan yet. It’s ok! We’ve all been there. Some people are born into vegan families and have never tried meat, others discover veganism by themselves. Like I did. I ate meat until my early twenties when I watched a few eye-opening documentaries that changed my life. I’m the only vegan in my family and, if there’s something I’ve learned in these 6 years of a plantbased diet, is that judging or criticizing others for not making this transition doesn’t create a positive outcome. We inspire and lead by example and by sharing the knowledge. Therefore, below, you will find a delicious vegan recipe for International Bacon Day, and also WholeFoods Animal Welfare practices that focus on improving the life of animals and our world, and providing animal products that have been raised in more ethical ways than those under the ordinary meat production industry. When you go shopping at WF, you will see these steps in a huge banner in the meat section. Something worth reading!

Vegan Stuffed Potatoes


-Vegan Bacon (you can get it at WholeFoods) Yes, I know it’s processed and we all try to avoid processed foods but you will only be using one slice of it for flavor. All other ingredients are natural :) I bought two vegan bacon brands to choose from for taste. Yves Veggie Bacon was the winner!

-1/4 cup Shiitake mushrooms

-1/4 cup Kale

-3 tbsp Coconut Cream

-Sweet potato or regular potato (up to you)

-Coconut oil

-Low-sodium soy sauce

1) Wash your potatoes, dry them and make little holes in them with a fork. Cover them with a little coconut oil.

2) Set your oven at 425F. Once ready, add potatoes and bake for 30-45 minutes. Check on them to make sure they don’t burn.

3) In a saucepan at medium heat, add 1 tbsp coconut oil with half tbsp soy sauce. Once the pan is hot and coconut oil bubbles up, add the sliced mushrooms, kale and cubed vegan bacon. Stir for about 5 minutes.

4) Once your potatoes are ready, wait for them to cool a little. Make a cut in the middle and take some of the insides out with a spoon to make space for the toppings.

5) Add the sautéed kale, mushrooms and bacon to the potatoes.

6) Top it with coconut cream (For the coconut cream, open the can and only use the thick creamy part on top. Don’t use the water for this recipe)

7) Add cubed avocados.

8) If you want more flavor you can add chimichurri to it or vegan mayo.

 I hope you guys enjoy this super simple yet delicious recipe!

 For my carnivores, Whole Foods is having a National Bacon Day sale today! Their products follow a 5-step Animal Welfare process (no cages/crates/crowding, enriched environment, enhanced outdoor access, pastured centered, animal centered) which means their practices are more humane and ethical than the ordinary meat industry ones. Thus, this is your opportunity to choose wisely when shopping for meats……until the day you are ready to go vegan :) 


The Healing Power of Superfoods & a 25% Sale!!

Supplements have played a key role in my life ever since I went vegan three years ago. Whether you are vegan or non-vegan, getting your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein is extremely important along with a healthy diet. This weekend, WholeFoods is having a 25% sale off all their supplements, therefore, I decided to share some of my favorite supplements and superfoods with you! A few of these I bought yesterday at WF to enjoy the sale, other’s I have at home. They are my everyday musts! The powders I use in my morning shakes. A teaspoon of each combined with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, almond or coconut milk, and a scoop of my vegan protein. The pills and drops I take as described below. You can find all of them at WF, of course


-Moringa: this is one of the best superfoods out there. It is made from the leaves of the Moringa plant. It is known as the Tree of life, and its name couldn’t suit it better! It prevents diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, anemia, arthritis, liver disease, and respiratory, skin, and digestive issues. It also has seven times more Vitamin C than oranges, four times more Vitamin A than carrots, four times more calcium than milk, three times more potassium than bananas, and two times more protein than yogurt!

The taste: Like green tea.

 -Maca: It is made from the Maca root and found in high regions of South America. Its benefits include: hormonal balance, energy booster, health booster, increased fertility, immune system booster, improved sexual function, and improved memory and focus. It is rich in Calcium, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, iron, potassium, Vitamins B, C and E, and Zinc.

The taste: Earthy and creamy. 

-Camu Camu: It is made from the fruit of a tree that grows in Brazil. The fruit looks like a red version of the Acai. Its benefits include: immune system boost, inflammation reduction, detoxification of the body, and overall body health. It has a massive amount of Vitamin C in it, carrying one of the highest concentrations in any food source. This helps your immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

The taste: Bittersweet.

 -Lucuma: It is made from a fruit native to Chile, Peru and Ecuador containing high amounts of Vitamin B3, calcium and protein. It has a maple-like taste that gives Lucuma a perfect use as a 100% natural sweetener. Use it in your smoothies, desserts, baked goods, nice cream, etc. It is also known for improving skin health, cardiovascular health, and blood sugar levels.

The taste: Like maple syrup.

-Golden Milk: It is the perfect combination of turmeric, dates, cardamon, ashwagandha, vanilla and black pepper. I add 1 teaspoon of it to a warm cup of almond or coconut milk, and drink it in the mornings or right before bed. The flavor is delicious, and it has two of my favorite superfoods: turmeric and ashwagandha. Read below to find out about their health benefits.

-VEGA protein: It is made from greens and grains. I've tried dozens of vegan protein powders and the only one I truly connected with was VEGA. Beside of the delicious flavor, VEGA carries 50% of your daily vitamins and minerals, 20g of plant based protein, omegas, probiotics, fibers and antioxidants. 

The flavors I love: coconut almond, vanilla chai, and chocolate. 

-Cacao: I don't think I need to talk much about Cacao. We've all heard of it and probably LOVE it! It is one of the strongest antioxidant carriers. I use it to create yummy desserts like cacao mousse, or add 2 tablespoons of it to my morning chocolate-mint shakes. Check my daily Instagram stories for recipes :)


-Turmeric (you can also get it in powder form): I take these whenever I have body aches, cramps, headaches, etc. They are 100% natural and vegan. They are made from the turmeric root (looks like an orange-yellow ginger) and traditionally used in Asian foods for taste and color. Turmeric has also been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for years as a natural anti-inflammatory and a source full of antioxidants. It is also known for boosting brain activity and health, lowering the risk of heart issues, preventing arthritis, and fighting depression.

