Vegan for 2018? Why not?!

This first week of 2018 I received dozens of messages from you guys (and even from old friends of mine) saying they've made "going vegan" their 2018 resolution. These news make me ecstatic! Not only because you'll be eating towards a healthier you and saving animals in the process, but also because switching to a vegan diet is one of the smartest and strongest steps towards preserving and protecting our PLANET! Mother Earth. The only home we've got! 

A few things to have in mind when going vegan or vegetarian:

(Let's start with the definitions, shall we?)

Vegetarian: cheese, dairy and eggs are part of the diet but all types of meat and seafood are not.

Vegan: we don't eat or wear anything that comes from animals. No diary, no cheese, no seafood, no meat, no leather, no fur, etc...

Whichever diet you choose, always aim at finding the right BALANCE for you. Balance is key in everything we do in life. Especially your diet! Make sure you are getting your daily nutrients and superfoods (my favorite ones are moringa, camu camu, maca), organic veggies and fruits, and your occasional cheat-meals too (yes, I have my veggie burger with sweet potato fries from time to time and LOVE it!). 

You know those recipes you thought you would never try again as a vegan? Guess again! Most recipes can be made vegan and still be mouthwatering. I've made plantbased pancakes and french toasts, vegan chocolate puddings, and vegan risotto from scratch. It's easier than you think! All it takes is a little creativity and finding the right substitutes for ordinary ingredients. Whether you are looking for raw ingredients, pre-made or to-go ones,  WholeFoods has the solution for you! Here are a few natural, non gmo, organic, vegan, and delicious products you can binge on guilt-free! I actually tried the vegan mac n' cheese for the first time last night. I topped it with truffle oil, himalayan salt and rosemary and devoured it all! Better than I expected, to be 100% honest!

For this month, I've partnered with WholeFoods to make it easier for you to go vegan and choose healthier options. You can find these products and many more at any Whole Food store. Make sure you look for the dot wayfinders. They are found on the product price signs and will signify vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and Whole30 approved! Yes, that easy!

Cheers to a healthier, kinder, and wiser YOU. 

PS: when you get a chance, watch these documentaries. They will explain the importance of a plant-based diet. "Cowspiracy", "Food Matters", "What The Health", "Forks over Knives".


  • Vegan Mac N Cheese: made with creamy organic pumpkin, sweet potato and other natural ingredients!
  • Aminos: much better than using soy. It has 70%+ less sodium and is made from coconut tree sap.
  • WaterLook Sparkling Water: it's time for you to quit the soda and mineral waters! These are natural, sugar and sodium free, and taste good. I'm not a soda or sparkling water person but these taste delish!
  • Almond flour: my favorite flours are almond, coconut and buckwheat. I used them for pancakes, cookies and cakes!
  • Vegan protein bars: this is a must! I carry them in my purse 24/7 and have them as snacks on those days my meals lack enough protein.  I'm obsessed with VEGA. Their bars taste like snickers!