Must-see Movies That Will Change Your Life.

A question I get asked often is what movies/documentaries I recommend to people making the shift to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Movies that will inspire them to continue in that path or open their minds to topics they've never heard of before. I decided to cover this question today in honor of Racing Extinction's movie premier and because my eco-trip to Holbox, Mexico, and the experience I had of swimming with whale sharks in open waters was so mind-blowing and heart-stopping that I promised myself I would go beyond my ways (even further!) to spread the word about animal cruelty and what we can do to stop it. So, I've attached a video of that magnificent experience in Mexico. It's a must for every animal lover and adventure seeker. No need to swim with dolphins, seals and whales in captivity. That's for people who don't admire or treasure life and freedom. Go out there, breathe the salty air and swim in the wilderness. Admire it. Protect it. At least what's left of it. xx

In short, these are documentaries every person who cares a little about our planet should watch. And I know you guys do because... you...are...reading...this! That means you are already looking for kinder and more mindful ways of walking on this planet. Thank you for that. Honestly! <3

-"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian" by Paul McCartney and Peta. I've talked about this film dozens of times. It changed my life and made me go vegetarian and later vegan.

-"Cowspiracy": I wrote an entire story about this film on the blog a year ago when it came out. Click here to read it. In summary, this film makes you realize that being vegan is not only about your compassion towards animals but it’s also about sustainability. It’s about helping stop one of the most destructive industries facing our planet today: factory farming.

-"True Cost": A documentary that will completely change the way you view fashion and hopefully inspire you to shop more consciously. Choosing brands carefully. People's lives can be saved one fashion item at a time. 

-"Racing Extinction": It's on selected theaters NOW!!! Sept 18-Oct 1! Go watch it! I know I will. Spread the word.