Whether you choose to take it in powder form, golden milk or pills, turmeric is great for menstrual cramps, irritable bowls, headaches, and body aches.

The taste: Strong and bitter flavor. A combination of ginger and oranges.

 -Ashwagandha Root: It is made from the root of one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing: Ashwaghanda. It is used in India to treat stress, fatigue, lack of energy, concentration issues, and a weak immune system.

I take a pill every morning with my breakfast.


-Bach flowers: A combination of water, brandy, and dew from healing flowers. They were developed by Edward Bach who believed in the natural healing properties of flowers. I remember taking these drops when I was little. I’ve always been a hyperactive soul, therefore, my parents used to give me a few drops of Bach flowers to calm my hyperactivity. I now take them during the days I feel stressed, low on energy, or even low on self-love. There are over 38 different flower remedies to choose from.

The taste: Like brandy :p

Crystals & Healing. How?

How many of you have discovered the power of crystals already? I posted a photo on my IG stories yesterday showing one of the many ways in which I use my crystals to heal, and immediately received dozens of questions from you guys. Therefore, I've decided to answer them here! Crystals came into my life 7 years ago when my mom and I began designing jewelry while I was still in college, but it wasn't until two years ago that I truly connected with my stones. I have over 20 crystals. Some were gifts from people very dear to me, others I've collected from the trips I embarked on for the blog. Auroville (India), Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia), Ubud (Bali), Cusco (Peru), Thailand....Wherever the energy speaks to me, I make sure I get a crystal. The first thing I do with my crystals is clean their energy and activate my intention and connection to them.  Below are some easy steps. And, in case you wonder, my favorite stones are these: 

  • Rose quartz: the heart stone. It opens your heart to acceptance and love. Especially, self-love and forgiveness. I place this one on my heart or third eye when I lay in bed. Usually for 30 minutes. I also have it on my nightstand to calm my dreams.
  • Clear quartz: most powerful stone. It has a colorful world of its own and cleanses all your chakras. It removes negativity and stabilizes your emotions and soul. I wear this one on rings and necklaces.
  • Aquamarine: the stone of the sea. It calms and soothes and inspires you to seek truth and let go. It embodies all things connected to the sea and protects those who travel long distances. Strongest stone for healing throat chakra and cleansing respiratory tracks. 
  • Amethyst: the stone of the artist. A great stone for opening the crown chakra. It helps you find focus and amplifies your creative elements. Whether you are a writer, singer, painter, sculptor, or creator in any way, this is your to-go stone. I carry mine as a ring, or in my purse and take it out every time I need to reconnect. I place it on the palm of my hand during my mediations. 
  • Turquoise: oldest stone in man's history. The stone of protection. It attracts happiness and good fortune, and cleans negative energy from your environment. I use this stone as a ring and wear it 24/7.

They way in which I clean my crystals is by rinsing them with cold water (for about 30 seconds under running cold water) or by putting them in a bowl of water with some lavender and roses for about 10-30 minutes. Then, I burn sage or palo santo and move the palo santo or sage around the crystal in circles repeating my intentions. "I clear this crystal of all negative energy with the help of the four elements of nature". Then, I place it on my left palm, close it tightly, and activate it by saying "I dedicate the healing energy of this crystal for..... (whatever you wish to heal, let go, feel, etc...)". I finish the cleanse by leaving my crystals for a few hours under the sun, or the moon (if it's full moon night). That's it! Simple, beautiful and powerful!

Para mi gente Latina! <3 (in Spanish)

Ultimamente he recibido muchos mensajes empujándome a que escriba más en español, mi lengua materna. Para mí, se me hace mucho mas fácil escribir en ingles, ya que llevo más de 12 años viviendo en Estados Unidos, pero poco a poco me ire animando a compartirles artículos en español. Empezando con esta entrevista para una revista Boliviana, COSAS. Toda la entrevista se enfoca en mis pensamientos sobre el amor propio, la libertad, los riesgos, y los sube y bajas de la vida. Espero que les guste! 

Aquí les dejo el link.

Un beso enorme!

JULY's Spiritual Workshops in Miami

As you guys might have seen in the videos on my Instagram stories, workshops at The Sacred Space Miami have become my monthly ritual. From mediations to breathing techniques, natural medicine, ancient healing practices and yoga. The Sacred Space has magic for every soul in Miami. Therefore, I've chosen to share with you the workshops I attend every month, and the ones I will be attending in the next two weeks! If any of you are into spirituality, personal growth, crystal healing, women's circles, and meditations, these workshops are worth checking out! I'm counting the seconds for them!

July 17th- Sacred Circle of Women: The Sacred Circle Of Women Will Explore The Three Minds; Positive, Negative And Neutral To Cultivate A Deeper Awareness Of The Self.

July 19th- Essentials of Crystal Quartz with Joanne Stone: We Will Learn About The Healing Properties Of Crystal Quartz And How To Cleanse, Activate And Program A Stone To One’s Intentions. Through Mystical Ritual And Kundalini Yoga, We Will Open Our Subtle Bodies, Intuition And Take A Deep Journey Inward. You Will Experience Meditation With Clear Quartz To Connect With Your Natural Rhythm And Become Receptive To The Magic Within And Around You. 

