Change your life with nature. Essential Oils!

To shop the oils, click here. (The first purchase I recommend is the "Family Essentials & Beadleds Kit". It comes with 10 oils, 2 beadlet tubes, and medicinal instructions for all. $200 regular price or $150 if you become a wholesale or wellness advocate. Details below)

Everyone who has been following my journey for the past two years, knows how essentials oils have changed my life completely. I learned about them when I began discovering this conscious lifestyle, and was able to detach myself from all the toxic pills and medicine I used to take. I dropped the headache pills, allergy pills, cold medicine, toxic vitamins, and replaced them with essential oils. I went from having daily morning migraines and taking Tylenol like skittles, to not having headaches at all. The healing power of nature, people! It's that simple! 

I've learned to use essential oils to make my own beauty and meditation products at home. Perfumes, yoga mat cleaning spray, facial mist, bug repellent, body lotion, and deodorant! It's much simpler than you think, and we all can do it! 

A brand I've connected with, and have now become their Wellness Advocate, is DoTerra. You may be wondering "What makes DoTerra so special?", and I'm here to tell you all about it! DoTerra is pretty much taking essential oils and aromatherapy to the next planet-loving level by doing good with every little bottle of oil sold. Their products are not only natural and fair-trade, but they are also giving back to, and building schools in, the communities where the ingredients are sourced from. Here are a few details that make me smile every time I use my oils:

-High Quality: DoTerra's oils are pure, natural, and harvested and distilled with ancient organic practices. Visit 'Source to You' to learn more.

-Multiple Use: DoTerra's oils are so natural and therapeutic you can use them for everything! To clean your home (I'll teach you how to make your own cleaning products with these oils), cleanse the air, create your own beauty products, get rid of colds and allergies, and much much more. Get ready to say GOODBYE to all harmful and toxic pills and products! 

-Helping Farmers Worldwide: DoTerra does not only support ancient harvesting techniques and provides farmers with new knowledge on improved growing techniques, but DoTerra also pays above fair wages, helping empower farmers worldwide. Learn more here

-Helping Hands Foundation: besides providing fair labor, compensation, and working standards, DoTerra also builds schools in the communities they work with. They have projects in Somalia, Haiti, Nepal, Guatemala, Magadascar, Kenya, and more. Visit 'Our Caring' to read more. 

-Easy to learn, promote, and teach: Talking about DoTerra and essential oils is very easy for me because I use them every single day. They are part of my life now, and they can be part of yours too! DoTerra makes this learning process even easier by providing all the information we need. From presentations, to articles, to tutorials on how to use the oils! You can find more here. 

 What do you say? Are you guys ready to live in sync with nature and to start using nature as your only medicine? If so, click here to shop or: 

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