I was published on Forbes for being ME!

I woke up today to something I never imagined coming in this journey I've chosen to pursue. I was published in Forbes for CHASING MY PASSIONS, but there's a little story I want to share with you first. A few years ago, as a Private Banker, I remember dreaming about being published in Forbes as "the most successful banker EVER" (yeap, those were my words exactly!). I dreamt that I would have millions and become super successful without even knowing what success really meant! At that point, everything in my life revolved around the status, money, pretending to be someone I was not, and the addictive attachment to material things. In March, it will be 2 years since I left that world for good. I left it to pursue a life of passion. One that fed my spirit more than my wallet. One that revolved around me doing good, making a difference in our world, traveling in sustainable ways, and smiling. A lot! So...to be featured in Forbes for being ME (very much me!) and for chasing exactly what adds color to my life is absolutely PRICELESS! I never saw this coming and that makes this article even more beautiful! Thank you Forbes! Thank YOU, guys!

I hope this brings some motivation to your days! Love ya! And thanks for the constant support! 

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