July 23rd- Meditation in Leo: We Will Focus On Activating The Sunlight In The Bones Through The Practice Of Shakti Naam Yoga.  We Will Cultivate And Draw Out The Serpent Of Light Through Our Spines, Giving The Feeling Of Levity And Expansion That Coincides With The Sun And The Heart.  This Practice Is Based In Universal Kabbalah, So Arch Angel Ceremony Always Follows The Practice, But Does Not Require Participation. All Levels Of Practice And Experience Are Welcome. Dress Comfortably And Come Prepared To Move Your Body, Vibrate Your Voice And Breath.


Shamanic Meditation with Omar: During a two hour workshop, Omar begins by teaching every one in the room different breathing techniques to relax the body and mind, and move the energy inside of us and in the room. He then leads us, with sound and singing, through a powerful meditation. Mantras, flutes, Icaros, drums, dry tree leaves. He uses it all to elevate the energy and take us to completely different dimension. This workshop is meant to get you out of your comfort zone completely! 

Mama Medicine: I've probably never enjoyed a workshop so much! Deborah has the purest and most beautiful energy I've experienced in years! Her workshop is focused on the power of nature, love, energy, and medicine readings. She led us through a blissful meditation accompanied by the sound of the Icaros and mantras she was singing. Her voice is something out of this world! For about 30 minutes there, my mind entered in complete relaxation and in a state of trance. I was there but, at the same time, I wasn't. This was a feminine, delicate yet very powerful experience. PS: For all my New Yorkers, Deborah lives in NY! 

Natural, non-toxic, teeth whitener!

For all of you looking for natural teeth whiteners and other eco-friendly, vegan and non-toxic beauty tips, here you go! This product is made with coconut charcoal and other organic ingredients, and has become my holistic lifestyle buddy. I use it every night and it has changed my smile for the better! Let me know your thoughts! xx

To buy the natural teeth whitener, click here.

Change your life with nature. Essential Oils!

To shop the oils, click here. (The first purchase I recommend is the "Family Essentials & Beadleds Kit". It comes with 10 oils, 2 beadlet tubes, and medicinal instructions for all. $200 regular price or $150 if you become a wholesale or wellness advocate. Details below)

Everyone who has been following my journey for the past two years, knows how essentials oils have changed my life completely. I learned about them when I began discovering this conscious lifestyle, and was able to detach myself from all the toxic pills and medicine I used to take. I dropped the headache pills, allergy pills, cold medicine, toxic vitamins, and replaced them with essential oils. I went from having daily morning migraines and taking Tylenol like skittles, to not having headaches at all. The healing power of nature, people! It's that simple! 

I've learned to use essential oils to make my own beauty and meditation products at home. Perfumes, yoga mat cleaning spray, facial mist, bug repellent, body lotion, and deodorant! It's much simpler than you think, and we all can do it! 

A brand I've connected with, and have now become their Wellness Advocate, is DoTerra. You may be wondering "What makes DoTerra so special?", and I'm here to tell you all about it! DoTerra is pretty much taking essential oils and aromatherapy to the next planet-loving level by doing good with every little bottle of oil sold. Their products are not only natural and fair-trade, but they are also giving back to, and building schools in, the communities where the ingredients are sourced from. Here are a few details that make me smile every time I use my oils:

-High Quality: DoTerra's oils are pure, natural, and harvested and distilled with ancient organic practices. Visit 'Source to You' to learn more.

-Multiple Use: DoTerra's oils are so natural and therapeutic you can use them for everything! To clean your home (I'll teach you how to make your own cleaning products with these oils), cleanse the air, create your own beauty products, get rid of colds and allergies, and much much more. Get ready to say GOODBYE to all harmful and toxic pills and products! 

-Helping Farmers Worldwide: DoTerra does not only support ancient harvesting techniques and provides farmers with new knowledge on improved growing techniques, but DoTerra also pays above fair wages, helping empower farmers worldwide. Learn more here

-Helping Hands Foundation: besides providing fair labor, compensation, and working standards, DoTerra also builds schools in the communities they work with. They have projects in Somalia, Haiti, Nepal, Guatemala, Magadascar, Kenya, and more. Visit 'Our Caring' to read more. 

-Easy to learn, promote, and teach: Talking about DoTerra and essential oils is very easy for me because I use them every single day. They are part of my life now, and they can be part of yours too! DoTerra makes this learning process even easier by providing all the information we need. From presentations, to articles, to tutorials on how to use the oils! You can find more here. 

 What do you say? Are you guys ready to live in sync with nature and to start using nature as your only medicine? If so, click here to shop or: 

To become a wholesale customer and get a 25% discount, email me.

To become a wellness advocate, get 25% discount, and commissions, email me

To join our Miami DoTerra team, email me! :) 

Holistic and Spiritual Workshops in Miami

A lot of you have been asking me about The Sacred Space and the holistic workshops taking place in Miami, therefore, I’ve decided to start sharing my favorite workshops with you every month in the hopes that you guys get the curiosity and excitement to be part of them too!

Here are a few workshops I attended this month and would recommend:

1)   “Connecting with our Loved Ones”: This workshop was led by Psychic/Medium Erica Korman, and was an eye-opening introduction to the world of Mediumship. I had never experienced something like it before; neither had I sat down in front of a Medium. The way she connected with loved ones some people in the room had lost years ago, left me in complete awe! She felt them, heard them, and delivered messages to some of us who had lost hope or had spent years in search for answers. This workshop grew such a curiosity about Mediumship in me, I’ve been thinking of contacting Erica for a private appointment. I honestly recommend this for anyone who knows the pain of losing a person they loved a little too early.

2)    “Movement and Sound Healing”: If you love the healing power of sound bowls, you will enjoy every second of this workshop led by Michelle Berlin. The class started with stretching and flowing through some basic yoga asanas (poses) to relax our muscles and prepare our bodies and minds for mediation. We also practiced different breathing techniques, and closed our night with a delicious sound bath combined with aromatherapy oils Michelle bathed our auras with. Beautiful!

