Recycled Plastic Suitcases. They are here! Samsonite.

I think our prayers have been heard, guys! Not only has another big name like Samsonite gone green, but they have officially released suitcases made completely of recycled plastic! Yes!! 43 recycled plastic bottles for the 25" suitcase and 32 bottles for the 20" one, to be exact! In case you wonder, the bottles are melted down into liquid, purified and converted into filament yarn, and then woven into a fabric durable enough to create ECO-Spin suitcases. Mind-blowing, isn't it? The planet-loving and sustainable things we can create from trash?! To think that eco-friendly options were limited 4 years ago when I began to write about a conscious lifestyle, seems like a fable now! I’m beyond happy and proud to be able to share this sustainable ECO-Spin suitcase with you and to be able to carry one with me on all my trips! I have the 25" an 20" and they are light, size-appropriate, have spinner wheels, and organized pockets everywhere! You guys can get yours -conveniently- at Macys!

ps: the tags are made from recycled materials too, and they describe the plastic transformation process and tell you how many old bottles went into making your bag!


(Spanish. Español)

Yo creo que nuestras oraciones (o quejas) han sido escuchadas! Finalmente! No solo ha tomado otra marca grande como Samsonite pasos sostenibles, sino que también acaban de presentar al mundo sus maletas hechas de plástico reciclado. Enteritas! 43 botellas en la maleta de 25 pulgadas y 32 botellas en la de 20 pulgadas, para ser exactos! Y por si se están preguntando como es el proceso: estas botellas viejas son derretidas a un liquido, el cuál es luego purificado y convertido en filamento de lana para después ser tejido y transformado a una tela lo suficientemente durable para crear maletas como las ECO-Spin de Samsonite. Increíble, no? Como vamos encontrando maneras de crear productos ecológicos de basura? Pensar que hace 4 años cuando empecé a escribir sobre una vida consciente las opciones eran limitadas parece una leyenda hoy en día! Estoy super orgullosa de poder compartir esta maleta ecológica ECO-Spin con ustedes y de poder llevarla conmigo a todos mis viajes!! Son una divinura! Livianas, comodas, con rueditas que dan vuelta 360, y bolsillos organizados. Lo mejor es que las pueden encontrar en Macys! Así de fácil y conveniente.

pd: las etiquetas también son hechas de materials reciclados, y cada una explica el proceso y cuantas botellas fueron utilizadas para crear tu maleta! 

#sponsored by Samsonite.

Bedsheets that don't harm our planet? Yes, please!

(SPANISH BELOW. Para Español, deslicen hacia bajo)

I promised you guys another post focused on sustainable and ethical home decor, so here goes! As most of you already know, I decorated my 600sf studio in an eco-friendly and fair-trade way. Reusing old wood pallets I got from Home Depot, old wine crates from Total Wines, non-toxic paint by Colorhouse, a fair-trade and sustainable carpet and table from IKEA, and now my new organic cotton bedsheets by AlterraPure. I've talked about planet-friendly bedsheets before, but here's what makes AlterraPure stand out when compared to other brands.

1) TRANSPARENCY. All the way through! They are certified by GOTS, and go to extra lengths to verify that every farm, product and material used is sustainable, organic and fair-trade. You can read all about it on their website. Every single detail and process!

2) The GOTS certification is extremely important when it comes to organic cotton because GOTS only certifies brands and products that are biodegradable and free of chemicals that are harmful to our planet and humans.

3) AlterraPure also reuses 90-95% of water. 

4) AlterraPure has social projects to benefit the villages they work with in India. 

5) The box the sheets come in is made from cotton scraps and recycled paper! It is so pretty you will want to reuse it!

6) The details! From the buttons they use, to the stitches, AlterraPure pays attention to every little step in the process of making their bedsheets and duvet covers. Handmade, simple, sustainable, ethical and beautiful!

What does all this mean exactly? Well, plain simple (as it should always be!) Less waste for our planet, less chemicals thrown in our waters, less water used, less artisans paid unfairly, less non-biodegrable textiles sent to our landfills, less harmful toxins absorbed by your skin, less CO2 emissions produced. Amazing what our shopping choices can do, right? That's the power we have as consumers. Choose wisely. Always!

*sponsored by AlterraPure.



Este es el primer articulo que hago en español en mi blog, y espero que el primero de muchos! Hoy quiero hablarles sobre mi casita ecológica. Decoré estos 600sf en una manera ética y ecológica reusando cajas de madera y pallets de Home Depot y Total Wines, y colaborando con marcas como IKEA (si, IKEA es sostenible y fair-trade!) y ahora AlterraPure para mis sábanas! Ya he hablado sobre sábanas ecológicas antes, pero aquí les dejo unas cuantas razones que hacen que Alterra se destaque en comparación a otras marcas.

1)   Transparencia. Aparate de utilizar algodón orgánico certificado por GOTS, Alterra es transparente con todo el proceso detrás de sus productos. Pueden leer sobre cada paso en su página web.

2)   La certificación por GOTS es muy importante cuando se trata de algodón orgánico. GOTS solo certifica a marcas y productos que son biodegradables y libres de químicos que son tóxicos para nuestro planeta y para nosotros.

3)   Alterra re-utiliza 90-95% de agua.

4)   Alterra tiene proyectos sociales en las comunidades con las cuales trabaja en India.

5)   La caja de las sábanas es hecha de sobras de algodón y papel reciclado. Es hermosa y pueden utilizarla para guardar cosas personales.

6)   Los detalles! Desde los botones hasta la costura; Alterra le pone mucha atención a cada detalle y proceso. Todo es hecho a mano, sostenible y ético.

Que significa todo esto? Simple (como debería ser!). Al elegir marcas como Alterra estamos disminuyendo el uso de agua, la creación de basura, los químicos que son arrojados a ríos y al mar, el abuso de artesanos, las toxinas que absorbe nuestra piel, y más emisiónes de CO2. Disminuimos todo esto con nuestras acciones como consumidor! Tremendo el poder que tenemos, no? Todo empieza con nuestras decisiones diarias. Elijan conscientemente. Cada día!

*Sponsored by AlterraPure. 



Happy Earth Day! #GoGreen 101 Tips!

