Miami's spiritual gem: The Sacred Space. Q&A with its Founder, Karla Dascal.

Today, I want to share this interview I did with Karla Dascal, Founder of my favorite holistic center in Miami: The Sacred Space Miami, with you. Why? Simple. She is not only a person who found the success-spirituality balance in life but is also a soul with a story worth sharing and a good friend of mine. She’s been following a holistic and Ayurvedic lifestyle for a few years now and founded The Sacred Space to offer everything she learned and more to Miami residents and tourists. The Sacred Space is the center I go to to submerge myself in meditations, breathing practices, spirituality and personal growth workshops, healing, yoga, and the famous Modern Om event that will take place again this year. We all know how important healing and self-love are, and Miami is slowly but surely growing into a spiritual gem with the Sacred Space being the leading force behind it. If you go to Sacred Space, you may have seen me either hanging around the colorful garden area sipping matcha teas or devouring the delicious plant based food from PlantFood&Wine, or practicing yoga and taking part of the TSSM workshops.

Karla visited Thailand a few months ago to learn about Thai healing practices at a deeper level and to later share them with everyone she knows, and with The Sacred Space family.

I hope this Q&A gives you an intro to Karla, the life she lives and inspires onto her daughter and others, and opens your eyes and mind to the magic of The Sacred Space. See you there soon.

WTS x Karla Dascal (The Sacred Space Miami)

1) How long ago did you embark on this conscious journey?

It’s been 11 years since I changed my life completely by taking a holistic path to living and being. It was a necessary and extremely rewarding decision that has impacted my life in every way possible. This journey hasn’t always been an easy one, but it has made me more open, present and mindful of the connection between the mind and body.

2) What made you decide to take your trip to Thailand? 

Thailand has always fascinated me, with its rich culture of ancient traditions. I felt it was important to deeply experience Thai wellness, healing and cleansing philosophies. This was my moment to immerse myself in something new and unknown, and to bring back that wisdom to The Sacred Space Miami.

3) Was it scary? Did it push you to get out of your comfort zone? What scared you the most? 

Traveling to remote places like Thailand, as well as my previous trip to India, force me out of my comfort zone. The traffic, the congestion; it was a lot to take in at times. I had to take a step back and reflect on the present and not let those kinds of situations negatively impact my experience as whole.

4) Was getting out of your comfort zone worth it? Would you do it again?

Absolutely. In fact, I feel most healed when I get out of my comfort zone. It’s a necessary process for growth, and I think everyone should be open to stepping out of what’s common and comfortable.

5) What did you learn about yourself during your Thailand retreat? 

I learned that I am capable of anything, and gained so much understanding of inner strength. The spiritual energy in these countries is amazing, and I was so impressed by the faith of the people in Thailand. They go back to ancient healing traditions and it is part of their lifestyle and wisdom. Simply being there allows you to feel the remarkable connection.

6) What ceremonies did you connect with the most? 

I truly connected with the ceremony of the tea. It’s a ritual in most Asian cultures, and I was so fortunate to experience it during my trip to Thailand. Traditional Thai Medicine was also a huge one for me. It’s essentially a system of methods and practices, such as herbal medicine, bodywork practices and spiritual healing

7) Did you learn about holistic medicine? Can you share your favorite therapy with us? 

I’ve been learning and educating myself about holistic medicine for years. I love the teas, essential oils, herbs & plant medicine, physical massage and the entire Thai healing system.

8) Do you apply what you learned into your daily life? 

Of course. I live this way and it is part of my integrative lifestyle. I make it a point to take the lessons from my travels and apply it to my life, both personally and professionally.

9) Are some of those therapies offered at the holistic center you founded in Miami, The Sacred Space (TSSM)? 

At The Sacred Space Miami, we are committed to bringing the best experts in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, integrative and holistic medicine, as well as aromatherapy and many more areas of interest. We offer permanent programming and lectures aimed at creating a community where locals and tourists alike can reflect, learn and heal.

10) What therapy or workshop do you recommend the most? For newbies and also for already enlightened souls? 

I recommend our daily practice of Aquarian Sadhana hosted every morning at The Sacred Space. It’s a spiritual practice meant for everyone (beginners, intermediate and experts) to help clear your consciousness so you can reach your highest inner potential. It’s combination of kriyas, which is movement, breathing, prayer and mantras. It is one of my favorite practices. 

11) Are you teaching your daughter about this mindful lifestyle? What are your thoughts on holistic parenting? 

It’s the way I live, and see it as an extension of my persona. Every day is an opportunity to teach my daughter something new and instill these same values of mindful and conscious living that have helped me become a better person. My passion for this lifestyle is reflected in everything I do, from parenting to travel, to business and the relationships I create.

12) Do you have more soul-enriching trips planned this year? Tell us about them. 

My next trip is Tulum, Mexico, and I’m also joining a retreat in North Carolina with the Art of Living.

13) What’s your mission in life and for TSSM? 

My mission in life is to heal myself, so I can heal others. The Sacred Space Miami was created for that sole reason, to serve as a destination for personal growth and transformation. I’ve always envisioned TSSM as campus for the community to gather and connect, and offer people a place to slow down from their fast-paced lives, as well as educate themselves on a plant-based lifestyle.