September is for THE COVE.

Hi loves. I want to share this video and information with you. In summary, I found out about this injustice through one of my best friends… The same friend that sent me Paul McCartney’s video that turned me into a vegetarian and now vegan. This friend of mine is so passionate about dolphins she flew all the way to Japan to support Ric O’Barry’s cause, The Dolphin Project. Most of you might not know but Ric O’ Barry was the trainer of the five dolphins behind Flipper! That you might have heard of, right?? Who didn’t love Flipper? It made all of us happy and opened our hearts to the cuteness of dolphins, but that 24/7 smile we see on dolphins is just an illusion. What’s going on in the dolphin industry (captivity, training, and meat sale) is so hard to digest and accept that Ric O’ Barry made the transition from training dolphins in captivity to combating the captivity of these beautiful and intelligent creatures.

In 2009, The Cove was released to show the reality dolphins are facing in Japan where about 22,000 are killed per year for the sale of their meat, which is labeled as “fish meat” in Asian markets. The “fortunate” ones to survive are sold to dolphinariums where they will face years of slavery for human amusement. I don’t know about you guys, but this is the peek of cruelty. We have officially lost our humanity. When did we conclude that animals are here to be exploited? They were in this world long before us! So what makes us think they are beneath us… worth less than us?

The slaughtering of dolphins in Japan begins every year on September 1st and lasts until March/April of the following year. I urge you to please watch this trailer and -if you have the heart, which I know you do if you are taking the time to read my blog posts- watch the movie. The Cove, my friend “the dolphin advocate”, and the fact that whales, sea turtles, dolphins and more sea animals are captured and killed during net-fishing practices are the reasons why I gave up seafood for good.

Please watch, share and be the voice. More links below. XOXO