“What can I do?”. “Que puedo hacer yo?”. These are questions I get asked every day! "What can I do to fix, save and protect our planet?" "How can I, as a single individual, make a difference if millions of others are not doing it?" Well, I’m here to tell you (and show you) how easy, important, fun and beautiful it is to incorporate consciousness into your lifestyle. Four years ago, these words never crossed my mind! I used to order 3 to-go coffees per day to stay awake in the corporate world without thinking about the waste I was creating on a daily basis. Over 1000 cups per year to be exact! (Do the math). And don’t even get me started on my plastic bottle consumption! I lost count. I was one more human caught in my own world, not paying attention to anything going on outside of it, until the day I woke up and began looking at life with a different lens. I started reading more about sustainability, watched many films, and understood that every action I take can either continue to exploit our home or can help heal it. Easy steps and little shifts in routines and mindsets that CAN have a positive and healing impact on our planet. Think about these facts for a second:

  • We, globally, use and discard 1 million plastic bottles PER MINUTE. 91% of this is NOT recycled.
  • In the US only, we use and discard half a BILLION plastic straws per day! This is plastic that takes over 400 years to decompose. Plastic that always finds its way into our oceans; killing and poisoning sacred animals needed for our survival and to keep our oceans healthy. Why are our oceans so important? Simple. They absorb 93% of the CO2 emissions we produce, making our oceans our main protector against global warming.

Now, what can YOU do to protect your home? Our mother. Here are some simple steps  I apply on a daily basis, and so can you:

1) Carry a reusable water bottle and coffee mug and say no to plastic ones. The ones I use are in this photo. You can buy your entire "Go Green 101" kit here

2) Carry reusable utensils and a straw, and a cotton tote in your bag. 

3) Support sustainable fashion, and fabrics that are organic and biodegradable. Some brands you see here which I love are: 

  • Monkey Sunglasses: Biodegradable sunnies made of cotton fibers and recycled materials, supporting a non-profit that protects orangutans. The sunnies in this photo are by MonkeyGlasses.
  • Bohempia: They make comfy t-shirts and shoes from hemp. Hemp is a biodegradable, sustainable, and antibacterial natural material. The tees in this photo are by Bohempia. 
  • Miakoda NY: an ethical and fair-trade fashion brand using bamboo, soy and organic cotton fabrics. The bodysuit I'm wearing in this photo is by Miakoda.
  • To find more sustainable brands, click here.

4) Reuse and get creative! The jean jacket you see here, I’ve owned for over 7 years. Styled it and painted it myself instead of throwing it away. The skirt I’m wearing, is a tablecloth transformed into a skirt! I had unused tablecloths from Bali and India in my closet for over two years, so...I took them to my seamstress and asked her to give life to a skirt and a pair of pants from those unused fabrics! 

5) Suport zero-waste brands. One I adore is Hungry Harvest. They recover fruits and veggies that were rejected by big grocery stores based on their aesthetics, and deliver them to your door for a small fee. Reducing waste, creating jobs, helping farmers, and feeding people worldwide! Organic options available! Use code "waterthruskin" for discount.

6) Support eco-friendly hotels when you travel and offset your CO2 emissions by donating to Climate Care. This is what I do every time. They calculate your CO2 emissions per trip and tell you how much you need to donate to projects that are protecting and healing nature. 

7) Go vegan! I know. So hard! I used to love meat too! It's in my culture. I'm a latina who was raised eating meat and chicken on a daily basis. 7+ years ago I went pescatarian, later vegetarian and then vegan and never looked back. I've been vegan for 3+ years now and love it! As long as you make sure you are getting your daily dose of nutrients and vitamins from superfoods, alongside a healthy diet, you will thrive as a vegan while saving 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of gran, 30 ft2 of forested land, 20 pounds of CO2 equivalent, and 1 animal's life EVERY SINGLE DAY!

8) Inspire others by example! Never forcing. Never criticizing. Never judging. Let your pure light and uplifting energy draw those around you to want to learn more about what you are doing differently. ;) 

Ready to make a difference? It's easier than you think! A non-profit I've partnered with is Sachamama. You can find a lot of information about sustainability on their website. They educate students and families about the importance of protecting mother nature and the devastating effects of global warming. Their site is both in Spanish AND English. Just hit the button on the top right corner to change the language.  



What's in my morning shakes?

A lot of you have been asking me about my morning shakes so I decided to share the details with you! Vegan or not, it is crucial for all of us to make sure we are getting our daily dose of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Four years ago, I chose to go the holistic way and decided to get those nutrients strictly from nature. Besides a healthy vegan diet, I have one more life-changing secret: Detox Organics. I've completely fallen in love with this brand! It has all the veggies, fruits and superfoods needed to alkalinize (balance your body's pH and prevent diseases) and detoxify your body while aiding your digestive system and boosting your energy. The ingredients range from wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina to carrots, spinach, pineapple, peppermint, fennel, ginger, coconut water and so many more! 10lbs of superfoods in each scoop! All organic, raw, vegan, non GMO, creamy, and delicious! It tastes like a delicious chocolate milkshake while transforming your health completely. The way I prepare it is as follows:

In a blender add:

-1 banana

-1/3 cup frozen berries (whichever your favorite. I combine strawberries and blueberries)

-1 to 1.5 cups almond milk

-1 scoop Detox Organics

-1 date (or agave or your favorite natural sweetener)

-1 tbsp moringa

-Sometimes I also add 1 tbsp peanut or almond butter (up to you!)

-1 scoop vegan protein (choose your favorite)

Blend and devour :)

ps: you can use code "waterthruskin" for a 15% discount of Detox Organics!

*Sponsored by DetoxOrganics.


Let's talk Periods! Nontoxic & Zero Waste.

