Chendell: a natural warrior! / Chendell: un guerrero natural!

Chendell. A book that awakens those who haven’t connected with nature yet, and motivates those humans who have already found its magic to keep protecting it!

When the Chendell team reached out to me to review this book on my blog, I hesitated. I didn’t know what to expect so I asked them to give me the opportunity to read it first so I could then decide to review it or not. Within the first 20 pages, I found my answer. Leslie Landis has created a little treasure with this book. A treasure for EVERYONE. Kids, teens, adults. Chendell shares a story I can relate to, and also one I know my thirteen year old sister would absolutely adore. A great introduction to the importance of protecting our earth, and trusting the universe and its plan for us.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you but I will give you a few hints that will hopefully leave you craving for more. Chendell tells the stories of two people completely unrelated to each other, and both with a great passion for nature. Jingson (Jamie) Chen is a young Chinese man with long black hair who discovers early in his life that he can communicate with trees. Robin Dell, is a tall American girl with green eyes and auburn hair who can communicate with insects and controls their behaviors with her thoughts. They don’t know of each other’s existence, but the universe brings them together in random ways so they can learn about the definition of genuine and honest love, and merge their powers to preserve nature and find cures for diseases like cancer and MS. After their PhD studies, they both travel to the Manu National Park in Peru to research different plant and insects. During that trip, they encounter a shaman whom, by offering them one drink, gives birth to Chendell. A combination of the best traits of both Jamie and Robin. Two halves of one person. An avatar with one green-colored eye, one dark brown-colored eye, and black and auburn hair.

….And you’ll have to get the book to continue with this story. It’s worth it! Get one for yourself, your kids, your friends. This book is easy and fun to read and you can buy it on Amazon! I finished it in a few hours.




Chendell. Un libro que despierta a aquellos que todavía no se han conectado con la naturaleza y motiva a aquellos humanos que ya han encontrado su magia para seguir protegiéndola! Cuando el equipo de Chendell me contactó para que escriba sobre este libro en mi blog, dudé mucho. No sabía qué esperar, así que les pedí que me dieran la oportunidad de leerlo primero para luego decidir si lo revisaría o no. Dentro de las primeras 20 páginas, encontré mi respuesta. Leslie Landis ha creado un pequeño tesoro con este libro. Un tesoro para TODOS. Niños, adolescentes, adultos. Chendell comparte una historia con la cual me siento identificada, y también una que sé que mi hermana de trece años adoraría. Una gran introducción a la importancia de proteger nuestra tierra y confiar en el universo y su plan para nosotros. No quiero arruinar la historia para ustedes, pero les daré algunos consejos que, con suerte, los dejarán con ganas de más. Chendell cuenta las historias de dos personas que no están relacionadas entre sí, y ambas con una gran pasión por la naturaleza. Jingson (Jamie) Chen es un joven chino con cabello largo y negro que descubre temprano en su vida que puede comunicarse con los árboles. Robin Dell, es una chica estadounidense alta con ojos verdes y cabello castaño rojizo que puede comunicarse con los insectos y controlar sus comportamientos con sus pensamientos. No saben de la existencia del uno y el otro, pero el universo los reúne de maneras aleatorias para que puedan aprender sobre la definición de amor genuino y honesto, y fusionen sus poderes para preservar la naturaleza y encontrar medicina para enfermedades como el cáncer y la esclerosis múltiple. Después de sus estudios de doctorado, ambos viajan al Parque Nacional Manu en Perú para investigar diferentes plantas e insectos. Durante ese viaje, se encuentran con un chamán que, al ofrecerles una bebida, da a luz a Chendell. Una combinación de los mejores rasgos y poderes de Jamie y Robin. Dos mitades de una persona. Un avatar con un ojo de color verde, un ojo de color marrón oscuro y cabello negro y castaño rojizo.

... Y tendrán que conseguir el libro para continuar con esta historia. ¡Vale la pena! Consigan uno para ustedes, sus hijos, sus amigos. Este libro es fácil y divertido de leer y esta en Amazon! Lo terminé en unas cuantas horas.

Go Green in 2018! It's this easy!

I’m sure a lot of you woke up on the first day of 2018 asking yourselves “how can I make a difference?”. Well, it’s this easy! It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy, this information is for absolutely everyone! Read it, digest it and share it with your loved ones.

1) Did you know we use and throw away enough plastic PER YEAR to circle the earth 4 times?! Or that this plastic and waste takes approx 500-1000 years to degrade, which means it will sit on landfills for that long or will find its way into our oceans and kill sea earthlings precious to human survival? Solution? Reduce your consumption and plastic use! I carry my bamboo utensils and metal straw in my bag at all times and say no to plastic ones whenever I’m on the go. That easy! If you have them with you, you'll never have to ask for plastic ones when eating at restaurants or buying ToGo food. 

2) Did you know tampons and pads carry chemicals, odor repellents, plastic, petroleum, bleach and other life-threatening and cancer-inducing ingredients? Yes, I know...talking about a woman’s period is “gross” but it should NEVER be a taboo! What’s gross is everything we are putting in our bodies without knowing about it! Women, in their lifetimes, will use 16,800+ tampons and pads! Some of these pads are made with plastic equivalent to 4 plastic bags! A woman uses 2-4 pads per day during her mother-nature-called days.... Do the insane math! And yes, there’s the option to buy organic feminine products but those products, once used, will eventually find their way into our landfills and oceans too. Solution? Menstrual cup! I know it looks scary but it was the best advice I received in 2017! I love it, I take it with me everywhere (even on my trips), it takes my cramps away every single time, and it is safe, hygienic and eco-friendly. Plus, you buy one and it lasts for... YEARS! Protecting your body from toxic chemicals, and helping you- beautiful goddess- produce LESS waste! The brand I use is called GladRags, and they donate feminine products to girls in need with each purchase you make. They also sell pads made of cotton fabric.

These are just a few of my green secrets. What are yours?