Stop Yulin 2016! Dog-eating Festival in China.

It's the second year I write about this issue since I started the blog, and covering it hasn't gotten any easier. My heart still aches every time I think about this Chinese festival, the thousands of dogs stolen from happy homes, their horrific fate, and the families left devastated without their furry friends. In case you haven't heard of the Yulin Festival, it's festival in China where thousands of dogs are boiled alive and eaten in the hopes of bringing "good luck" to the people of China. Last year, 10,000 dogs suffered this fate. Fortunately, there are a few of us with a drop of compassion who can help put an end to this barbaric torture. All you have to do is get informed, sign the petitions below (won't take more than 3 minutes), repost this everywhere and help spread the word. The festival starts June 22 and is held EVERY YEAR! Let's be the voice, guys!

Please watch the video below, read the article and sign the petitions. For everyone else looking to join the movement, take a picture of yourself with your furry friend and write “Stop Yulin 2016” on the palm of your hand. Time to create a massive wave of awareness!! #stopyulin2016

Love you guys.


China's Dog Eating Festival:


Camera shy!

Camera shy!