This post is dedicated to every woman out there. Teenager, mom, cousin, friend, sister, girlfriend. This is information you might want to share with every female soul in your life. Most of us avoid having a discussion about something as natural and regularly-occurring as our period. Our moon cycle. Some feel disgusted by the topic, others ashamed of it, and then there’s a huge chunk that has no idea what goes behind the feminine product industry, which is worth over $23Billion worldwide, and ruled by companies that produce tampons and pads that carry chemicals, plastic, petroleum, bleach, odor repellents and other life-threatening and cancer-inducing ingredients. These are ingredients we, women, are putting inside our bodies without the slightest inch of hesitation. We trust companies too blindly! Then we wonder why people we love keep getting sick. Insane isn’t it?  Want to hear another mind-blowing fact? In our lifetimes, will use 16,800+ tampons and pads. These are toxic and non-biodegradable products that always find their way into our oceans or landfills. Yes, there’s the option of buying organic feminine products but, once used, they will also find their way into nature and contaminate it. A life-changing alternative are menstrual cups. I began using mine last year and absolutely love it! It did not only make it easy for me to travel without having to carry boxes of tampons and pads with me, but it also reduced my menstrual cramps (blood flows naturally without clogging with tampons), the amount of waste I create, and my negative impact on our planet. The only issue I had with the last one I used was the color. It was transparent and, like we all know, blood stains. After a few months the color changed no matter how many natural soaps I used to clean it. And then, I found Dot! A fair-trade menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone that is black in color and designed by a brand that donates one cup to a girl or woman in need per cup sold. An immediate no-brainer! By purchasing a necessity, we are helping and empowering thousands of women and girls in developing countries who miss about 60 days of school or work each year during their periods because of the lack of access to feminine products. There’s nothing more world-changing than that!

I know some of you have complained about the prices of menstrual cups but you have to have in mind that we only have to buy one cup which will last for YEARS! Up to 10 years to be exact. Saving you a lot of Benjamin Franklins in the future! These Dot cups also come in the most beautiful hand-sewn canvas pouch!

And last but not least, I’ve partnered with Dot to host a giveaway for Earth Month! We’ll announce it in the next few days so stay tuned. In the meantime, head to Dot to find more about their mission or how to use the cups. You won’t regret it. Believe me! If you are ready to get yours, use code “WaterThruSkin” for $5 off.

*Sponsored by DotCup





More Earth-Friendly Home Decor Tips!

(I am a Brand Ambassadör for IKEA U.S. This is a sponsored post.)

If you've been following my journey for the past two years, you know how much I believe in sustainable home décor. If you haven't, I'll summarize the story in one sentence: "my home's décor thrives on green. Everywhere!" Yes, I decorated my 600sf studio in an earth-friendly way from corner to corner. From the nontoxic wall paint to the LED lights around my paddleboard, to the table made of reclaimed wood, the fair-trade and handmade carpet, and even the bioplastic food storage bags I use. Do you know what's even more exciting and surprising than all the sustainable products I just mentioned? IKEA making a conscious lifestyle easier and accessible with their Evergreen initiative! In case you didn't know, IKEA is one of those big and powerful companies that realized the importance of incorporating sustainability and ethics deep within its roots years ago. They started by using less cardboard and paper in their shipping practices, and have grown to be one of the few companies running their stores on solar and wind energy with over 730,000 solar panels and 327 wind turbines worldwide. Are you surprised already? Well, there's more! Besides having stores that use LED lights solely, IKEA has also established strict product criteria when it comes to sustainability with furniture being made from bamboo and recycled wood, fabrics being created with sustainably-grown cotton, flax being used as a material for linen, and bioplastic made from sugarcane (no petroleum) being used to create their food plastic bags. Top that with water faucets designed to reduce your water use, a wide variety of LED lights, and fair-trade practices implemented to empower their artisans and employees, and we have everything we need to start 2018 with the right conscious foot. All in one store!

I'm so proud of this company and its practices that I've partnered with them to provide you guys with all the content and information you need to decorate your home in a planet-friendly way! Below are a few products, and I can't wait to share more throughout the next few months!

Cheers to living and shopping wisely!

To read more about IKEA's sustainably harvested (FSC-certified) wood, and their partnership with WWF, read this article and this one

Weaved Jute Carpet: eco-friendly, made with natural fibers and fair-trade! 

Coffee Table: I used this as a bench and decorated it with book, candles and plants. It is made with natural materials, eco-friendly and fair-trade. 

LED lights: I have these in my balcony. Energy-efficient. 

Bioplastic ziplock bags: Made from plastic which contains at least 85% renewable content (sugarcane rather than petroleum). The material can be recycled together with common plastic.

A piece of my story & an eco-friendly mattress!

I have a little story to share with and it all starts with a new eco-friendly mattress. Some might understand, others might judge but truth is, this story is part of my personal and entrepreneurial journey and I’m actually very proud of it! Those that have been following me since I created this blog and @waterthruskin 3.5 years ago, know what I’ve been through to get to where I am today. For those that just joined us, here’s a little summary. I went from being a successful but very frustrated and depressed private banker to leaving it all to become a conscious lifestyle blogger and travel the world writing about eco-friendly hotels, sustainable fashion, genuine happiness and holistic healing. To achieve this dream of mine, I had to step out of my comfort zone, take risks and along the way...I lost it all! I hit many (much-needed!) rock-bottoms, jumped from home to home and ended up sleeping in my mom’s couch for months until the hard work and struggle paid off and I was able to get my own place. Part of my transition involved learning how to detach from all my material attachments and understand that abundance is only good when we use it to create positive change. (There’s a big difference between abundance and greediness! Confusing the two is what pushes us to get lost in ego.) So, for the past two years, I’ve spent and invested my earnings as a blogger and entrepreneur in a wise and conscious way. Including my apartment which I decorated in an eco-friendly way. Every detail and product in here is either vintage, recycled, reused, fairtrade or a gift. I honestly think I decorated this 600sf place with an $800 budget! The biggest issue was my mattress. I wanted an eco and vegan one that did not release toxins while I slept nor had wool inside (like most organic mattresses). Prices for mattresses like that range from $1500-$4000! So I told myself I would get mine once I achieved the things that needed to be done first. Entrepreneurial things, mostly. Building two ethical business that are now giving their first fruits and flowers! Every penny I made during the past two years went to trademarks, lawyers, documents, websites, platforms, and building a strong foundation for my dreams. This is the behind-the-scenes you guys normally don’t get to see, and one I truly want to share with you so you realize that we can never judge a book by its cover because there's always a story behind it. Always! Influencers, bloggers, entrepreneurs. Anyone taking their passions and work seriously go through experiences like these. It's not all perfect like some people show on social media. We have ups and downs and struggles, too. It's part of being human and amazing, if you ask me! I never became a victim of my story, instead, I found my strength in it. So, my point here. I’ve slept on an inflatable mattress -with a thin cotton mattress on top I received as a gift from friends when I first moved here- for the past year!! To be honest, it felt like an upgrade from my mom’s couch and my body actually liked it! (I sleep like a baby on hard mattresses/surfaces) Until today! Today we celebrate because I gifted myself my first eco-friendly mattress! Nope, no fancy shoes or bags like I would’ve bought myself years ago. But a real earth-friendly mattress! This- besides my two companies, Co-Founder and the amazing Miami and Barcelona team I’m working with- is an accomplishment I’m very proud of. So yes! Today we celebrate! Because I’m finally looking at the world and life with a completely different lens!