3) "Daily Aquarian Sadhana": I’ll be attending this practice on Friday at 4am. It is offered daily from 4-6.30am in the hopes of helping us building a healthy and blissful routine toward our highest, best and conscious self. All you need to do is show up at 4am with comfy clothes and get ready for mediation, mantras, yoga and hot tea afterwards. I hope to see you there!


Join me this Saturday, May 27th, for a day of Consciousness Uncorked!

For all those souls who have been asking me about conscious and exciting things to do in Miami, this is it! MKT by Bazbaz. It is an open-air Socially Conscious Marketplace, located in Wynwood and open Saturdays from 1-7pm, featuring 40+ sustainable vendors promoting ethical, natural and fair-trade products, and offering healthy and organic bites. Through the end of May, MKT's focus will be on celebrating women, with special programming and activities in the areas of clean beauty, wellness and mindfulness.  Their goal is to support the sustainable movement and offer a marketplace with vendors and workshops that open the visitors’ minds to the wonders and easiness of living life in sync with nature, our people, our health, and the earth as a whole. There will be three events at MKT this month. All of them focused on a conscious lifestyle and open to the public (no entrance fee). And last but not least, I’ve partnered with MKT to be a guest speaker for their May 27th event!! I’ll be sharing with you what “Mindfulness” means and the effect it can have within ourselves and in our world!

On Saturday, May 27th, from 1 to 7pm, I’ll be taking over center stage! I’ve partnered with the MKT to close their May events with an eye-opening “Consciousness Uncorked” talk and Q&A. My soul sister, Sarah McMillan, will start with a powerful meditation and south bath, and I’ll  then cover the following key questions during a 30minute presentation.

a.     What is mindfulness?

b.     What is a conscious lifestyle?

c.      How does mindfulness apply to beauty, health, fashion, travel, thoughts and work?

d.     How can we become the change in our lives and in the world?

May 27th’s  program details are these:


As mindful human beings, citizens and consumers, we need to discover the importance of living life consciously.  This applies to what we eat, drink, think, talk, buy, wear, and inspire into our world. It’s about how our mind-body-soul connection can irradiate out of us and have a powerful and positive impact on our society. Miami’s “Conscious Lifestyle & Travel” expert, Valeria Hinojosa, founder of WaterThruSkin, will share her story and lead a talk focused on how mindfulness and success go hand in hand, and how natural beauty, plant-based food, sustainable fashion, exercise, mediation and eco-friendly travel are key components to a conscious lifestyle.


MKT by bazbaz

Saturday 5/27 from 1p till 7p.

2100 North Miami Avenue, Wynwood

I hope to see you there! Come say hi, devour delicious organic bites, shop consciously, and receive a super strong hug from me! 


Beauty brand that helps humanity!

Here's a beauty brand I've been wanting to share for a while. It encompasses everything I've been talking about on my blog and social media channels for the past two years. It is a brand that does not only focus on introducing natural, vegan, fair-trade, cruelty-free and organic beauty products into the world but is also reshaping the way companies work with women in the supply chain by providing them with work, fair wages, support, and stable working conditions rather than handouts. They pay three times the local wages for women in the Nile Valley, in their hopes of alleviating global poverty! Each product is also made with the highest, rarest and purest ingredients found around the world. The one I've been using on a daily basis is LXMI's Nilotica Melt. You guys know how serious I am about natural beauty and how picky I can get when it comes to putting beauty products on my skin. I always make sure they are as natural and organic as possible, in order to feed my cells with pure ingredients. LXMI's Nilotica Melt offers all that! Its texture looks and feels like a butter but it later melts and becomes oily when in touch with warm skin. I apply it under my eyes and forehead (delicate places where wrinkles form easily) at night and in the morning, before I apply my makeup. I've been using it for the past two weeks and have started to notice the difference in my skin. The little wrinkles around my eyes have diminished and so have the dark circles. It honestly feels great to use a natural product that does not only benefit my skin and health but also our planet as a whole. Best part? You can get it at Sephora! Easy to use, convenient, and eco-friendly. Need I say more?!

ps: LXMI is having a Mother's Day promotion! Get your natural glow at a discount by using code Mom30.  

A morning of plant-based cooking in Miami!

There is a gem in Miami not many people know about. It is a place near Wynwood any conscious soul would immediately fall in love with. It is like a treasure chest that offers beautiful green gardens, a plant-based restaurant, a plant-based cooking school, and a holistic center. All in one! It is called The Sacred Space Miami for a reason. It is sacred! One of a kind! I’ve been going there often to be part of their personal growth workshops, meditation classes, events full of mindfulness, and yoga. And, last weekend, I took a vegan bread class at their cooking school (Matthew Kenney Culinary School). The class was taught by a lovely human and good friend,  Nathi, and covered over 4 recipes. From vegan bread (different flavors), to cinnamon rolls, energy gels, nut butters, bread butters, and more. My favorite recipe? Cinnamon rolls, of course! Imagine a delicious combination of almond flour, almond pulp, oat flour, cinnamon powder, agave, dates, pecans and raisins. It was something so simple to make yet completely out of this world in flavor and scent. And…100% vegan, organic and RAW! No oven needed but a dehydrator.

Do you want to know what made this class even more fairylike? MY MOM! She came with me to take the class! My mom who didn’t believe in the power of a vegan diet or a holistic life! She’s awakening to it without me even asking. That to me is magic! Priceless magic!

If you guys want to discover the wonders of The Sacred Space or Matthew Kenney Culinary, click here to sign up for their workshops and events. I’ll be participating in a few ones this month. See you there!


