JULY's Spiritual Workshops in Miami

As you guys might have seen in the videos on my Instagram stories, workshops at The Sacred Space Miami have become my monthly ritual. From mediations to breathing techniques, natural medicine, ancient healing practices and yoga. The Sacred Space has magic for every soul in Miami. Therefore, I've chosen to share with you the workshops I attend every month, and the ones I will be attending in the next two weeks! If any of you are into spirituality, personal growth, crystal healing, women's circles, and meditations, these workshops are worth checking out! I'm counting the seconds for them!

July 17th- Sacred Circle of Women: The Sacred Circle Of Women Will Explore The Three Minds; Positive, Negative And Neutral To Cultivate A Deeper Awareness Of The Self.

July 19th- Essentials of Crystal Quartz with Joanne Stone: We Will Learn About The Healing Properties Of Crystal Quartz And How To Cleanse, Activate And Program A Stone To One’s Intentions. Through Mystical Ritual And Kundalini Yoga, We Will Open Our Subtle Bodies, Intuition And Take A Deep Journey Inward. You Will Experience Meditation With Clear Quartz To Connect With Your Natural Rhythm And Become Receptive To The Magic Within And Around You. 

July 23rd- Meditation in Leo: We Will Focus On Activating The Sunlight In The Bones Through The Practice Of Shakti Naam Yoga.  We Will Cultivate And Draw Out The Serpent Of Light Through Our Spines, Giving The Feeling Of Levity And Expansion That Coincides With The Sun And The Heart.  This Practice Is Based In Universal Kabbalah, So Arch Angel Ceremony Always Follows The Practice, But Does Not Require Participation. All Levels Of Practice And Experience Are Welcome. Dress Comfortably And Come Prepared To Move Your Body, Vibrate Your Voice And Breath.


Shamanic Meditation with Omar: During a two hour workshop, Omar begins by teaching every one in the room different breathing techniques to relax the body and mind, and move the energy inside of us and in the room. He then leads us, with sound and singing, through a powerful meditation. Mantras, flutes, Icaros, drums, dry tree leaves. He uses it all to elevate the energy and take us to completely different dimension. This workshop is meant to get you out of your comfort zone completely! 

Mama Medicine: I've probably never enjoyed a workshop so much! Deborah has the purest and most beautiful energy I've experienced in years! Her workshop is focused on the power of nature, love, energy, and medicine readings. She led us through a blissful meditation accompanied by the sound of the Icaros and mantras she was singing. Her voice is something out of this world! For about 30 minutes there, my mind entered in complete relaxation and in a state of trance. I was there but, at the same time, I wasn't. This was a feminine, delicate yet very powerful experience. PS: For all my New Yorkers, Deborah lives in NY!