In case you wonder, the mattress I got is by Essentia and is made with pure, non-toxic, sustainable and organic materials. Memory foam made from natural and renewable tree sap, soothing essential oils used instead of petroleum, organic cotton and plant extracts used instead of wool. Everything I use on a daily basis and stand for, in a comfy fair-trade mattress! 

I'm also wearing ethical and earth-friendly jeans made with organic cotton, providing fair working conditions and wages to the hands that make them by MonkeeGenes. Fair-trade sneakers made with natural and renewable tree rubber, organic cotton and plant based dyes by ZShoesOrganic. (Use code "Waterthruskin" for discount!) And fair-trade earrings empowering artisans in Colombia by MPWears. #liveconsciously




Superfoods & a brand making it easier and tastier!

Superfoods have played an important role of my life for years now. But you guys know that already, don't you?! It's been quite an exciting journey these past few years, and sharing my plant-based lifestyle with you made it even more so! Whether you are vegan or non-vegan, getting your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein is crucial, alongside a healthy diet. A habit that has helped me tremendously and has eased my stress of not getting enough protein or nutrients, is preparing my daily shakes. Every day, before or after yoga or my exercise, I make myself a smoothie with frozen fruits (usually berries and banana), organic almond milk (or coconut milk), peanut butter (or almond butter), a scoop of my favorite protein powder, and a scoop of a new superfood brand I've fallen in love with: Detox Organics. This brand has all the veggies, fruits and superfoods needed to alkalinize (balances your body's pH and prevents diseases) and detoxify your body while aiding your digestive system and boosting your energy. The ingredients will blow  your mind away. Seriously! They range from wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina to carrots, spinach, pineapple, peppermint, fennel, ginger, coconut water and so many more! 10lbs of superfoods in each scoop! All organic, raw, vegan, non GMO, creamy, and delicious! It tastes like a chocolate milkshake, if you ask me. Yes, transforming to a healthier you is as easy (and yummy) as this guys. Always making sure you choose your supplements, superfoods, and meals wisely! 

If you need a tutorial on how to use Detox Organics, or how to prepare your morning shakes, make sure you watch my Instagram stories. I post new videos and recipes every day! And, if you are ready to get your own Detox Organics products, use code "Waterthruskin" to get 15% off!  They also have To-Go packets! I carry those in my bag 24/7. Especially during the trips I take around the world. I never know if I'll be able to find my superfoods, hence, taking Detox Organics with me is a life-saver!

detox organics

Palo Santo. What? Why? How?

Palo Santo. What is it exactly? How do we use it? Why should we use it? These are questions I’ve been receiving from you every time I share my morning and daily rituals which involve lighting a palo santo. So, I thought it would be best if I shared some info with all of you. Palo Santo came into my life 4 years ago as I walked through La Sagarnaga, a street in La Paz, Bolivia, the city where I took my first breath of life. (Yes, I born there!) This street is full of magic. Literally. Tiny shops offering crystals, incenses, essential oils, ritual offerings, and the famous palo santo. The smell of it was so intense, refreshing and uplifting I felt drawn to get some pieces of this “holy wood”, and research more about it. A few hours later, I realized I had purchased just what I needed in my life, and the first spark that would set my holistic and spiritual journey on fire. The good kind of fire! 🔥✨ In short, palo santo was (and still is) used by shamans, healers, and priests to cleanse the energy and negative vibes roaming around us or in a certain space. The smoke that rises of a lit stick is believed to enter our energy field and clear negativity, low vibrations, and evil spirits. The word literally means “holy wood” in Spanish and the palm-size wood sticks of it come from trees that grows in Central and South America. The intense aroma Palo Santo releases has also been proven to relief allergies, headaches, asthma, and stress. It also helps with reducing emotional stress, raising energetic vibration, boosting the immune system and aiding our creativity. All this in something as pure and natural as wood from a sacred tree! Amazing, isn't it?

How do I use it? 

I burn the tip of the palo santo stick until I see a flame. Then I blow out the flame and walk around my home or office with the stick in my hand and creating circles or shaping infinity signs (like an horizontal 8) in the air while the smoke is being released from the wood stick. I also move it around my body from head to toe, and in circles around anything I want to cleanse. Products, gifts, plants, people, etc. (pst, I carry a palo santo stick in my purse 24/7!)

For headaches, I never take pills or anything toxic. I light on a palo santo wherever I am, or put three drops of eucalyptus oil on the palms of my hands, rub them together and inhale deeply for 5-10 times. This ALWAYS gets rid of the worst headaches and allergies I've had. Naturally :)

Please be careful when burning palo santo at home. Never leave it unsupervised if it's still burning. (just like candles and incenses)

Where to get it?

I get mine from Bolivia and Ecuador (best ones) but you can also get them at WholeFoods or even online, AND on my blog's shop!  For any product you buy, you'll get a palo santo and crystal with your purchase! Also, I'm coming up with some energy kits in the next few weeks which will be sold on my blog's shop too! Stay tuned, and stay magical! Always!





5 Tips for an Eco-friendly Home

For all those who have asked me for earth-friendly home tips, here are a few. My favorite, actually! Simple choices that can transform your home into a healthy, energy-balanced and eco-friendly piece of heaven with products you can easily and affordably find on...Amazon! 

1) Herbs: I created my own herb garden with mason jars, rocks, ecofriendly soil. First you add the rocks to the mason jars (1/3 of glass), then soil, lastly seeds or plant. Depending on the herb/plant type, you might have to water every day or every other day. To make it easier (especially when I travel), I got a self-watering system.

