Closing 2015 with a lovely feature on Cosmo Latinas!!!

No words to describe my excitement right now guys! Not only do I feel incredibly honored to have been contacted for this piece and to represent the country that saw me grow, Bolivia, but I also find it truly inspiring that Cosmo agreed to feature the conscious brands I promote on a daily basis. From head to toe, once again, dress in planet-friendly LOVE! What an amazing way to close 2015, babes! This Cosmo issue was published in November 2015 but it wasn't until yesterday that a friend of mine called me to share the exciting news. The issue will be on newsstands until 2/16/16. Can't wait to keep spreading consciousness in 2016! Anything is possible. Never forget that! And stay kind. Always! xx

-Kimono by BohoHunter. Made by artisans in Colombia. You can find it at one of my favorite stores in Miami. This store promotes handmade, fair trade and charity-oriented fashion garments. Shop it online too!

-Flower carved boots by Melissa. Recycled plastic. The Brazilian brand “Melissa” focuses on designing shoes that have the environment in mind by reducing water and waste pollution, using recycled plastic, and reusing unsold shoes from previous collections. 

-Boho necklace by Yvera. Handmade in Bolivia. 

-Jeans by Gap. In case you haven't heard, Gap is taking new initiatives to reduce water use and pollution and is part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition where companies are evaluated on material types, products, facilities and processes based on a range of environmental and product design choices. Retailers also plan to add measures for labor and social standards. Read more here.

Photography by Bea Pernia for Cosmo Latina

Between watches.... eco-friendly & spiritual.

You might be looking at these photos going all “what the hell?!” on me. Yes, two are beautiful wood watches that SHOWS TIME, while the other one is an arm-piece based on the whole concept of living in the moment and stealing time back! And YES, the three of them have become my everyday companions! You see, my life is a little more complicated than any 27 year old’s. My lifestyle is no black and white but it’s the lifestyle that is shaded with multi colors and sprinkled with glitter. Monday through Friday I'm usually running between meetings for the blog (except for now that I'm taking a raw vegan 4-week cooking course from 8-2) for which I need to know time. I need a watch that keeps me on schedule and either rushes me or gives me a second to relax and work on my Uyaji breath. That brings us to the “other me”. The “me” after meetings and during weekends. The “me” that became a yoga teacher, the “me” that is vegan, the “me” that has been involved in philanthropy since the age of 16 and shops brands that are sustainable and give back… the “me” that started this blog to make a difference. For that part of my lifestyle I need my NOW arm-piece. It’s my reminder that once I'm done with work, time ceases to exist. It’s all about the moment. My yoga practice. My family. My friends. My dog. This blog. Me! Time loses significance and Timebandit’s NOW arm-piece serves as a reminder for the moments I forget to be present and to just simple be… be there and be one with everything and everyone that surrounds me.

Now, less about me and more about these amazing products.

WeWood & Jord Wood Watches: Let’s cut to the chase. We’ve all seen products made out of wood in today’s market, right? I don’t know about you guys but I’ve always wondered how they could be called “eco-friendly” or “sustainable” if trees are being cut down to make these products. Well, these two brands had my answer.

JORD Watches: It focuses on sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. A brand that designs and creates watches with a value that goes far beyond the ability to tell how much times has passed. This brand's watches are not only setting a new level for wood watches but are also all about making time count! To JORD, "moments are bigger than minutes and a watch should tell more than time." All designs are made from different sustainable wood parts and have enough elegance to be worn to meetings or on any casual day. The Dover Koa & Black is my favorite one and has become my weekday must! It came with a beautiful wood box too, which I'm using as my jewelry box. Click here to receive a $20 gift card to buy yourself a Jord Wood Watch. :)

WeeWood: This brand uses reclaimed wood that is more than 20 years old and is 100% recycled to make the most delicate, fashionable, sporty AND elegant watches and sunglasses out there. And, as if not cutting trees to make wood products was not beautiful enough, WeWood plants a tree for every product sold! WeWood is all about the design with a green heart for every personality. What can be better than that? 

Timebandit’s Steal Time Back: These jewels! I never imagined I would find a product so simple yet with a powerful concept. Living in the moment is everything. If you are present, you feel and breathe and drink and taste every detail that is happening in front you. These arm-pieces serve as our daily reminder that sometimes we just have to let go and live! Live every second to the fullest without focusing on the fact that another second has passed us by. And, like all the brands I choose to write about, this one loves to give back too… in a big way! 50% of their profits goes to help children in need. So, what are you guys waiting for? Get your own “Time” machine, be present, and give back at the same time. I’m thinking of getting one for each of my family members and those I love, but shhh… it’s a surprise. Don’t tell anyone! ;)