Vegan for Thanksgiving? No problem!

We all know how difficult the holidays can be. Especially for those souls with a plantbased diet! I get you! I’m the only vegan in my family, and every holiday becomes an incredibly stressful scenario where we all fight to use the kitchen to cook our own meals. And, if there’s something I’ve learned in life, is that nothing tastes worst than a meal that has been cooked with stress. Therefore, this Thanksgiving, my family and I have decided to opt for the easy, healthy, and earth-friendly option: WholeFoods' vegan Holiday menu! They have a 4-course menu (alongside other vegan sides and options) for two for only $39.99! All you have to do is place your order 48-72hrs in advance, and voila! Get ready to enjoy a stress-free and delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

To learn more, click here, and then click on "Find a Store" to order from your nearest WholeFoods store! I can’t wait to see all the green recipes and meals you’ll be sharing on instagram! :)

Plantbased for your health, the planet, animals and people. Always!