The Earth Day vibes are still going on strong over here, and we are celebrating it by gifting a lucky soul a free spot at the retreat I'll be leading in Bali November 6-13! The retreat might be sold out but a wanderluster spirit will receive 13 days at one of the most mind-blowing eco-friendly hotels I've reviewed for the blog, 3 organic vegan meals per day, waterfall walks, a flower offering workshop, a Balinese cuisine class, a holistic spa treatment, organic coffee and tea 24/7, local tours and so much more! A $1225 value gifted by Sunology. All you have to do is:

1) Follow @sunology and @waterthruskin on instagram

2)Comment on our Travel Giveaway photo on Instagram and tag 3 friends

3)Repost the photo, tell us what Mother Nature means to you, and tag @sunology and @waterthruskin

4) Get ready to win this trip and @sunology products!!

The winner will be announced in 13 days on May 6th. I can't wait to meet one of you and spend a week in paradise together!

You can read more about Sunology's eco-friendly, ocean-safe, mineral, cruelty-free and vegan sun care products here

More details about the retreat here.

Disclaimer: please make sure you can attend during those dates and purchase your flight to Denpasar, Bali, if you win. Transportation from the airport to the hotel is already arranged. :)


Mineral sunblock with MORINGA!

Good morning from Pondicherry, India! I’m currently in the south region of India visiting different mind-blowingly beautiful sustainable hotels. It is four in the morning but, I couldn’t sleep (jetlag issues) and decided to catch up with stories and products I’ve been wanting to share with you on my blog. Starting with this brand: Sunology. The reason why I’m writing about Sunology, specially now, is because travelling has taught me the importance of 1) wearing sunscreen 24/7 and 2) how sunscreen can have a positive or negative impact on our health and on our environment and animals. Before I get into the holistic and amazing traits of this sunscreen brand, there are a few things you should know about regular sunscreens. If the brand or product you choose is not eco-friendly, non-toxic, or natural, odds are those chemicals will end up in our oceans- and in your blood stream- one way or another. You must be asking yourself “Why?” or “How in the world!?”. It’s actually very simple. Whatever we human beings put on our skins, is immediately absorbed by our bodies, transported into our bloodstreams, and used to feed our cells. If you are putting toxic products and chemicals on your skin, they’ll become part of your cells and might lead to health issues in the future. The same effect takes place in our oceans whenever you use toxic sunscreens. Either if you go for a swim in our waters, or take a bath at home to remove the lotion from your skin, you are releasing chemicals into our oceans (yes, everything ends up in our oceans!) and feeding those harmful chemicals to our coral reefs, fishes, rays, sea lions, and other sea animals. The chemicals and oily lotion create a non-breathable coat on sea animals’ skins, which ends up suffocating them slowly. It is honestly a no brainer, guys! If you care about treating your body and our planet as temples, use products that are chemical-free!

Now, a new brand I recommend for suncare lotions is Sunology. Why? Well, this brand is not only non-toxic, mineral based, cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and eco-friendly (does not harm our oceans or animals), but it’s also infused with essentials oils and a superfood I’ve been talking a lot about during the past year: Moringa!

Moringa Oleifera is one of the most nutrient rich plants in our planet! The leaves of this tree are used to create either a powder (like the one I put on my shakes in the morning), oil (it is used on body lotions or suncare, like Sunology), and tea bags (entire leaves). This medicinal plant offers 25% of plantbased protein, 31% of fiber, vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Vitamin A, K, E, calcium and magnesium, and is incredibly high in antioxidants (6x the antioxidant levels of goji berries and matcha). The combination of Vitamin A, E and the high antioxidants boosts your skin vitality and helps repair cell damage. This is where Sunology comes to play! Sunology uses Moringa oil as one of its ingredients to help improve your skin’s elasticity and health, and block the effects of free radical formation. This means that Sunology’s products are not only parabens and sulfates free, non-toxic, mineral, cruelty-free, and 50spf, but they also have as their main mission to bring you skin back to life with the power of this miraculous superfood, Moringa!

The Sunology products I use and brought with me on this trip are:

1)   Face

2)   Body

3)   Lips

Give them a try and I hope you guys like them as much as I do. I’ve been using them on a daily basis here in India and my skin has been feeling and looking shinier and cleaner than before.

Much love from India!

Miami's spiritual gem: The Sacred Space. Q&A with its Founder, Karla Dascal.

Today, I want to share this interview I did with Karla Dascal, Founder of my favorite holistic center in Miami: The Sacred Space Miami, with you. Why? Simple. She is not only a person who found the success-spirituality balance in life but is also a soul with a story worth sharing and a good friend of mine. She’s been following a holistic and Ayurvedic lifestyle for a few years now and founded The Sacred Space to offer everything she learned and more to Miami residents and tourists. The Sacred Space is the center I go to to submerge myself in meditations, breathing practices, spirituality and personal growth workshops, healing, yoga, and the famous Modern Om event that will take place again this year. We all know how important healing and self-love are, and Miami is slowly but surely growing into a spiritual gem with the Sacred Space being the leading force behind it. If you go to Sacred Space, you may have seen me either hanging around the colorful garden area sipping matcha teas or devouring the delicious plant based food from PlantFood&Wine, or practicing yoga and taking part of the TSSM workshops.

Karla visited Thailand a few months ago to learn about Thai healing practices at a deeper level and to later share them with everyone she knows, and with The Sacred Space family.

I hope this Q&A gives you an intro to Karla, the life she lives and inspires onto her daughter and others, and opens your eyes and mind to the magic of The Sacred Space. See you there soon.

WTS x Karla Dascal (The Sacred Space Miami)

1) How long ago did you embark on this conscious journey?

It’s been 11 years since I changed my life completely by taking a holistic path to living and being. It was a necessary and extremely rewarding decision that has impacted my life in every way possible. This journey hasn’t always been an easy one, but it has made me more open, present and mindful of the connection between the mind and body.

2) What made you decide to take your trip to Thailand? 