2) Self-watering/irrigation system: easy, affordable, earth friendly! Order this product from Amazon,  use any recycled empty bottles of wine you have at home, fill them with water, insert the clay cone of this product into your plant's soil (fill it with water first and put lid on, firmly), then insert the little hose into the wine bottle full of water. That's it! The plant will start sucking water as needed. That easy! 

3) Eco-friendly produce bags: Love this product beyond words! We use way too many plastic bags when we go grocery shopping. Take these in your bag and use them to select, buy and store your veggies and fruits. Washable, reusable, earth-friendly! 

4) Water pitcher: Have you been looking for a water pitcher with sustainable filters made of plants? Well, look no further! This is the pitcher I have at home and LOVE! This brand also provides clean water to people in need with each purchase, and the handle is made of sustainable oak! 

5) Bamboo Oil Diffuser: Everyone has been asking me about the bamboo diffuser I have at home. This is it! Affordable and beautiful! Now, you just need to get your DoTerra Oils




Organic produce- reducing food waste- delivered to your door?! Hungry Harvest

Today I want talk about food waste, and by “food waste” I’m not referring to the waste you create at home, which is (mind-blowingly) 4.4 lbs per American PER DAY! Today, we are covering a topic that might come as a shock to some of you. At least it did to me! Food waste that is 100% edible. Yes, you read correctly. We are talking about perfectly edible produce that gets rejected or thrown away by big chains based on aesthetics. Too small, too ugly, too imperfect to sit in the produce aisle of a store. 40% of food goes to waste every single year in the US, while 20% of our population lacks access to a nutritious diet. We are talking about apples, oranges, avocados, kale and other delicious veggies and fruits being rejected due to a small bruise here and there, color, size, or any other “imperfection”. This is also produce for which gallons of water and acres of land were used to grow and ship food that will never be eaten! I don’t about you guys but I truly believe in being “perfectly imperfect” AND in saving our world one action at a time, and so does Hungry Harvest! Hungry Harvest came up with a solution to eliminate food waste and world hunger by working with local farmers to recover these rejected veggies and fruits and deliver them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to your door. They offer different “Harvest Boxes” that range from $15 to $50 providing you with a variety of organic and delicious fruits and vegetables. The box I signed up for is the “Full Harvest Box”, which costs $40 and, this week, came with 4 avocados, 3 cucumbers, 4 granny smith apples, 1 box of grape tomatoes, 3 green peppers, 1 kale bunch, 4 oranges, 2 yellow squashes, 2 onions. All organic! You also get to customize your box (up to 48hrs before your box is set for delivery) by choosing to eliminate or swap your produce. For example, I chose to swap my onions for a pumpkin. Wonderful, isn’t it? How we can have a positive impact on our planet by simply adjusting our shopping habits a little bit? You still get to enjoy your lifestyle and get organic produce delivered to your door, while doing good!

As if all this weren’t world-changing enough, Hungry Harvest also donates a portion of their produce to different hunger-solving organizations EVERY WEEK! How about that? Do I need to say more? Or are you ready to order your box? If you are, head to Hungry Harvest, create an account, set your delivery settings, and use code “WATERTHRUSKIN” to get $5 off your first delivery! Make sure you check their delivery areas first to see if you are match. Hungry Harvest works with local farmers only, hence the delivery areas have to match their zip codes. If yours is not there yet, do not panic! They are expanding every day!

Living consciously just got that much easier in 2018!! 

ps: I'm wearing pants made of banana waste by Milo+Nicki. No waste left behind here! :) 

Vegan for 2018? Why not?!

This first week of 2018 I received dozens of messages from you guys (and even from old friends of mine) saying they've made "going vegan" their 2018 resolution. These news make me ecstatic! Not only because you'll be eating towards a healthier you and saving animals in the process, but also because switching to a vegan diet is one of the smartest and strongest steps towards preserving and protecting our PLANET! Mother Earth. The only home we've got! 

A few things to have in mind when going vegan or vegetarian:

(Let's start with the definitions, shall we?)

Vegetarian: cheese, dairy and eggs are part of the diet but all types of meat and seafood are not.

Vegan: we don't eat or wear anything that comes from animals. No diary, no cheese, no seafood, no meat, no leather, no fur, etc...

Whichever diet you choose, always aim at finding the right BALANCE for you. Balance is key in everything we do in life. Especially your diet! Make sure you are getting your daily nutrients and superfoods (my favorite ones are moringa, camu camu, maca), organic veggies and fruits, and your occasional cheat-meals too (yes, I have my veggie burger with sweet potato fries from time to time and LOVE it!). 

You know those recipes you thought you would never try again as a vegan? Guess again! Most recipes can be made vegan and still be mouthwatering. I've made plantbased pancakes and french toasts, vegan chocolate puddings, and vegan risotto from scratch. It's easier than you think! All it takes is a little creativity and finding the right substitutes for ordinary ingredients. Whether you are looking for raw ingredients, pre-made or to-go ones,  WholeFoods has the solution for you! Here are a few natural, non gmo, organic, vegan, and delicious products you can binge on guilt-free! I actually tried the vegan mac n' cheese for the first time last night. I topped it with truffle oil, himalayan salt and rosemary and devoured it all! Better than I expected, to be 100% honest!

For this month, I've partnered with WholeFoods to make it easier for you to go vegan and choose healthier options. You can find these products and many more at any Whole Food store. Make sure you look for the dot wayfinders. They are found on the product price signs and will signify vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and Whole30 approved! Yes, that easy!

Cheers to a healthier, kinder, and wiser YOU. 

PS: when you get a chance, watch these documentaries. They will explain the importance of a plant-based diet. "Cowspiracy", "Food Matters", "What The Health", "Forks over Knives".


  • Vegan Mac N Cheese: made with creamy organic pumpkin, sweet potato and other natural ingredients!
  • Aminos: much better than using soy. It has 70%+ less sodium and is made from coconut tree sap.
  • WaterLook Sparkling Water: it's time for you to quit the soda and mineral waters! These are natural, sugar and sodium free, and taste good. I'm not a soda or sparkling water person but these taste delish!
  • Almond flour: my favorite flours are almond, coconut and buckwheat. I used them for pancakes, cookies and cakes!
  • Vegan protein bars: this is a must! I carry them in my purse 24/7 and have them as snacks on those days my meals lack enough protein.  I'm obsessed with VEGA. Their bars taste like snickers!





