Tattoo Inks have WHAT?!!!!

Tattoos… I’ve been a fan of them since I had my first one done at 17. Now, 10 years later, I can tell you I’ve learned two things the hard way:

1) Tattoos have to be meaningful. If you get an angel above your tuschie, just for the thrill of it, you will end up getting it removed with laser later on. Believe me! Been there. Done that. And, Oh Kale, laser hurts like ****!

2) Make sure you research the tattoo parlor and ink they use. You will not believe what goes in tattoo inks. Choose organic and vegan. Always.

This leads me to my point: Vegan ink! I’m going to be 100% honest and tell you I had no idea vegan ink existed until 3 months ago when I started thinking about getting my 5th tattoo done and did a little research. Now, what I found left me simply speechless! Apparently, tattoo inks are the nothing more but the result of the combination of the following animal products:

-Glycerin from animal fat used as the carrying agent

-Bone char (burned animal bones) used to create the black pigment (charcoal)

-Gelatin (from hooves) and shellac (from beetles) are also used in some inks

Which ink uses what depends on the brand but the point is that almost all of them are NOT vegan-friendly and, even worse, TOXIC and NOT FDA approved. The most toxic and allergy-creating colors have been proven to be: black, white and red. For that reason, I decided to be extra careful this time and recorded every step in order to share it with all my tattoo lovers!

So, let’s start with the basics. After tons of research, I found a organic and vegan ink producer in Miami Beach and 5 minutes away from my place which was simply fantastic! The ink is called, Solid Ink, and is made with organic powder pigment blended with Witch Hazel, Vegetal Kosher Glycerin, Distilled Water, and some alcohol. All organic, natural and vegan friendly. This ink can be purchased online or at Love Hate Tattoo (Miami Ink) in Miami Beach. Depending on your tattoo size, one bottle should be more than enough. The tattoos I got done are small, so I have more than half the bottle left for future ones. Also, make sure the aftercare you are using is organic and vegan too. I bought “After Inked” which is enriched with grape seed oil and is parabens-free, petroleum-free, gluten-free, non-allergenic and vegan. You can get it online or, if you live in Miami, at Love Hate Tattoo as well.

Lastly, before I share the videos and photos with you, here’s another great advice. Find a tattoo artist that makes you feel comfortable and gives you a great vibe. Most tattoo artists are asses. Not kidding! And this is the #1 reason why I did not get my tattoo done at Love Hate Tattoo, also known as Miami Ink or “Miami Best Tattoo Parlor”. They tried to charge me $500 for my small tattoo and gave me a million “buts” and excuses while trying to make my design bigger and bigger. So, I bought the ink and aftercare there and went straight to the place where I’ve been getting my tattoos done for years now and whose artists have always done a great work, Salvation Tattoo. My tattoo artist was Cody. The sweetest, most gentle and understanding tattoo artist I’ve met so far. Amazing and peaceful vibe and was incredibly respectful of my vegan lifestyle. In clearer words, he did not make fun of all the questions I asked about the soap, procedures and ink like the artist at Love Hate Tattoo did. Cody, if you are reading this, you rock!!! And so do my tattoos. Loving them more by the second. 

I hope you guys enjoy the photos and video. If you live in Miami and choose to get a tattoo done with Cody, please pleaseee share your pics!! Xx

ps: Click the links below to read more about tattoo inks and other vegan options. These two bloggers' posts were really helpful. Yes, I follow vegan blogers too! ;)