5 Tips for an Eco-friendly Home

For all those who have asked me for earth-friendly home tips, here are a few. My favorite, actually! Simple choices that can transform your home into a healthy, energy-balanced and eco-friendly piece of heaven with products you can easily and affordably find on...Amazon! 

1) Herbs: I created my own herb garden with mason jars, rocks, ecofriendly soil. First you add the rocks to the mason jars (1/3 of glass), then soil, lastly seeds or plant. Depending on the herb/plant type, you might have to water every day or every other day. To make it easier (especially when I travel), I got a self-watering system.

2) Self-watering/irrigation system: easy, affordable, earth friendly! Order this product from Amazon,  use any recycled empty bottles of wine you have at home, fill them with water, insert the clay cone of this product into your plant's soil (fill it with water first and put lid on, firmly), then insert the little hose into the wine bottle full of water. That's it! The plant will start sucking water as needed. That easy! 

3) Eco-friendly produce bags: Love this product beyond words! We use way too many plastic bags when we go grocery shopping. Take these in your bag and use them to select, buy and store your veggies and fruits. Washable, reusable, earth-friendly! 

4) Water pitcher: Have you been looking for a water pitcher with sustainable filters made of plants? Well, look no further! This is the pitcher I have at home and LOVE! This brand also provides clean water to people in need with each purchase, and the handle is made of sustainable oak! 

5) Bamboo Oil Diffuser: Everyone has been asking me about the bamboo diffuser I have at home. This is it! Affordable and beautiful! Now, you just need to get your DoTerra Oils