More Earth-Friendly Home Decor Tips!

(I am a Brand Ambassadör for IKEA U.S. This is a sponsored post.)

If you've been following my journey for the past two years, you know how much I believe in sustainable home décor. If you haven't, I'll summarize the story in one sentence: "my home's décor thrives on green. Everywhere!" Yes, I decorated my 600sf studio in an earth-friendly way from corner to corner. From the nontoxic wall paint to the LED lights around my paddleboard, to the table made of reclaimed wood, the fair-trade and handmade carpet, and even the bioplastic food storage bags I use. Do you know what's even more exciting and surprising than all the sustainable products I just mentioned? IKEA making a conscious lifestyle easier and accessible with their Evergreen initiative! In case you didn't know, IKEA is one of those big and powerful companies that realized the importance of incorporating sustainability and ethics deep within its roots years ago. They started by using less cardboard and paper in their shipping practices, and have grown to be one of the few companies running their stores on solar and wind energy with over 730,000 solar panels and 327 wind turbines worldwide. Are you surprised already? Well, there's more! Besides having stores that use LED lights solely, IKEA has also established strict product criteria when it comes to sustainability with furniture being made from bamboo and recycled wood, fabrics being created with sustainably-grown cotton, flax being used as a material for linen, and bioplastic made from sugarcane (no petroleum) being used to create their food plastic bags. Top that with water faucets designed to reduce your water use, a wide variety of LED lights, and fair-trade practices implemented to empower their artisans and employees, and we have everything we need to start 2018 with the right conscious foot. All in one store!

I'm so proud of this company and its practices that I've partnered with them to provide you guys with all the content and information you need to decorate your home in a planet-friendly way! Below are a few products, and I can't wait to share more throughout the next few months!

Cheers to living and shopping wisely!

To read more about IKEA's sustainably harvested (FSC-certified) wood, and their partnership with WWF, read this article and this one

Weaved Jute Carpet: eco-friendly, made with natural fibers and fair-trade! 

Coffee Table: I used this as a bench and decorated it with book, candles and plants. It is made with natural materials, eco-friendly and fair-trade. 

LED lights: I have these in my balcony. Energy-efficient. 

Bioplastic ziplock bags: Made from plastic which contains at least 85% renewable content (sugarcane rather than petroleum). The material can be recycled together with common plastic.

Eco-friendly Bohemian Event? Yes, please!

A month ago I had the opportunity to be part of the most beautiful event planning photoshoot I’ve seen in these 28 years of mine. Everything I’ve always envisioned my life- and even home- to look like was turned into a reality by Elizabeth Orange Events. A natural, eco-friendly, bohemian scene taken out of one of my dreams and I, of course, got to dress like a bohemian princess for it. From the second I reached the location, Samsara, I knew I was about to experience something completely out of the box. Tall green trees leading the way, and a lounge area and a dinner-table set inside a bungalow entirely consumed by nature. Everywhere I looked I saw Mother Nature. Flowers, fruit trees, palm trees, a pink sunset, and even a small pond with water running constantly creating the most refreshing melody and atmosphere. The lounge (decorated by Elizabeth Orange Events, Anthology and Unearthed Vintage) was the perfect combination of welcoming luxury, comfort, and the contagious vibes of a flower child. It all revolved on a fluffy carpet covered with colorful pillows, candles and lanterns illuminating every corner, and flower centerpieces by Anthology adding a delicate touch to the entire setting. Next to it was also the dinner-table set for eight with gorgeous copper chairs by Unearthed Vintage, names written on Papel & Co eco-friendly paper, Anthology’s blossomed tulips as center pieces, and Moroccan-looking glasses and plates. And don’t even get me started on the artisanal cocktails by Craft Cartel! Ingredients such as rosemary, ginger beer, and hibiscus were key players! There was also a giveaway table above Samsara’s Bali-looking lily pond with natural and organic mosquito repellents by Baiser Beauty, and a cake by Earth & Sugar. Like I said, moments and a design taken out of a dream!

In case you wonder, I wore a fair-trade dress and mala empowering artisans in India by Metta Loving Kindness, vegan leather sandals by ByBlanch, and a bohemian necklace handmade in Bolivia by Yvera

Photography by Katie Lopez