YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Thailand through the nature-loving WTS eye!

And it's finally up guys!!! The video about my 10-day eco-friendly trip to Thailand. I edited it myself so apologies in advance if it's not as professional as it should be. It's my first time doing something like this but I'll get better with time. :)

So excited for you guys to see it!!! Please let me know your thoughts. The actual story behind the video is already here on the blog. 4 parts describing each city, eco-hotel, the elephant sanctuary, and the conscious fashion brands I took with me on the trip. Click here to read all eco-travel stories. 

Time to explore the world, babes. It's calling. All you have to do is listen!




Ever sung an elephant to sleep? :)

Have you guys seen this video? This is a charity I truly believe in. 

Lek, the co-founder of this beautiful elephant sanctuary, is the perfect example of a heart full of kindness and compassion. Animals DO have a voice but our minds are so cluttered with all the superficial junk that we simply don’t listen. Sadly, we are the only hope animals have and it’s up to us to protect them or keep benefiting from their suffering. Open your hearts, silence your minds and listen. Elephants don’t belong in circuses for our amusement. They belong in wild life sanctuaries like this one.