Crystals & Healing. How?

How many of you have discovered the power of crystals already? I posted a photo on my IG stories yesterday showing one of the many ways in which I use my crystals to heal, and immediately received dozens of questions from you guys. Therefore, I've decided to answer them here! Crystals came into my life 7 years ago when my mom and I began designing jewelry while I was still in college, but it wasn't until two years ago that I truly connected with my stones. I have over 20 crystals. Some were gifts from people very dear to me, others I've collected from the trips I embarked on for the blog. Auroville (India), Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia), Ubud (Bali), Cusco (Peru), Thailand....Wherever the energy speaks to me, I make sure I get a crystal. The first thing I do with my crystals is clean their energy and activate my intention and connection to them.  Below are some easy steps. And, in case you wonder, my favorite stones are these: 

  • Rose quartz: the heart stone. It opens your heart to acceptance and love. Especially, self-love and forgiveness. I place this one on my heart or third eye when I lay in bed. Usually for 30 minutes. I also have it on my nightstand to calm my dreams.
  • Clear quartz: most powerful stone. It has a colorful world of its own and cleanses all your chakras. It removes negativity and stabilizes your emotions and soul. I wear this one on rings and necklaces.
  • Aquamarine: the stone of the sea. It calms and soothes and inspires you to seek truth and let go. It embodies all things connected to the sea and protects those who travel long distances. Strongest stone for healing throat chakra and cleansing respiratory tracks. 
  • Amethyst: the stone of the artist. A great stone for opening the crown chakra. It helps you find focus and amplifies your creative elements. Whether you are a writer, singer, painter, sculptor, or creator in any way, this is your to-go stone. I carry mine as a ring, or in my purse and take it out every time I need to reconnect. I place it on the palm of my hand during my mediations. 
  • Turquoise: oldest stone in man's history. The stone of protection. It attracts happiness and good fortune, and cleans negative energy from your environment. I use this stone as a ring and wear it 24/7.

They way in which I clean my crystals is by rinsing them with cold water (for about 30 seconds under running cold water) or by putting them in a bowl of water with some lavender and roses for about 10-30 minutes. Then, I burn sage or palo santo and move the palo santo or sage around the crystal in circles repeating my intentions. "I clear this crystal of all negative energy with the help of the four elements of nature". Then, I place it on my left palm, close it tightly, and activate it by saying "I dedicate the healing energy of this crystal for..... (whatever you wish to heal, let go, feel, etc...)". I finish the cleanse by leaving my crystals for a few hours under the sun, or the moon (if it's full moon night). That's it! Simple, beautiful and powerful!