Escape. Sometimes we just need it!

Flowing, breathing, playing with light and shadows, and just letting and out. Trusting that everything happens for a reason and that change does in fact make us stronger and better.

The past two days have taken a complete toll on my life. It’s one of the many reasons why I didn't stop to say hello to you guys on IG or post anything on the blog. To be honest, I didn't know what to say. I still don't! I have so many thoughts and words going on in my mind right now that I thought it would be best to digest everything on my own and later share it with you in case someone out there might be going through the same situation. It's shocking how life, destiny, God or energy (whatever each of us likes to call it) unfolds either by sending you nothing at all or everything at once. And by that, I'm not referring to success like we see on all those social media quotes but to change itself. As most of you know, I quit my 9-5 about a month ago. Since then, I’ve been enjoying every second doing the things I love and working on what I feel most passionate about but that does not mean it has been easy. My days have no routine or fixed plans. Every day is totally different… every day is completely unknown. Giving up my private banking job meant giving up a piece of stability in my life. Most people don’t realize this, and neither did the person I was sharing my life with until recently. You see, I did not only give up a fixed salary but also a routine I was used to and a job I was good at and felt safe doing. Besides losing this financial and professional stability, I also found myself in the process of moving to a new house with the person I was madly, deeply and childishly in love with. So of course, the only stability I had during the past month was this relationship. This relationship was my rock throughout the year and half we were together, my shoulder to cry on during the tough moments, the arms that hugged me every night, and the lips that smiled with me whenever I was happy. But, as I mentioned a few sentences earlier, when change takes place it takes place all at freaking once! Out of the blue, life manages to throw a bucket of cold water on you by delaying your car at the valet for 20 minutes, placing you at the right moment at the right time and having reality hit you in the face. No, this is not one of those caught-in-action cheating episodes but the hard realization that we are two different people traveling two different paths. It is not about which path is good or bad, or which one of us is is right or wrong, but simply about not being the right match for each other. The person you are supposed to be with will only bring out the best in you. She or he will smile when you smile or cry when you cry or think twice before doing something that will hurt you. So, yeah… Here I am! Unemployed chasing my dreams, looking for new apartments by myself, and fresh out of a broken relationship with a heart shredded to pieces. Why do I choose to share this with you? Well, because I’ve learned something that might be useful. LIFE IS CHANGE! Constantly! But only for those who wish to get out of their comfort zones, follow their dreams, love and have their heart broken and dare to love again, and simply live fearlessly! I’ve learned that people will come in to your life to make it better and stay forever or leave and teach you a great lesson. Pain is a part of that too. It makes us stronger and it’s because of the existence of it that we are able to distinguish what love and happiness feel like. And of course, in moments like these we act as the humans we are and look to escape reality at least for a little bit. Take a trip somewhere nice. Somewhere far and new where you can sip a delicious cup of coffee while looking at new faces and writing down the story of your life. Sometimes we just need to escape to recharge, forget, and come back fresh and reconnected. It is for that reason that I’ve decided to take a little trip to Europe. :) I haven’t been there in over 10 years! What’s the plan you might ask? There’s no plan! I’m just flowing. Letting life take its course. The only thing I did was buy myself a ticket with miles to Barcelona, and another one from Barcelona to Milan and I’m even currently considering making a pitstop in Paris. I’m leaving tomorrow so next time you’ll hear from me will be from Spain, babes. I need this and I’m sure great things will come out of it for the blog and the new business I’m starting with a dear friend of mine. <3

Love you all and I truly hope you can find any words of wisdom out of my experience. Even the tiniest one!