Thailand has always fascinated me, with its rich culture of ancient traditions. I felt it was important to deeply experience Thai wellness, healing and cleansing philosophies. This was my moment to immerse myself in something new and unknown, and to bring back that wisdom to The Sacred Space Miami.

3) Was it scary? Did it push you to get out of your comfort zone? What scared you the most? 

Traveling to remote places like Thailand, as well as my previous trip to India, force me out of my comfort zone. The traffic, the congestion; it was a lot to take in at times. I had to take a step back and reflect on the present and not let those kinds of situations negatively impact my experience as whole.

4) Was getting out of your comfort zone worth it? Would you do it again?

Absolutely. In fact, I feel most healed when I get out of my comfort zone. It’s a necessary process for growth, and I think everyone should be open to stepping out of what’s common and comfortable.

5) What did you learn about yourself during your Thailand retreat? 

I learned that I am capable of anything, and gained so much understanding of inner strength. The spiritual energy in these countries is amazing, and I was so impressed by the faith of the people in Thailand. They go back to ancient healing traditions and it is part of their lifestyle and wisdom. Simply being there allows you to feel the remarkable connection.

6) What ceremonies did you connect with the most? 

I truly connected with the ceremony of the tea. It’s a ritual in most Asian cultures, and I was so fortunate to experience it during my trip to Thailand. Traditional Thai Medicine was also a huge one for me. It’s essentially a system of methods and practices, such as herbal medicine, bodywork practices and spiritual healing

7) Did you learn about holistic medicine? Can you share your favorite therapy with us? 

I’ve been learning and educating myself about holistic medicine for years. I love the teas, essential oils, herbs & plant medicine, physical massage and the entire Thai healing system.

8) Do you apply what you learned into your daily life? 

Of course. I live this way and it is part of my integrative lifestyle. I make it a point to take the lessons from my travels and apply it to my life, both personally and professionally.

9) Are some of those therapies offered at the holistic center you founded in Miami, The Sacred Space (TSSM)? 

At The Sacred Space Miami, we are committed to bringing the best experts in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, integrative and holistic medicine, as well as aromatherapy and many more areas of interest. We offer permanent programming and lectures aimed at creating a community where locals and tourists alike can reflect, learn and heal.

10) What therapy or workshop do you recommend the most? For newbies and also for already enlightened souls? 

I recommend our daily practice of Aquarian Sadhana hosted every morning at The Sacred Space. It’s a spiritual practice meant for everyone (beginners, intermediate and experts) to help clear your consciousness so you can reach your highest inner potential. It’s combination of kriyas, which is movement, breathing, prayer and mantras. It is one of my favorite practices. 

11) Are you teaching your daughter about this mindful lifestyle? What are your thoughts on holistic parenting? 

It’s the way I live, and see it as an extension of my persona. Every day is an opportunity to teach my daughter something new and instill these same values of mindful and conscious living that have helped me become a better person. My passion for this lifestyle is reflected in everything I do, from parenting to travel, to business and the relationships I create.

12) Do you have more soul-enriching trips planned this year? Tell us about them. 

My next trip is Tulum, Mexico, and I’m also joining a retreat in North Carolina with the Art of Living.

13) What’s your mission in life and for TSSM? 

My mission in life is to heal myself, so I can heal others. The Sacred Space Miami was created for that sole reason, to serve as a destination for personal growth and transformation. I’ve always envisioned TSSM as campus for the community to gather and connect, and offer people a place to slow down from their fast-paced lives, as well as educate themselves on a plant-based lifestyle.


Telemundo Interview about a Conscious Lifestyle

This is probably the most beautiful and heartfelt interview anyone has done on my journey and projects, therefore, I felt the need to share it immediately. Some of you may have already seen it on TV, for everyone else, here it is! I'll do my best to try to get someone to add English subtitles to the video soon. 

Love you, guys! Thank you for the constant support and love!

Transforming Animal-lover's Grief Into Trees: GoFullCircle

For all animal-lovers out there, this is a post you will want to read. <3

I discovered this product a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to share it with you. GoFullCircle is focused on the concept of providing relief to an animal-owners' pain after losing their babies by introducing the option of giving life to an eternity tree using your animal's ashes. Owners of dogs/Cats (ferrets, mice, rats... you name it! Same love!) receive a bamboo container with soil, fertilizer, wood chips and a tree or plant with their purchase. All you have to do is combine the ashes with the fertilizer and soil, and give life to a tree in memory of your animal.

A plus? GoFullCirle uses seedlings (baby trees) instead of seeds to make it easier for non-expert growers to have success growing a tree, and you get to choose the tree that best matches your baby's personality. And, once you've planted your tree, you can recycle the bamboo container and use it to store things. The container is beautiful, as is!

I know the pain associated with losing a four-legged child, and only wish this had existed 10 years ago when I lost mine. It's honestly amazing to experience how new brands come up with these sustainable and heart-felt products! What do guys you think?

Use code WTSFIVE for discount. 

A sustainable watch that will leave you speechless!

Here is a brand I am incredibly excited to share with you: Lian & Mez.

It’s the first time in 3 years I wear a watch. I kind of gave up on the designer ones I had and the leather-strap one I used to wear 24/7, the minute I entered this conscious journey. Since then, I haven’t been able to find a watch that embodies the new person I’ve become. A watch that represents the way I now view life. A watch I can wear every single day and smile every time I put it on. My sister and I even joke about this. Every time we talk about watches, she says something like “So…you’ll never wear a Rolex?” and I reply with a “Not until they come up with a fair-trade and eco-friendly one!”. And then, out of the blue, Lian & Mez watches came to life. The perfect combination of sustainability, elegance, and style! When I first heard of them, I simply couldn’t believe what I was reading on their website. They represent everything any human being that cares about our planet, seeks in a brand or product. Let’s start with their most impressive feature: Piñatex. Piñatex is the new sustainable alternative to leather. It is vegan leather made from pineapple leaf fibers. The best part? No extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides are required to produce these fibers since they are the by-product of the pineapple harvest. This practice also provides new additional income for farmers in Philippines while creating a new industry for pineapple growing countries. Do I have your full attention already? Well, there’s more! Lian & Mez, a brand designed by two German millennials, uses this pineapple leather for all of its watches’ straps with over 5 colors to choose from (the gold one is my favorite). The watches are also waterproof resistant (50m), fair-trade and handmade in Germany, and have been delicately designed with sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel for durability. I don’t know about you guys, but this is like a dream come true for me and also proof that the conscious movement is pushing brands to come up with beautiful products that are good for our planet and our people. Julian and Feramez (Founders of Lian & Mez) are a visionary example of how we can reshape the fashion and lifestyle industry for the better.

