Palo Santo. What? Why? How?

Palo Santo. What is it exactly? How do we use it? Why should we use it? These are questions I’ve been receiving from you every time I share my morning and daily rituals which involve lighting a palo santo. So, I thought it would be best if I shared some info with all of you. Palo Santo came into my life 4 years ago as I walked through La Sagarnaga, a street in La Paz, Bolivia, the city where I took my first breath of life. (Yes, I born there!) This street is full of magic. Literally. Tiny shops offering crystals, incenses, essential oils, ritual offerings, and the famous palo santo. The smell of it was so intense, refreshing and uplifting I felt drawn to get some pieces of this “holy wood”, and research more about it. A few hours later, I realized I had purchased just what I needed in my life, and the first spark that would set my holistic and spiritual journey on fire. The good kind of fire! 🔥✨ In short, palo santo was (and still is) used by shamans, healers, and priests to cleanse the energy and negative vibes roaming around us or in a certain space. The smoke that rises of a lit stick is believed to enter our energy field and clear negativity, low vibrations, and evil spirits. The word literally means “holy wood” in Spanish and the palm-size wood sticks of it come from trees that grows in Central and South America. The intense aroma Palo Santo releases has also been proven to relief allergies, headaches, asthma, and stress. It also helps with reducing emotional stress, raising energetic vibration, boosting the immune system and aiding our creativity. All this in something as pure and natural as wood from a sacred tree! Amazing, isn't it?

How do I use it? 

I burn the tip of the palo santo stick until I see a flame. Then I blow out the flame and walk around my home or office with the stick in my hand and creating circles or shaping infinity signs (like an horizontal 8) in the air while the smoke is being released from the wood stick. I also move it around my body from head to toe, and in circles around anything I want to cleanse. Products, gifts, plants, people, etc. (pst, I carry a palo santo stick in my purse 24/7!)

For headaches, I never take pills or anything toxic. I light on a palo santo wherever I am, or put three drops of eucalyptus oil on the palms of my hands, rub them together and inhale deeply for 5-10 times. This ALWAYS gets rid of the worst headaches and allergies I've had. Naturally :)

Please be careful when burning palo santo at home. Never leave it unsupervised if it's still burning. (just like candles and incenses)

Where to get it?

I get mine from Bolivia and Ecuador (best ones) but you can also get them at WholeFoods or even online, AND on my blog's shop!  For any product you buy, you'll get a palo santo and crystal with your purchase! Also, I'm coming up with some energy kits in the next few weeks which will be sold on my blog's shop too! Stay tuned, and stay magical! Always!