Why Yoga? And what eco brands to use?

I was introduced to the world of yoga over 7 years ago but, to be honest, I never really got the grasp of it until 3 years ago. I remember my mom dragging me to yoga classes and my mind spinning at a million miles per hour during every move I made on my mat. It felt as if time went by too slow and I even remember getting frustrated because my muscles were stiff and my spine had no idea what elasticity meant. It wasn’t until I graduated college and starting working in the private banking world that my health begged for yoga. Sitting on a chair from 8-6 every day puts a lot of pressure on your hips and spine, and within a few months my back began to scream for help. The stress levels were also insane for a girl my age which led my stomach to develop a tiny ulcer. That right there was my tipping point. I immediately signed up at the nearest yoga studio and that’s how my yoga journey started. From taking 2 yoga classes per week, to becoming a certified yoga instructor, to practicing every single day. My recommendation to all of you yogis and yogis-in-the-making, try to practice at least for 10 minutes every day. It doesn’t have to be the whole hour or 90 minutes (of course, if you have the time, by all means practice an entire sequence) but whatever length of time you can dedicate to yourself fully. By practicing every day you build a discipline and that’s extremely important in yoga. And lastly, BREATHE! Breathing is everything! Through every asana on your mat, and in life off your mat. Breathing calms your nerves, calms your body and calms your mind.

With that being said, here are a few of the planet-loving yoga brands I’m head over heels for:

-Yoloha Yoga: brand that designs yoga mats and props from cork and recycled tires. In case you guys don’t know, cork is a renewable natural source that comes from cork oak trees. The process this brand uses is focused on stripping the bark of trees by hand every 9 years. Not a single tree is cut down! This process also helps trees absorb up to 5 times more carbon dioxide! (Carbon dioxide helps trees regenerate their bark). Lastly, Yoloha also uses recycled rubber tires to make the backing of the yoga mats. It doesn’t get more eco than this, guys! PS: I have the Mendhi Yoga Mat, the wheel (great for back bending) and the flask. Love them all! And the fact that the material is cork makes them non-slippery and more durable!

-InnerFire Yoga: We all know how incredible yoga pants look like and this brand is taking them to the next level by designing comfy and beautiful yoga wear from recycled plastic bottles (BPA free) and other eco-friendly fibers and materials and… they are all sweatshop-free! InnerFire also donates a portion of the sales to the School Fund- an organization that helps facilitate micro-financed educational scholarships for youth in developing countries. PS: I have the lotus legging and the goddess legging.

-Gurus: this brand makes yogi flip-flops from renewable natural rubber and plants a tree for each pair purchased! Need I say more? The ones I carry with me everywhere are the orange ones.

-PortdeBras: This brand has just opened its online doors to the world. Elegant, colorful, comfortable and eco-friendly yoga wear. The designs I have are the Emilie bra (white with mauve elastic), the Christi Legging (black/grey/White) and the Letitia Bra (black). 

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