Lian & Mez is currently hosting their kickstarter and they need our help to make their sustainable watches an ongoing reality. Are you guys ready to support the change you want to see in the world? If so, head to Lian & Mez’s website for more info.

 Happy planet-loving Sunday, babes!




WaterThruSkin Sustainable Home Design

This is a post I’m very excited to share with you. Not only because I finally have my own place after being a homeless nomad for almost a year, but also because I’ve decorated it in the most sustainable and ethical way I could…at a really low budget! Please do have in mind that there are some eco-friendly home items that are either extremely difficult to find, or mind-blowingly expensive. Hence, on those cases, I chose products from companies that have very transparent and philanthropic values. (Don't forget that it’s all about the balance and baby steps!) With that being said, let’s jump straight into the topic because this post might be a long one!

As you may already know, I am a full-time conscious lifestyle and travel blogger, which means that I travel almost every month to review different hotels and brands for my blog. For that reason, and because I’ve finally discovered the powerful value of simplicity, I chose to turn a studio into my new home. And, in this 630sf space, I managed to create different environments: a boho living room, a wanderluster bedroom, a relaxing reading station, a yogi corner, a mandala breakfast area, a welcoming hallway, a balcony with a tiny orchard, and my bathroom and closet.


This area is one of the most important ones in your home. This is where you’ll get to rest and recharge and dream about all the things you want to achieve in life, so make sure you design it in a way that collides with your personality. Since I love to travel, I glued an entire worldmap on my wall (8.3ft wide x 12ft tall) and used pins to mark the places I’ve visited since I started WaterThruSkin 3 years ago. After doing some research and lots of brand comparisons, I chose to purchase the map from Gilt because it came with eco-friendly and non-toxic glue while the other brands didn’t. The map came with 8 different pieces and it took me about 5 hours to measure, glue, and cover the entire wall with the map. It’s not an easy task but very much worth it.

WTS tips: I first laid the map on the floor to make sure I was placing the countries correctly (you can never be too sure!). I then pinned them to the wall, got the glue ready, and added glue to the borders of the map only. Be careful with the bubbles. They were really hard for me to avoid! I also used Onyx & Green’s natural stick glue for some tricky places.

Lastly, I placed LED lights around the map. They are energy efficient and can light up an entire room, thus, I chose to use LED instead of a night lamp. Plus, it looks cooler too! You can get them on Amazon for $9-$12. They come in strips with a tape on the back, and are super easy to stick to the wall. I used two strips/rolls. Don't forget to buy the power source too. ($9)

Bed pillows and bedsheets: can you say BAMBOO? Yes! I have bamboo bedsheets, a bamboo comforter, and pillows made of bamboo and other natural materials! They are not only beautiful, sustainable and hypoallergenic, but also incredibly comfortable! The brands I recommend are these:

-Pillows: Essence of Bamboo, and Savvy are two sustainable pillow brands. 

-Bedsheets: Cozy Earth has some 100% eco options, but you can also get them at Overstock. Cheaper prices.

-Comforter: Cozy Earth, or you can get it at Joss&Main for more affordable options. 

-Mattress: Here's a really good article I found about he best sustainable mattresses. It all depends on your budget and vision. 

Instead of using a bed base, I decided to make one myself with recycled wood crates I purchased at a wine store. Besides being planet-friendly, they were half the price of the ones people normally get at Arts & Crafts stores. I purchased eight crates for $4.99 each at Total Wine & More, placed them next to my mattress in a line that surrounded the bed, and filled them with books, succulents, crystals and more. (Note: you will have to go to the store to purchase the crates. I don't think they sell them online)


 I’ve dreamed about having a hanging chair at home for years but never found one that was affordable and ethical enough to purchase, until this one came along! I bought it from Jet after going over their company’s values on Jet's website. They revolve around transparency, ethics, and giving back. They’ve even set up a charity to provide the living essentials to families in need, and match every dollar we donate to this cause. The chair (with the stand, cushion and shipping cost) was $289. I added two handmade bohemian pillows I purchased at Anthropology to give color to the chair. In case you don’t know, Anthropology is part of URBN, and they take global community initiatives and sustainability very seriously. They also support arts and education programs through different non-profits, focus on handmade products and carry vegan leather options! These pillows were on sale. Approx $35 each (with insert).

Next to the chair, I hanged a Dieffenbachia (oxygen cleaning plant) using a beautiful macramé planter that was handmade with recycled cotton by Yerbamala Design.


This is my spiritual corner. I designed it with items I’ve collected throughout these years. Some of them were gifts, others I made myself, and some I purchased. I won’t go into specific detail, but here are some WTS tips:

1) This is the corner that reminds you about your essence. Your spirit. The religion or philosophy of life you connect to the most. Your temple.

2) Some products I recommend: Himalayan salt lamp, aromatherapy room freshener or oils, plants, recycled wood crate for your spiritual books, a mala, a dream-catcher, and a Buddha statue.



I chose to go crazy with colors here! No boundaries, no design pattern.