Go Green in 2018! It's this easy!

I’m sure a lot of you woke up on the first day of 2018 asking yourselves “how can I make a difference?”. Well, it’s this easy! It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy, this information is for absolutely everyone! Read it, digest it and share it with your loved ones.

1) Did you know we use and throw away enough plastic PER YEAR to circle the earth 4 times?! Or that this plastic and waste takes approx 500-1000 years to degrade, which means it will sit on landfills for that long or will find its way into our oceans and kill sea earthlings precious to human survival? Solution? Reduce your consumption and plastic use! I carry my bamboo utensils and metal straw in my bag at all times and say no to plastic ones whenever I’m on the go. That easy! If you have them with you, you'll never have to ask for plastic ones when eating at restaurants or buying ToGo food. 

2) Did you know tampons and pads carry chemicals, odor repellents, plastic, petroleum, bleach and other life-threatening and cancer-inducing ingredients? Yes, I know...talking about a woman’s period is “gross” but it should NEVER be a taboo! What’s gross is everything we are putting in our bodies without knowing about it! Women, in their lifetimes, will use 16,800+ tampons and pads! Some of these pads are made with plastic equivalent to 4 plastic bags! A woman uses 2-4 pads per day during her mother-nature-called days.... Do the insane math! And yes, there’s the option to buy organic feminine products but those products, once used, will eventually find their way into our landfills and oceans too. Solution? Menstrual cup! I know it looks scary but it was the best advice I received in 2017! I love it, I take it with me everywhere (even on my trips), it takes my cramps away every single time, and it is safe, hygienic and eco-friendly. Plus, you buy one and it lasts for... YEARS! Protecting your body from toxic chemicals, and helping you- beautiful goddess- produce LESS waste! The brand I use is called GladRags, and they donate feminine products to girls in need with each purchase you make. They also sell pads made of cotton fabric.

These are just a few of my green secrets. What are yours? 

Coffee facts TO KNOW & a green brand reshaping it all! WICKED JOE.

Today’s topic is coffee. Why?  For three very good reasons. 1) I haven’t met one soul on this lovely planet that doesn’t like coffee. 2) I’m fascinated by it. From the aroma it releases when I prepare it in the morning, to its health benefits (despite all the controversial research articles out there, coffee does have a few health benefits. Click here to read about them.) which put a cute smile on my face every single time! There’s something about coffee that makes us all drool over it, but here’s an eye-opening detail you might have not heard of, since the companies of this second most traded commodity (after oil) do not put in on their products’ labels. Coffee production has a devastating effect on the planet and some of its most delicate eco-systems, and this devastation is increasing by the second. Just imagine this: 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed by us every year for which roughly 200,000 acres of rainforests are being burned on a daily basis. Let me rephrase this.. I wrote DAILY! What does this all mean though? Well, it basically means that this "massive deforestation is one of the leading causes of air and water pollution, soil erosion, the release of carbon dioxide, the loss of biodiversity through mass extinction of plants and animals. Fewer rainforests also mean less rain, less oxygen for us to breathe, and an increased threat from global warming.” (by: Going Green Today) That brings me to the third good reason of today’s topic: 3) There are ways to prevent these harmful impacts of coffee production without having to reduce your consumption entirely! We just need to look for the green options. Companies that are producing organic, fair-trade and rainforest alliance certified coffee. Wicked Joe is a brand that fits all those categories, and many more! Wicked Joe is officially taking ethical and sustainable coffee to the next level! They are a B-Corp (certification based on a company's practices and missions taking nature and people into consideration and showing transparency in all) and focus on producing and selling coffee that protects rainforests, birds, the hands that harvest the beans, the local communities, and soil. They have composting systems in place, work with different non-profits to improve the livelihoods of the children living in coffee-growing communities, and so SO much more! They make coffee that is both good for your health (organic and free of harmful pesticides) and kind to our planet. One you can enjoy every morning guilt-free. 

PS: in case you didn't know, coffee has been proven to be one of the most chemically-treated crops in the world. Solution? GO ORGANIC. Always!

Easy daily steps you can take to go GREEN!

“It is not that we don’t live. Indeed we do, but whether we live rightly, whether we live fully, that is he question. Unless one is conscious, one is not alive. To sit in a room and meditate is not the way to become conscious. To read books is also not the way. We must, in the midst of our day-to-day life, learn to observe, to contemplate, to measure our response, our movements, our words, our thoughts- which are more important than words. We must develop the sensitivity, the urge to appreciate the soul of beauty, a sense of order and harmony. We must find and create beauty everywhere.” 🌿🍃 This year in April, I visited Auroville; a Utopian and sustainable city south of India. Besides having a breathtaking and eco-friendly architecture focused on the synchrony of the universe, there was no single dominant religion (all are practiced and accepted), no politics, and no currency. They live blissfully, respecting nature and humanity. This quote by The Mother (the woman who gave birth to Auroville) describes my view of life completely. See, respect and create beauty everywhere you go. Don’t destroy but add value to places and people. Especially when it comes to nature. Our earth is aching, guys. Badly. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Forests are burning, glaciers are melting, air is becoming unbreathable, animals- crucial to our survival- are dying faster than we ever imagined, and trash has become an overused word in our vocabularies and lifestyles. If I tell you that YOU can  change this, will you listen? Will you do something about it? The solution is at our fingertips. It’s in the way we do our day-to-day lives. How we shop, eat, think, move. Simple daily baby steps that can have a huge impact! Here are a few:

1) Say no to plastic when you go out to eat or shop. Take your reusable utensils (I have them and love them! Bamboo and metal straws) and cotton shopping bags. I'll be selling bamboo cutlery sets that benefit two nature-preserving non-profits I've partnered with on my blog's shop. Give me a few more days and I'll share details with you :)

2) Switch the car for a bike, bus ride, or electric transportation. (I surrendered my car 2.5 years ago. Best decision ever. I’m thinking of getting an electric scooter now. Yes, they exist!)

