In a world of copycats, be original. Be YOU!

This post might come as a shock to you guys. I know I always try to focus my stories on words of positivism and encouragement but today I experienced something I never thought possible. That's the reason why I was so quiet on social media. I needed to think and process what was going on. And write. As much as I could. To let all my words and feelings out. Today, I experienced one of those reality checks everyone warns you about and you try not to pay too much attention to. Those advices you hear about not trusting people, about protecting yourself and your work, about not being too kind, too loving, too naive. You think they are just words until they become your lessons. You see, just like I can spend hours talking and writing about all the things in this world that make me smile and every little earthling on this planet we should protect, I also tend to make the mistake of believing everyone around me is genuinely kind, honest, real and unique. Sadly, that is not the truth. There will be people in your life that will find it easier to criticize you and talk behind your back while they copy every single step you take, instead of being themselves and finding their own voice and creativity. Yes, my blog has been plagiarized by someone who was very dear to me. Even though friends and family had warned me already, I chose to play blind until today that I read it with my own eyes. Even my bio was copied! Is that a lack of creativity or identity? Is there a difference? A part of me is devastated. I've spent countless hours and long nights of zero sleep in these past 2 years writing for you guys and then a "friend" decides to jump on my back in the sneakiest of ways to fly along and enjoy the ride?! Of course I'm hurt and frustrated and want to scream from the top of my lungs! I could scream so many nasty words at her right now but there's also a wiser and calmer part of mine that tells me to breathe. To relax. To know that I've been thankfully blessed with humans that believed in my blog so much, they've protected it legally. That screaming wont do any good. And that, if she lacks the creativity to write in her own words, that's her issue. You see, being original is everything guys! Copying has a short lifespam. The minute your "muse" stops writing and creating, you'll run out of things to replicate. You'll be lost. Without a voice. Without ideas. Being creative, transparent and yourself is key to your survival. That's your essence. That's your soul. So that's what I'll keep doing. I'll keep being very much ME and will use this lesson to become stronger and wiser. For me, my family (everything I fight for is for them), my dreams, and for you guys! Your constant support and words of encouragement keep me dreaming and aiming higher every day. I truly hope you find some inspiration in my story and that it pushes you to realize how wonderful and unique and magnificent it is to be YOU. Nobody can take that away from you. And PLEASE always remember that kindness is about MORE than claiming to be kind. It's the entire lifestyle. What you think, what you talk, how you act towards others, what you eat, breath, and inspire. Being kind is about much more than just a word. 

 Love you, guys.