Superfoods & a brand making it easier and tastier!

Superfoods have played an important role of my life for years now. But you guys know that already, don't you?! It's been quite an exciting journey these past few years, and sharing my plant-based lifestyle with you made it even more so! Whether you are vegan or non-vegan, getting your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein is crucial, alongside a healthy diet. A habit that has helped me tremendously and has eased my stress of not getting enough protein or nutrients, is preparing my daily shakes. Every day, before or after yoga or my exercise, I make myself a smoothie with frozen fruits (usually berries and banana), organic almond milk (or coconut milk), peanut butter (or almond butter), a scoop of my favorite protein powder, and a scoop of a new superfood brand I've fallen in love with: Detox Organics. This brand has all the veggies, fruits and superfoods needed to alkalinize (balances your body's pH and prevents diseases) and detoxify your body while aiding your digestive system and boosting your energy. The ingredients will blow  your mind away. Seriously! They range from wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina to carrots, spinach, pineapple, peppermint, fennel, ginger, coconut water and so many more! 10lbs of superfoods in each scoop! All organic, raw, vegan, non GMO, creamy, and delicious! It tastes like a chocolate milkshake, if you ask me. Yes, transforming to a healthier you is as easy (and yummy) as this guys. Always making sure you choose your supplements, superfoods, and meals wisely! 

If you need a tutorial on how to use Detox Organics, or how to prepare your morning shakes, make sure you watch my Instagram stories. I post new videos and recipes every day! And, if you are ready to get your own Detox Organics products, use code "Waterthruskin" to get 15% off!  They also have To-Go packets! I carry those in my bag 24/7. Especially during the trips I take around the world. I never know if I'll be able to find my superfoods, hence, taking Detox Organics with me is a life-saver!

detox organics