Planet-saving Holiday Gift Guide!

THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!!! That time of the year again. The time for strong hugs with the ones we love and also, sadly, lots and lots of shopping! Christmas is one of the busiest seasons for all stores, which means most of us will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars taking advantage of sales and purchasing products that will potentially end up in landfills in a few months, or might support practices that are devastating for our planet and people. So... how about we choose which stores and brands to support wisely?! How about we buy less crap and more things we will use for years to come? How about we say no to fast fashion products and buy more eco-friendly clothing pieces we can reuse in a dozen different ways? How about we give the gift of consciousness this year?! Giving unique and lovely gifts that will raise an interesting conversation with those we love? How about we use the money we worked so hard for this year to make sure we have a planet to call our home in the future? What do you guys say?! Ready to become an agent of change this Holiday season?! If so, here are a few brands you might want to check out. Eco-friendly, vegan, fair-trade, charity-oriented. Nothing like conscious shopping!

I’ve separated them in categories, so you can find whatever you are looking for to gift this year.

For those not familiar with the language, these are the meanings of each label…
•    Vegan: no animal byproducts or animal ingredients
•    Cruelty-free: not tested on animals (applies mostly to beauty products)
•    Fair-trade: artisans are paid a fair wage for their work
•    Handprinted/ Block-printed: artisans design textiles by hand with different techniques. All stamped by hand (hand-carved wood stamp) and with natural colors.
•    Non-toxic: lacks the main harmful chemicals most brands put in their products (applies to beauty products, especially nail polishes)


The Onikas: Fair-trade and handprinted clothing with non-toxic colors by artisans in India and Ecuador. 

Osom: Socks made from recycled textiles

Miakoda NY: fair-trade clothing made with biodegradable fibers such as bamboo and organic cotton. (softest fabrics ever!!!)

Melissa Shoes: Shoes made from recycled plastic reusing 99% of waste, water and unsold stock.

THX: Everyday products that suport everyday causes. You choose the nonprofit and the amount whenever you shop a THX product.

Symbology: fair-trade and handprinted clothing. Beautiful dresses! Use CODE: WTSXSYMBOLOGY for 10% off.

Nomad Tribe: fashion + social impact. Anything you need! Eco-friendly, vegan, and charity-oriented options. Use CODE: NTVH



NAJA: fair-trade and sustainable lingerie. Every product you buy helps women rise above poverty. Naja provides fair wages and health care to each artisan.

EcoPeace: eco-friendly swim wear made with recycled and natural fibers and non-toxic dyes

Lume: fair-trade and eco-friendly swim wear supporting different artists and charities.



Beyond Skin: vegan and fair-trade shoe brand made with vegetable coating.

By Blanch: vegan and fair-trade shoe brand from Spain

VEJA: eco-friendly shoe brand with some vegan options. Use CODE: NTVH for discount.

Turquise: vegan and charity-oriented shoe brand. Use CODE: NTVH for discount.

Cult of Coquette: vegan leather high heels!!!! 



Big Bubble Bags: really cool bags made from recycled bubble wrap. Use CODE: BUBBLEGIFT for 15% off

Matt and Nat: fair-trade and vegan bags made with natural materials and recycled plastic bottle interior lining.

Remember Me Green: Bags made from recycled NYC billboards.

Up Fuse: Fair-trade and eco-friendly bags made from recycled plastic bags. Use CODE: KINDCHRISTMAS for discount.

Stella McCartney: vegan luxury bags (a little pricey for those looking for high end options)

Angela Roi: beautiful and classic vegan bags in earthy colors. 



WTS Malas: fair-trade, handmade and blessed by priests in Bali

The Fifth Element: handmade and spiritual jewelry. Her mandala rings are my favorite.

Simbi: handmade and fairtrade bracelets made from natural clay by artisans in Haiti. Each purchase provides clean water to Haiti. Use CODE: WATERTHRUSKIN for 15% off.

Alex and Ani: jewelry made from recycled materials that benefits different charities.

Kathe Cuervo: handmade jewelry made from recycled materials


Bite: vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and EDIBLE. Yes! Made with natural and fine ingredients! My favorite is the Agave lip mask!

Tarte: vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic makeup. My faves are the lip colors, mascara and cheeky blush.

OneLoveOrganics: organic, vegan, cruelty-free, natural spa products and body lotions. My favorite is the Vitamin C Body Oil.

Sparitual: vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic Nail polishes and spa products. Love their nail polishes!

Baiser Beauty: artisanal, vegan, organic, handmade beauty products. My favorite is their anti-aging oil.


Wholistic: organic and natural aromatherapy oils with crystals charged by the moon.

THX Co: perfumes and soy candles made with natural, fair-trade, and sustainable ingredients. THX lets you choose which nonprofit to donate to. 



Global Groove Life: fair-trade products made by artisans in Asia. I have their yoga ball.

Portdebras: Fair-trade yoga clothing made with natural biodegradable fibers.

Waterlust: yoga pants made from recycled plastic bottles and supports different Marine Research nonprofits.

InnerFire: yoga clothes made from natural fibers and recycled plastic bottles

YolohaYoga: yoga props and products made from natural cork and recycled tire rubber

I love Gurus: yogi sandals and wear made from natural eco-friendly products. For each purchase, they plant a tree.



Matt and Nat: fair-trade and vegan bags made with natural materials and recycled plastic bottle interior lining.

WTS Kits: vegan, eco-friendly, natural and organic travel kits with everything you need for your trips. 

WTS Hotels: what about gifting a vacation at an eco-friendly hotel? Get inspired by all the trips I’ve taken.

LSTN Headphones: Headphones that give back! With each purchase LSTN provides hearing aid to people in need.

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