Conscious Holiday Shopping Guide

The Holidays are here. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas discounts, etc. Sales and low prices meant to catch our attention and push us to shop more than our wallets, home space, and planet can handle. So, this Holiday season, choose to shop wisely. Consciously. Being aware of every dollar you are spending and every brand you are choosing to support. How do you do this? Easy. Ask yourself the following questions before swiping that card or emptying your wallet:

1.     Do I really need it?

2.     Could I do something better with that money? How about adding it to my travel fund?

3.     If I really need it, will I use it more than once?

4.     If not, is it biodegradable? (whatever we throw in the trash- be it clothing or toys- will sit in there for years! If it’s plastic 400+ years, if it’s textiles 30+ years)

5.     Is it ethical? Does the brand or product have our planet and people in mind? Look for labels such as: fair-trade, eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable.

6.     Is it vegan? Yes, this word applies to more than food. Clothing, makeup, inks, can also carry animal bi-products as ingredients. Reading labels is always a must!

7.     (The last one and my favorite one!) What’s the story behind it? How does it give back? Will I enjoy sharing its story? Or, will the person I gift it to enjoy it too?

Simple questions that can reshape our mindsets a little and have a positive impact on our planet. With that being said, here are some brands you might want to check out! I also included discount codes for you. :)  You’re welcome! And Happy Conscious Holidays!

All of these brands carry products that are fair-trade, eco-friendly, vegan and fashionable!


For my yogis, these are my favorite brands:

1. Satva Living: each piece is fair-trade (meaning that the hands that made them were paid a fair wage and provided with humane working conditions) and made with organic cotton, recycled plastic, plantbased dyes. Use code "WTS30" for 30% off!

2. PortdeBras: each set is made with natural fibers and empowers women in Venezuela.


3. I love Gurus: mats and shoes made with cork (renewable resource) and natural tree rubber. They plant trees for each purchase

4. Jade Yoga: made from natural tree rubber (renewable resource) and plants trees for each purchase.

5. Yoloha Yoga: made from cork and recycled tires. They also have yoga props, water bottles and yoga wheels with gorgeous designs!


6. XCVI: each piece is fair-trade (WRAP certified) and the dyes used do not contain harmful chemicals (RoHS compliant). Use codewaterthruskin” for discount.

7. VeganResortWear: each piece is fair-trade and made with natural fibers and vegan materials! Beautiful tops, skirts and jumpsuits for all beach and wanderluster babes! Use code "waterthruskin" for 25% off. 

8. Ni Beach Wear: each piece is handmade, handpainted and supports dog shelters and Puerto Rico. Use codewaterthruskin10” for 10% discount.

9. Miakoda NYC: each piece is fair-trade, made in the US with natural fibers (bamboo, soy, organic cotton) and extremely comfortable!

10. Les Sublimes: each piece is fair-trade, made with natural fibers that produce less water, air, and soil pollution, GOTS certified cotton, and provide a month of feminine products and reproductive education to girls in Africa. Deliveries are also CO2 neutral using Colissimo and also by bicycle in Paris.  Use codewaterthruskin10” for 10Euros off your first purchase.

11. StormieDreams: each piece is made from reclaimed fabrics gathered from large companies that would have discarded them. Also, all designs that don't sell get cut into children's clothing and donated to nonprofits Stormie Dream works with! Use code "wtrthrskn20" for discount.

10. The Onikas: each piece is fair-trade, handmade and blockprinted (antique technique in India where artisans use wood block stamps to print on fabrics) empowering artisans in India and Ecuador.


11. Chakra Intimates: Have you been looking for ethical and sexy lingerie? Well, look no further! These bras and panties are fair-trade, and made with natural and sustainable fabrics and ethically-sourced crystals meant to transfer the earth’s energy to us when in touch with our skins, helping keep our chakras in balance! Use code "VALE" for a 10% discount!


12. EcoPeace Swim: each swim piece is fair-trade, made in the US, eco-friendly and beautiful! They use natural and recycled fabrics and non-toxic dyes.


13. WaterThruskin Tote: My favorite ever! I use it every day. It is made from old billboards and non-toxic ink. Each bag comes with a palo santo and green aventurine crystal, and gives back to different non-profits. Use code "WTSTRIBE"for discount!

14. Big Bubble Bags: each piece is fair-trade and made with recycled bubble wrap!

15. Matt&Nat: vegan leather bags made with recycled plastic interior lining!

16. Harveys: fair-trade bags and totes made from car seatbelts and recycled plastic interior lining!


17. 31 Bits: each piece is made with recycled paper and vegetable dyes and glue, and empowers women in Uganda!

18. The Fifth Element: each piece is handmade and sustainable. I adore the mandala rings and the animal spirit cards handpaited by Sarah, the Founder!

19. Lian & Mez: If you are tired of the leather strap watches, these will be your new buddies! Luxury watches made with pineapple leather straps! Fair-trade, sustainable, and beyond gorgeous!

20. Krystle Knight: crystals crystals crystals. The only language I know J This brand is fair-trade and handmade with ethically sourced crystals. Rings, earrings, necklaces. You name it!

21. 4Ocean: made of recycled plastic bottles taken out of the ocean. Your purchase supports ocean clean-ups. 200,000+ pounds of trash taken out already! 


22. Globe In: monthly subscription boxes and products that share a story. Each product is handmade, fair-trade, ecofriendly and empowers artisans worldwide! Use code "Waterthru" for $10 off your first order. 

23. Live Vessel: For my coffee/tea lovers, I discovered the eco and fair-trade coffee mug of my dreams!!! It's handmade from ceramic (cadmium and lead free) and is enriched with white tourmaline (Brazilian crystal) that releases beneficial infrared rays and negative ions when subject to heat. This purifies and alkalinizes the drink in your mug! Thus, higher pH! Their designs are beautiful too! Go check them out and use code "waterthruskin15" for a discount!