Plant-based lifestyle taking over Miami!!!

Here are some fun planet-loving events and news worth sharing today!

1) Matthew Kenney's restaurant "Plant Food & Wine" is opening its doors in Miami Monday, February 29th! Yes, babes!! Remember the vegan cuisine school I attended last November in LA? Well, that's my friend Matthew's! Not only did his school teach me how to prepare the most delicious raw vegan dishes in the world (not joking!) but it also taught me that food and art have a direct connection. Literally! His creations will blow you away! They are all about the taste, colors, edible flowers and surprise elements.

Plant Food & Wine is having a special dinner for the SOBE Food and Wine Festival this Saturday, February 27, from 7-10 pm at their location: 105 NE 25th Street, Miami, FL. Click here to get your tickets. 

Click here to learn about my experience at MK Culinary. 

2) Artichoke Vegan Catering is changing the way busy professionals eat. Seriously!! Yesterday I received a box with 1-day full of meals. From chicken-less curry to meatless potato pie to mushroom soup and squash-carrot soup. Everything packed in mason jars and biodegradable boxes. The presentation was on point and the food was delicious. Better than anything I tasted while I was in banking working the 9-5 (more like 8-9) and ordering from the nearest restaurant with vegan options. Not to mention that Artichoke is 100% organic and free of pesticides, additives, and hormones. AND....their prices are not bad either! A no brainer, guys! This is your opportunity to get healthy, organic, vegan food without stressing about food options while you are at work. Click here to contact them. 


3) The WTS Cooking & Yoga workshop is taking place this weekend!!! I'm excited beyond words! There's still time to sign up for Saturday and Sunday classes (Miami & Online). Can't wait to give you guys a super strong hug (in person or via the camera). xx