Recycled Toilet Paper!/ Paper Higiénico Reciclado!

If you've been following me on IG or reading my blog posts for a while, you already know that in here we promote a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. And, part of that, includes the actions you take on a daily basis. Even the smallest ones! Your daily habits. Especially those at home. We can all reduce our negative impact on nature by choosing the right products to use at home. From your water filter, to your cleaning products, to your toilet paper! Yes, I said toilet paper! By switching to recycled toilet paper from virgin toilet paper you can help save trees! Imagine this: “If every household in the US replaced one 4-pack (of 240 sheets) virgin toilet paper for recycled ones, we could save 740,000 trees”! Such a powerful impact with something as simple as your bath tissue! A brand I discovered three years ago is Seventh Generation. Besides selling home products (like plantbased laundry detergent and dishwasher), they also have recycled toilet paper that is whitened without chlorine bleach! And YES…it’s soft! Your tush and our planet will thank you. If you are ready to stop playing blind and make the change, then go to Seventh Generation to browse through their amazing plantbased products. Can't wait to see how you transform your homes into sustainable ones! For more information and details on how I designed my sustainable home, use the search box at the bottom of my home page and type “home”.



Si han estado siguiéndome en IG o leyendo mis publicaciones de blog por un tiempo, ya saben que aquí promovemos un estilo de vida consciente y sostenible. Y, parte de eso, incluye las acciones que tomamos a diario. ¡Incluso las más pequeños! Nuestros hábitos cotidianos. Especialmente en casa. Todos podemos reducir nuestro impacto negativo en la naturaleza eligiendo los productos correctos para usar en nuestras casas. ¡Desde el filtro de agua, hasta los productos de limpieza, hasta el papel higiénico! Sí, dije papel higiénico! Al cambiar a papel higiénico reciclado, puedes ayudar a salvar docenas de árboles! ¿Te preguntas cómo? Bueno, el papel higiénico reciclado utiliza papel reciclado de post-consumo, como cartas y papel de oficina, para ayudar a depender menos de las fuentes de papel virgen para crear rollos de papel higiénico. Imagínate esto: “¡Si cada hogar en los Estados Unidos reemplazara su papel higiénico virgen de 4 rollos (de 240 hojas) por los reciclados, podríamos salvar 740,000 árboles”! Un impacto tan poderoso con algo tan simple como el papel de baño! Una marca que descubrí hace tres años es Seventh Generation. Además de vender productos para la casa sostenibles y de origen vegetal (como detergente ecológico y lavaplatos), también tienen papel higiénico reciclado blanqueado sin cloro! Y sí ... es suave! Tus nalguitas y nuestro planeta te lo agradecerán. Si estás lista/o para dejar de jugar a estar ciega/o y hacer el cambio, ve a Seventh Generation para explorar sus increíbles productos ecológicos. Muero por ver cómo transformas tu casa en una sustentable y no tóxica! Para obtener más información y detalles sobre cómo diseñé mi hogar sostenible, usa el cuadro de búsqueda en la parte inferior de mi página de inicio y escribe "home/hogar".

(Sponsored by Seventh Generation)

The perfect eco-friendly home....

You know how some people dream about the perfect wedding, the dress and the huge cake? Well, there are a few others like me that dream about the perfect eco-friendly home. One with open spaces, huge windows, solar energy panels, water reuse systems, plants and herbs everywhere, and rescued animals running around the house! That's what I envision almost on a daily basis! Honestly! So much, that I've created visualization boards on my phone and now on Pinterest to share those dreams with you and maybe inspire you to start your own eco practices at home. It doesn't have to be anything huge like solar panels (I mean if you can, please do so by all means) but you can start with the daily essentials like the cleaning products you use or planting herbs at home or switching plastic cups and bottles for glass ones. That's a big powerful start already! Everything makes a difference, guys! Give it a try!

Here are a few basic recommendations:

Cleaning products: In case you didn't know, most cleaning products have toxic ingredients (for you, your pets and our planet) and test on animals. A brand that I'm obsessed with is Mrs. Meyers.  These products are natural, do not test on animals and have aromatherapy oils as ingredients. I mean... It does not get better than this! Mrs Meyers' products will have your house smelling like paradise! My favorite scent is "Lavender".

Shower head filter: Whoever came up with this idea is a GENIUS! A shower head filter that illuminates and changes to different colors based on your water use. It turns green while you are using less than 10 liters of water, purple when you go over 10 liters, orange when you hit the 30 liter mark, and RED when you hit or pass the 50 liter mark. This will not only lower your utility bills but it also has a HUGE positive impact on our environment. Water is a FINITE source and each American household uses approximately 100 gallons of water per day at home. That amounts to a total of 355 Billion gallons of water per day (2010 stats). And that is the US ALONE! Add the rest of the world to that.....

Eco-friendly Paper Products: Just like water, same happens with paper use. We use SO MUCH OF IT! From paper towels, to toilette paper, to paper cups and printing paper. It's insane! Here's a great solution for you guys at home. There are many brands, including Walgreens affordable "Ology", that offer recycled paper products. Seventh Generation is another good eco brand. You can find it everywhere! Literally! Whole Foods, Walgreens and online. 

Now, let's get to work! A healthier, cleaner and better world awaits. <3