Courage is contagious! A bracelet with a purpose.

Let’s talk bracelets. Who in this planet doesn't love them? In case you have noticed already, I’m a HUGE hippie-chic jewelry fan and kind of love to stack up my wrist with as many bracelets as possible. But here’s the trick. I don’t just wear any bracelet or necklace or ring. I like wearing things that have a meaning. Bracelets that are either spiritual, give back to our world, or are unique gifts I’ve received from family and friends. And to be honest, I believe in their healing power so much I never take them off! They are my protectors, my positive energy charms and my constant reminders that there’s hope in this world and that limits don’t exist. One of those is my “Brave” red wrap-around braided bracelet. I wear this one with pride because the story behind it is nothing less than truly inspiring. The bracelet’s brass charm says “Brave” (Klaa-han) in Khmer and was handmade in Cambodia. A country where gender inequality still stains many aspects of the Cambodian society and the illiteracy rate of women is much higher than that of men. In order to create opportunity to counter all these wrongs, Jessica Hendricks designed "The Brave Collection". Beautiful jewelry pieces carved and woven by hand by local Cambodian artisans who come from underprivileged backgrounds. Each piece serves as a symbol of bravery to empower women across the globe and to support the work of fair-trade artisans. To make this jewelry line even more breathtaking, 10% of the profits are donated to fight human trafficking and fund leadership programs for women. Each piece comes delicately packaged in a silk pouch hand-woven in Cambodia, and a Brave jewelry box. 

Are you guys as touched with this story as I am? I hope so! Christmas is around the corner and “The Brave Collection” makes the perfect opportunity to inspire those you love to believe in shopping with a conscience and giving back. There are many injustices going on in this world we are completely unaware of, guys. Lack of courage in women is one of them. Let’s help put a stop to that by wearing the courage and being the voice.  

Love, Valeria.

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