Holistic and Spiritual Workshops in Miami

A lot of you have been asking me about The Sacred Space and the holistic workshops taking place in Miami, therefore, I’ve decided to start sharing my favorite workshops with you every month in the hopes that you guys get the curiosity and excitement to be part of them too!

Here are a few workshops I attended this month and would recommend:

1)   “Connecting with our Loved Ones”: This workshop was led by Psychic/Medium Erica Korman, and was an eye-opening introduction to the world of Mediumship. I had never experienced something like it before; neither had I sat down in front of a Medium. The way she connected with loved ones some people in the room had lost years ago, left me in complete awe! She felt them, heard them, and delivered messages to some of us who had lost hope or had spent years in search for answers. This workshop grew such a curiosity about Mediumship in me, I’ve been thinking of contacting Erica for a private appointment. I honestly recommend this for anyone who knows the pain of losing a person they loved a little too early.

2)    “Movement and Sound Healing”: If you love the healing power of sound bowls, you will enjoy every second of this workshop led by Michelle Berlin. The class started with stretching and flowing through some basic yoga asanas (poses) to relax our muscles and prepare our bodies and minds for mediation. We also practiced different breathing techniques, and closed our night with a delicious sound bath combined with aromatherapy oils Michelle bathed our auras with. Beautiful!

3) "Daily Aquarian Sadhana": I’ll be attending this practice on Friday at 4am. It is offered daily from 4-6.30am in the hopes of helping us building a healthy and blissful routine toward our highest, best and conscious self. All you need to do is show up at 4am with comfy clothes and get ready for mediation, mantras, yoga and hot tea afterwards. I hope to see you there!