Help animals. One beauty product at a time.

This weekend I went to visit a 30 acre primate rehab center in Florida that got me inspired to write a blog post about this subject once again. Over the two hours I spent there I couldn't stop myself from laughing and smiling at all the little monkeys jumping around the trees (or on my head and shoulders once they saw I had nuts) FREE. This rehab center has rescued primates from circuses and people who just didn't know how to treat animals with a little humanity. Watching these 150 capuchin monkeys run in freedom made me appreciate even more my decision to go fully vegan and motivated me to write more about animal testing on the blog so I get to open as many eyes as possible. I've talked about this subject many times before but I wouldn't be surprised if it still left some of you in awe. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out about this and couldn't believe my eyes either. But sadly, we live in a world where humans have gotten used to using and exploiting animals for our their own profit, success or pleasure. Animal testing is one of those horrible practices. Most beauty products test on animals to make sure the ingredients (chemicals, if you ask me!) they are using won't cause any harmful reactions on us, humans. Why do I say chemicals? Well, I'm no doctor or chemist but I've done my extensive research in the past 4 years I've stopped consuming or using products that hurt animals. Something that got to be pretty clear to me was that almost all beauty brands that use 100% natural and organic ingredients have NO NEED to test on animals. Why? Because most of their products are made from fruits, minerals, vegetables, and any oils made from fruits and vegetables. What does this mean? They don't hurt our bodies or add toxins to our system in any way. Therefore, they won't harm us. My point being, ALWAYS (for animals sake and your health) buy vegan and organic products to use on your skin. From make up to body lotions and shampoo. Avoid all ingredients that are hard to pronounce and stick to products that are PURELY made out of things like avocado, or beets, or coconut oil, or aloe vera or sunflower oil, or lavender, etc. 

Secondly, look for the BUNNY in all labels. What does this mean? It means that no monkey, or cat, or dog, or bunny was hurt in the making of that product. Thus, no brain or body was opened and injected with chemicals and no innocent animal was tortured and left to die. Click here to watch a 60 second video summarizing animal testing practices.

That being said, join me in the fight to end animal testing by supporting brands that are vegan and cruelty-free and have the cute little bunny logo on all of their products. Here are a few of my favorite products I just can’t live without. Products every girl should have in their cosmetic bag. It’s time to shop smart, kindly and natural, ladies! Xoxo PS: scroll down for pictures of the primate rehab center I visited this weekend.

For Lips

Tarte’s Amazonian Butter Lipstick- Angelic Nude. It’s infused with precious Amazonian butters that hydrate your lips while also coating them with a coral-nude color. Does not get more natural than this. And it comes in the most adorable eco-friendly packaging. (inside and out!) And what I love the most? The box is labeled with all things green and kind and beautiful! See the pictures.

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie- Trail Blazer: I used it every day! Just pure nude glitter. It’s naturally derived from Shea, Avocado and Murumuru butters that help hydrate your lips.

For Cheeks

Tarte’s Blissful Cheek Stain.

This is like my prayer answered. Small roll one that you can use on your cheeks and lips to get that natural pink color. Plus…it smells delicious! I take it everywhere with me.

For eyes

Something I can’t live without is a good concealer. Tarte’s Waterproof Amazonian Clay Concealer is my newly found lover. Waterproof, silky, natural, and cruelty-free. It’s not sticky and does not create any line marks (those horrible wrinkle lines, you know). It leaves my eyes looking young, no dark circles, no puffiness.

Mascaras. I have a bipolar relationship with them. The waterproof ones act like plastic on my lashes and it takes me hours to get rid of every drop I put on. The non-waterproof ones… let’s just say I’m an emotional human being who crie during sad movies on dates. Yeap. It happened and I looked like a human-size raccoon! Lesson learned, new mascara, and I chose Josie Maran’s Agan Black Oil Mascara. No parabens, no sulfates. It curls and nourishes my lashes in a delicate way AND it’s cruelty-free! 

Tarte's "Brow Architect". An eyebrow liner, shaper and definer all in one! I’ve always believed in natural and beautifully shaped eyebrows and Tarte’s Brow Architect does the work. Incredibly easy to use and its pencil shape is thin and light enough to take it with you everywhere.

For body

And last but not least, SpaRitual’s Handprint Hand Salve lotion. I don’t know about you babes but it took a very long time for me to find the perfect hand lotion. One that is not greasy and leaves my hands moist for hours. This one was like love at first touch. Organic, vegan and cruelty-free.