This Saturday, May 20th: A conscious marketplace in Miami!

For all those souls who have been asking me about conscious and exciting things to do in Miami, this is it! MKT by Bazbaz. It is an open-air Socially Conscious Marketplace, located in Wynwood and open Saturdays from 1-7pm, featuring 40+ sustainable vendors promoting ethical, natural and fair-trade products, and offering healthy and organic bites. Through the end of May, MKT's focus will be on celebrating women, with special programming and activities in the areas of clean beauty, wellness and mindfulness.  Their goal is to support the sustainable movement and offer a marketplace with vendors and workshops that open the visitors’ minds to the wonders and easiness of living life in sync with nature, our people, our health, and the earth as a whole. There will be three events at MKT this month. All of them focused on a conscious lifestyle and open to the public (no entrance fee). And last but not least, I’ve partnered with MKT to be a guest speaker for their May 27th event!! I’ll be sharing with you what “Mindfulness” means and the effect it can have within ourselves and in our world!

1)   (OVER. Scroll down for more events and dates) MKT’s first event is this Saturday, May 13th, from 1pm to 7pm and will focus on Natural Beauty. I’ve talked about the importance of natural beauty many times before, and this event will share it all. The “Naked Truth” behind the beauty industry and why we -as consumers- should choose natural, cruelty-free (no animal testing), organic, fair-trade (artisans get a fair wage and humane working conditions), eco-friendly (does not harm or pollute our planet) and vegan (no animal ingredients) products. An important fact, most consumers don’t know, is that 60% of the products we put on our skins goes directly to our bloodstream and feeds our cells. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you are eating a healthy and toxic-free diet, if you are still putting harmful chemicals on your skin. That applies to makeup, skin lotions, hair products, and more. The MKT, Annie (TheFashionPoet), Beautycounter, and natural beauty vendors will be giving all attendees a powerful introduction to the magic of natural beauty. Don’t miss it! Here are the program details:

·      1-7 PM: 40+ Lifestyle Vendors: Beauty | Jewelry | Fashion |Health | Food |Art

·      3 PM: The Fashion Poet and BeautyCounter| Trends in clean make-up | Q&A

·      3.30 P: Hair & Make-up Tutorials by Beautycounter | 5 min. looks | Morning, noon & night

·      4.30 PM: BLIK. | Electropop live performance

·      1-7 PM: DJ Richard Boullon | From aidback to upbeat

2)   On Saturday, May 20th, from 1pm to 7pm, the MKT will open its doors to promote Wellness, with a focus on Balance & Connection. The speakers will be Ginger HarrisJuicy Lu and Ahana Yoga.  They will lead you through 3 x 15-minute Wellness talks that will help you think about your own relation to Wellness and how Wellness can help you live a healthier, happier and more connected lifestyle!!!

Besides this special program around wellness and wellbeing, MKT will offer a day of music, organic foods, artisan products, and all you need to know about feeling good. Wellness embodies both science and practice, and has its roots in the best practices and techniques of ancient cultures.  Generally speaking, Wellness is a wholistic approach to the health and balance of your body, mind & soul. When the body, mind and soul are in balance and alignment, one can more truly connect with ones own thoughts, people and the environment around them.  This connection is physical, emotional and spiritual.  This edition of MKT is all about the BIG 3 of Wellness: EATING WELL, EXERCISE & MANTRA.  

1-7 PM: 40+ Lifestyle Vendors: Health | Food | Beauty | Jewelry | Fashion | Art 

3 PM: Ginger Harris | The Basics of Wellness | Eating well, Exercise and Mantras

3.30 PM: Wellness Q&A | Ginger Harris | Jucy Lu's Rodrigo Martinez | Ahana Yoga's Dawn B Feinberg 

3.40 PM: Exercise with "Ahana Yoga's" Dawn.

4 P: Ginger Harris | How to Create a Mantra

1-7 PM: DJ YSL | Laid-back sounds and rare grooves

3)   On Saturday, May 27th, from 1 to 7pm, I’ll be taking over! I’ve partnered with the MKT to close their May events with an eye-opening “Mindfulness” talk and Q&A. I’ll be covering the following key questions during a 30minute presentation.

a.     What is mindfulness?

b.     What is a conscious lifestyle?

c.      How does mindfulness apply to beauty, health, fashion, travel, thoughts and work?

d.     How can we become the change in our lives and in the world?

May 27th’s  program details are these:

·      1-7 PM: 40+ Lifestyle Vendors: Mindfulness | Jewelry | Fashion |Health | Food |Art

·      3 PM: WaterThruSkin | What is mindfulness & a conscious lifestyle | Q&A

·      4.30 PM: Music and live performance

·      1-7 PM: DJ

I hope to see you there! Come say hi, devour delicious organic bites, shop consciously, and receive a super strong hug from me!