3) Offset your flight carbon impact. (Yes! That exists too!) I use ClimateCare; a B Corp offsetting your carbon footprint by using a calculator to tell you how much you need to donate to different nature-preserving projects. For example, to offset the 18,000+ miles I traveled from Miami to New Delhi roundtrip, or the 4+ tones of CO2 I emitted, I donated $42.48 to ClimateCare's projects that range from planting trees to preserving rainforests to purifying water in Kenya and many more. Use their calculator to do the math. It's very simple! 

4) Shop wisely! Consciously! Read labels. Choose fair-trade, vegan, rainforest alliance certified, organic, natural and eco-friendly (packaging especially). 

5) Set as your search engine. They plant trees with each search. So far, 17million+ trees have been planted. 

6) Go vegan. I know it sounds crazy and difficult but it is the only diet that can save and preserve our planet. Besides, if done well, it is one of the healthiest diets! Take your superfoods, eat your fruits and veggies, and watch how your health and our planet bloom back to life. 

7) SHARE the knowledge. We are in this together! 

Conscious Holiday Shopping Guide

The Holidays are here. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas discounts, etc. Sales and low prices meant to catch our attention and push us to shop more than our wallets, home space, and planet can handle. So, this Holiday season, choose to shop wisely. Consciously. Being aware of every dollar you are spending and every brand you are choosing to support. How do you do this? Easy. Ask yourself the following questions before swiping that card or emptying your wallet:

1.     Do I really need it?

2.     Could I do something better with that money? How about adding it to my travel fund?

3.     If I really need it, will I use it more than once?

4.     If not, is it biodegradable? (whatever we throw in the trash- be it clothing or toys- will sit in there for years! If it’s plastic 400+ years, if it’s textiles 30+ years)

5.     Is it ethical? Does the brand or product have our planet and people in mind? Look for labels such as: fair-trade, eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable.

6.     Is it vegan? Yes, this word applies to more than food. Clothing, makeup, inks, can also carry animal bi-products as ingredients. Reading labels is always a must!

7.     (The last one and my favorite one!) What’s the story behind it? How does it give back? Will I enjoy sharing its story? Or, will the person I gift it to enjoy it too?

Simple questions that can reshape our mindsets a little and have a positive impact on our planet. With that being said, here are some brands you might want to check out! I also included discount codes for you. :)  You’re welcome! And Happy Conscious Holidays!

All of these brands carry products that are fair-trade, eco-friendly, vegan and fashionable!


For my yogis, these are my favorite brands:

1. Satva Living: each piece is fair-trade (meaning that the hands that made them were paid a fair wage and provided with humane working conditions) and made with organic cotton, recycled plastic, plantbased dyes. Use code "WTS30" for 30% off!

2. PortdeBras: each set is made with natural fibers and empowers women in Venezuela.


3. I love Gurus: mats and shoes made with cork (renewable resource) and natural tree rubber. They plant trees for each purchase

4. Jade Yoga: made from natural tree rubber (renewable resource) and plants trees for each purchase.

5. Yoloha Yoga: made from cork and recycled tires. They also have yoga props, water bottles and yoga wheels with gorgeous designs!


6. XCVI: each piece is fair-trade (WRAP certified) and the dyes used do not contain harmful chemicals (RoHS compliant). Use codewaterthruskin” for discount.

7. VeganResortWear: each piece is fair-trade and made with natural fibers and vegan materials! Beautiful tops, skirts and jumpsuits for all beach and wanderluster babes! Use code "waterthruskin" for 25% off. 

8. Ni Beach Wear: each piece is handmade, handpainted and supports dog shelters and Puerto Rico. Use codewaterthruskin10” for 10% discount.

9. Miakoda NYC: each piece is fair-trade, made in the US with natural fibers (bamboo, soy, organic cotton) and extremely comfortable!

10. Les Sublimes: each piece is fair-trade, made with natural fibers that produce less water, air, and soil pollution, GOTS certified cotton, and provide a month of feminine products and reproductive education to girls in Africa. Deliveries are also CO2 neutral using Colissimo and also by bicycle in Paris.  Use codewaterthruskin10” for 10Euros off your first purchase.

11. StormieDreams: each piece is made from reclaimed fabrics gathered from large companies that would have discarded them. Also, all designs that don't sell get cut into children's clothing and donated to nonprofits Stormie Dream works with! Use code "wtrthrskn20" for discount.

10. The Onikas: each piece is fair-trade, handmade and blockprinted (antique technique in India where artisans use wood block stamps to print on fabrics) empowering artisans in India and Ecuador.


11. Chakra Intimates: Have you been looking for ethical and sexy lingerie? Well, look no further! These bras and panties are fair-trade, and made with natural and sustainable fabrics and ethically-sourced crystals meant to transfer the earth’s energy to us when in touch with our skins, helping keep our chakras in balance! Use code "VALE" for a 10% discount!


12. EcoPeace Swim: each swim piece is fair-trade, made in the US, eco-friendly and beautiful! They use natural and recycled fabrics and non-toxic dyes.


13. WaterThruskin Tote: My favorite ever! I use it every day. It is made from old billboards and non-toxic ink. Each bag comes with a palo santo and green aventurine crystal, and gives back to different non-profits. Use code "WTSTRIBE"for discount!

14. Big Bubble Bags: each piece is fair-trade and made with recycled bubble wrap!

15. Matt&Nat: vegan leather bags made with recycled plastic interior lining!

16. Harveys: fair-trade bags and totes made from car seatbelts and recycled plastic interior lining!


17. 31 Bits: each piece is made with recycled paper and vegetable dyes and glue, and empowers women in Uganda!

18. The Fifth Element: each piece is handmade and sustainable. I adore the mandala rings and the animal spirit cards handpaited by Sarah, the Founder!

19. Lian & Mez: If you are tired of the leather strap watches, these will be your new buddies! Luxury watches made with pineapple leather straps! Fair-trade, sustainable, and beyond gorgeous!

20. Krystle Knight: crystals crystals crystals. The only language I know J This brand is fair-trade and handmade with ethically sourced crystals. Rings, earrings, necklaces. You name it!

21. 4Ocean: made of recycled plastic bottles taken out of the ocean. Your purchase supports ocean clean-ups. 200,000+ pounds of trash taken out already! 