1) SUP paddleboard: I purchased this baby about 5 years ago. It was designed by my brother and, instead of storing it, I decided to transform it into boho home décor. I wrapped LED lights around it to add eye-catching spiciness to it.

2) Pink chair: It’s ethically made, in the US, with car seat belts by Harveys.

3) Yellow Owl Planter and White Vase: They are handmade and hand-painted by women in Colombia. Fair-trade and packaged/shipped using the cutest eco-friendly boxes by HabibiLiving. You get to choose the plants on their website. Prices range between $16-$85.

4) White-Silver boxes: I bought these in Bali.

5) Gold bottles: A wine bottle and a VOSS water bottle I painted myself using gold non-toxic and water-based paint from Martha Stewart, and White Chalk non-toxic eco-friendly paint by Renaissance

6) Yoga mats and wheel: All three are eco-friendly but made with different materials. The beige ones, and the wheel, are made with renewable cork and recycled tire rubber by Yoloha and ILoveGurus. The pink one is made from natural tree rubber by Jade, and they plant a tree for each mat sold.

7) Rug: Fair-trade and handmade, empowering artisans in India by Guadalupe Design.

8) TV-stand: made from recycled wood by my handyman. Cheaper, faster and more sustainable than buying a TV-stand at a store. $150 with installation.

9) Sofa and floor Pillows: WestElm. Another favorite store of mine. Their products are not only fair-trade, but they also support local artisans, artists and charities. The prices of these ranged between $28-$45 (with inserts).

10) Plants: Midtown Garden Center in Miami is my place to go for plants. Nature, vegan food trucks, recycled wood furniture, and little lights everywhere

11) Soy candles: better for your health and the environment! I have Anthropologie ones around my home, and also Thx Co's (fair-trade, philanthropic, and eco). 


I purchased the table and the stools at IKEA. One of the reasons why I love visiting and supporting IKEA is because they take sustainability and ethics to the next label by sourcing their wood sustainably, switching to energy-efficient LED lighting, and even installing solar-panels in their stores. Approx $290 for the table and three stools.

I then painted mandalas with eco water-based chalk markers on the stools, and coated them with clear paint.

Aromatherapy Diffuser: This product changed my life! All you need to do is fill it with water and your favorite aromatherapy oils.


-Use laundry (wood) clips rather than plastic clips

-Use mason jars as glasses, and also to store your superfoods

-Use planetfriendly cleaning products. My favorite brands are: Mrs Meyers and Seventh Generation

-Get a water filtering pitcher. I use SOMA. Their filters are made with 60% recycled and plantbased materials, and their handles with sustainable oak. Plus, their designs are flawless!


-Use recycled wine crates as décor

-Use recycled glass water bottles, paper coffee cups, coffee mugs as planters. 

-Plant your favorite herbs, spices, veggies, and fruits. I have basil, mint, lavender, rosemary, mint, cilantro, tomatoes, lettuce, pineapple, and succulents everywhere.


-Recycle your wine and glass water bottles, paint them and transform them into decorative pieces. For eco-friendly and non-toxic paint brands, scroll up to LIVING ROOM. 

-Add some plants (The elephant planter is from HabibiLiving as well. Fair-trade and handmade)

-Get soy candles. Mrs Meyers is a great option. The scents I like are Lavender and Basil.

-Paint a mason jar and use it to store your toothbrush and toothpaste.

-Use fairtrade and handmade bath rugs. Mine is by Guadalupe Design and empowers artisans in India.


-Use your cotton shopping bags as décor. I insterted some dried lavender in mine and hung it on the wall.

-Add a vase with water and crystals next to entrance to your apartment/home. This will absorb people’s negative energy when they enter your home. Once they leave, pour the water down the drain, clean your crystals, fill with fresh water, and repeat as needed.


-Use newspaper to give a twist to your mirror. I glued mine with Onyx+Green natural glue.

-Hang toquilla hats around the mirror.


This is for everyone who is on their phone and computer 24/7. Get a radiation protective case from SafeSleeve. I have both the laptop and iPhone ones and use them every single day. Radiations are extremely harmful to our health and have been proven to cause cancer. Safesleeve’s cases protect you against 99% of all three types of harmful EMF radiation. They have vegan leather cases available too! :)

And lastly, for all dog-lovers, GoFullCircle is a great option for when that painful moment comes and we have to say goodbye. GoFullCircle gives you the option of giving life to a tree from your dog's ashes. You will receive a beautiful container made from bamboo with fertilizer, soil and wood chips inside. All you have to do is combine your baby's ashes with the fertilizer, soil and wood chips. GoFullCircle also gives you the option of choosing which tree you want. It's a wonderful way to honor your dog and create life from life. Once you plant the tree, you can recycle and use the bamboo container to store things or memories. Use code WTSFIVE for discount. 






I was published on Forbes for being ME!

I woke up today to something I never imagined coming in this journey I've chosen to pursue. I was published in Forbes for CHASING MY PASSIONS, but there's a little story I want to share with you first. A few years ago, as a Private Banker, I remember dreaming about being published in Forbes as "the most successful banker EVER" (yeap, those were my words exactly!). I dreamt that I would have millions and become super successful without even knowing what success really meant! At that point, everything in my life revolved around the status, money, pretending to be someone I was not, and the addictive attachment to material things. In March, it will be 2 years since I left that world for good. I left it to pursue a life of passion. One that fed my spirit more than my wallet. One that revolved around me doing good, making a difference in our world, traveling in sustainable ways, and smiling. A lot! be featured in Forbes for being ME (very much me!) and for chasing exactly what adds color to my life is absolutely PRICELESS! I never saw this coming and that makes this article even more beautiful! Thank you Forbes! Thank YOU, guys!

I hope this brings some motivation to your days! Love ya! And thanks for the constant support! 

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Click here to read the article.