Let's talk Periods! Nontoxic & Zero Waste.

This post is dedicated to every woman out there. Teenager, mom, cousin, friend, sister, girlfriend. This is information you might want to share with every female soul in your life. Most of us avoid having a discussion about something as natural and regularly-occurring as our period. Our moon cycle. Some feel disgusted by the topic, others ashamed of it, and then there’s a huge chunk that has no idea what goes behind the feminine product industry, which is worth over $23Billion worldwide, and ruled by companies that produce tampons and pads that carry chemicals, plastic, petroleum, bleach, odor repellents and other life-threatening and cancer-inducing ingredients. These are ingredients we, women, are putting inside our bodies without the slightest inch of hesitation. We trust companies too blindly! Then we wonder why people we love keep getting sick. Insane isn’t it?  Want to hear another mind-blowing fact? In our lifetimes, will use 16,800+ tampons and pads. These are toxic and non-biodegradable products that always find their way into our oceans or landfills. Yes, there’s the option of buying organic feminine products but, once used, they will also find their way into nature and contaminate it. A life-changing alternative are menstrual cups. I began using mine last year and absolutely love it! It did not only make it easy for me to travel without having to carry boxes of tampons and pads with me, but it also reduced my menstrual cramps (blood flows naturally without clogging with tampons), the amount of waste I create, and my negative impact on our planet. The only issue I had with the last one I used was the color. It was transparent and, like we all know, blood stains. After a few months the color changed no matter how many natural soaps I used to clean it. And then, I found Dot! A fair-trade menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone that is black in color and designed by a brand that donates one cup to a girl or woman in need per cup sold. An immediate no-brainer! By purchasing a necessity, we are helping and empowering thousands of women and girls in developing countries who miss about 60 days of school or work each year during their periods because of the lack of access to feminine products. There’s nothing more world-changing than that!

I know some of you have complained about the prices of menstrual cups but you have to have in mind that we only have to buy one cup which will last for YEARS! Up to 10 years to be exact. Saving you a lot of Benjamin Franklins in the future! These Dot cups also come in the most beautiful hand-sewn canvas pouch!

And last but not least, I’ve partnered with Dot to host a giveaway for Earth Month! We’ll announce it in the next few days so stay tuned. In the meantime, head to Dot to find more about their mission or how to use the cups. You won’t regret it. Believe me! If you are ready to get yours, use code “WaterThruSkin” for $5 off.

*Sponsored by DotCup