Transforming Animal-lover's Grief Into Trees: GoFullCircle

For all animal-lovers out there, this is a post you will want to read. <3

I discovered this product a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to share it with you. GoFullCircle is focused on the concept of providing relief to an animal-owners' pain after losing their babies by introducing the option of giving life to an eternity tree using your animal's ashes. Owners of dogs/Cats (ferrets, mice, rats... you name it! Same love!) receive a bamboo container with soil, fertilizer, wood chips and a tree or plant with their purchase. All you have to do is combine the ashes with the fertilizer and soil, and give life to a tree in memory of your animal.

A plus? GoFullCirle uses seedlings (baby trees) instead of seeds to make it easier for non-expert growers to have success growing a tree, and you get to choose the tree that best matches your baby's personality. And, once you've planted your tree, you can recycle the bamboo container and use it to store things. The container is beautiful, as is!

I know the pain associated with losing a four-legged child, and only wish this had existed 10 years ago when I lost mine. It's honestly amazing to experience how new brands come up with these sustainable and heart-felt products! What do guys you think?

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