22. Globe In: monthly subscription boxes and products that share a story. Each product is handmade, fair-trade, ecofriendly and empowers artisans worldwide! Use code "Waterthru" for $10 off your first order. 

23. Live Vessel: For my coffee/tea lovers, I discovered the eco and fair-trade coffee mug of my dreams!!! It's handmade from ceramic (cadmium and lead free) and is enriched with white tourmaline (Brazilian crystal) that releases beneficial infrared rays and negative ions when subject to heat. This purifies and alkalinizes the drink in your mug! Thus, higher pH! Their designs are beautiful too! Go check them out and use code "waterthruskin15" for a discount!


Vegan for Thanksgiving? No problem!

We all know how difficult the holidays can be. Especially for those souls with a plantbased diet! I get you! I’m the only vegan in my family, and every holiday becomes an incredibly stressful scenario where we all fight to use the kitchen to cook our own meals. And, if there’s something I’ve learned in life, is that nothing tastes worst than a meal that has been cooked with stress. Therefore, this Thanksgiving, my family and I have decided to opt for the easy, healthy, and earth-friendly option: WholeFoods' vegan Holiday menu! They have a 4-course menu (alongside other vegan sides and options) for two for only $39.99! All you have to do is place your order 48-72hrs in advance, and voila! Get ready to enjoy a stress-free and delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

To learn more, click here, and then click on "Find a Store" to order from your nearest WholeFoods store! I can’t wait to see all the green recipes and meals you’ll be sharing on instagram! :)

Plantbased for your health, the planet, animals and people. Always!

Simple & Natural Beauty Rituals!

Here is a simple and non-toxic beauty ritual I want to share with you. I apply this clay mask 1 to 2 times per week, and the other beauty products (melt and oil) every single day. Morning and night!

I know I’ve talked about natural beauty many times before but, in short, the reason why we should all choose organic, vegan and non-toxic products is because whatever we put on our skins gets absorbed by our bodies and transported into our bloodstream. What does this mean exactly? Very simple. Just like our diet, products can poison us or heal us. For that reason, you should always perform your research, read labels and choose brands consciously! Here are a few I recommend:

1)   Detox: Bentonite Clay mask. In case you haven’t read about bentonite clay, here is a link to powerful info that will make your jaw drop! Betonite clay has many health benefits and, when used as a mask, helps detoxify your skin and heal wounds or any skin diseases. I decided to give this brand a try and, so far, I love it! You can get it at Whole Foods!


            -Add 1 tbsp of clay, 2 tbsps of water, 1 drop of your favorite essential oil. I used wild orange this time but normally use Lavender.

            -Apply on your face with a brush

            -Let it dry for 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water

2)   Hydrate: To hydtrate, I use two products I ADORE!

a.   LXMI Nilotica Melt: vegan, no-animal testing, organic, fair-trade (LXMI pays 3 times the local wages to African harvesters) and has only ONE ingredient: Nilotica (a rare relative of Shea butter). This melt nourishes and hydrates your skin, removing wrinkles and little pimples.

                                               i.     I apply a thick amount of it at night  (like a melt mask) and a pearl size of it in the morning, especially around delicate areas like my eyes and forehead.

                                              ii.     Ps: you can get it at Sephora! And they also have a travel size!

b.     OSEA hydrating oil: this little roll-on does not only smell DELICIOUS but is also the perfect travel-buddy to carry in your bag. I carry mine 24/7 and apply it every time my skin asks for nourishment. It is natural, vegan, cruelty-free and made with essential oils.

Easy and convenient baby steps to a better, healthier and wiser you! I hope you enjoy them! Xo

The healing power of natural medicine

Today, I want to focus on the power of essential oils and natural vitamins. They have been crucial in my life ever since I discovered their magic 3 years ago. Let’s just summarize the old me by saying that I had a kit full of toxic pills for every pain or symptom I woke up with. Headaches, allergies, muscle ache, menstrual cramps. I would numb them all with Advil, Tylenol, and Pamprin. Popping them in every 3hrs like candies. And, like most of you probably, I had never googled the long-term consequences of getting addicted to chemical meds. Then, one day, I had my Aha moment and decided to use search engines for things that actually mattered. Like my health for example! It is so naive of us to be shocked about cancer or other life-threatening diseases when we have been poisoning our bodies for years with the harmful products we use and the fattening and unhealthy food we eat. If you take a moment to think about it, it’s a simple no-brainer. If we feed our bodies chemicals (and overloads of stress), these natural mechanisms of ours (our bodies) will react to our irresponsible actions with warning signs to make us stop! So…why wait until the day we receive a “cancer alert” to change our diets, shopping habits, and daily routines? The day I chose to go toxic-free felt like being born again. I began using essential oils to relieve my daily headaches and allergies and, within a few weeks, I was able to break my addiction from harmful meds and found pleasure in learning about and using natural alternatives. It’s that simple! If you guys are ready to try essential oils, DoTerra is a brand I love and use 24/7. I have also given their vitamins a try. They are made with plants, fruits, essential oils and vegetable capsules, which makes them 100% natural and VEGAN! Ready to give nature a try? If so:

1) Click here to shop DoTerra. The first oils I recommend are the ones seen in these photos. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, Wild Orange, Cypress, or a starter kit that comes with 10 oils+.

2) Email me to become a wholesale customer and get a 25% discount. My team will guide you through setting up an account.

3) Email me to become a wellness advocate, get 25% discount, and commissions. My team will guide you through setting up an account. 

4) Email me to join our Miami DoTerra team and learn more about natural medicine.



Miami: Friday, October 20th, at Ironman's Health Expo. Join us!

I couldn’t be more excited to share these news with you since they involve humans I adore and admire beyond words! This Friday, October 20th, at 4pm I’ll be speaking about a conscious lifestyle with @leilajanah and @begenerationlove at Ironman’s Health Expo! As if that were not awesome enough, @roespnza from @tedgemindfulcoworking will be moderating our panel! The event is open to everyone so come learn, talk with us, and ask us any questions on how to live sustainably and mindfully, or how to become a conscious human and social entrepreneur. Plus, you’ll also get to meet these power babes that are part of my tribe! I hope to see all my Miami souls there!

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