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Have you guys ever taken 5 minutes of your busy schedule to sit down and analyze what you are doing to your body? How you're nurturing it? How you're feeding your cells? Or even how you're slowly poisoning them? As you guys might've seen on snapchat, I attended a documentary screening at Dr Smood in Miami last night. This was yet another reminder of the importance of a natural, organic and at least 51% raw diet in our lives. And above all, about performing our research. Food can seriously be our medicine or slowest form of suicide! And this applies to a vegan or vegetarian diet as well! I know a lot of people who went vegan and thought they could survive just on eating pasta and bread and processed vegan junk food (yes, we have that too!) but later found themselves borderline heart-attack in their late 20s and 30s. Going vegetarian and later vegan was a decision I made years ago based on my values and compassion but has now transformed into the best decision I could've made for my health. I've stopped consuming toxic pills and have even been able to balance my Thyroid disease with my diet choices and overloads of superfoods. I honestly can't remember when was the last time I had a headache or took a pill for it! Superfoods like Turmeric, hemp oil, diatomaceous earth, Moringa and many others have become rulers of my kingdom now. BUT, I wouldn't have been able to achieve any of this if I hadn't read as many books as I could and watched as many documentaries out there on how to eat healthy and feed my body with the right nutrients, vitamins and protein from plants! I also changed my entire lifestyle. From the products I put on my skin, to the clothes I use and brands I choose to support. Everything is connected guys! It's a way of living! A conscious way of living! And, to make it easier for you, I've added a search box on the blog at the bottom of the home page where if you type "documentaries" or "natural beauty" or whatever it is your looking for, you'll find articles I've written with helpful tips and summaries on how to live your best life! Are you ready to make the change? The most amazing part about life is that everyday is our new change to start living better, wiser and healthier, and we've been blessed with bodies that have the power of gettting rid of all our toxins if we provide them with the right nutrition. 

Below is a link to a few of the stories I've written about the powerful documentaries that changed my life. One I wish to add to that list is "FoodMatters". It will open your eyes to the magical and miraculous wonders of food as your medicine! From curing cancer and depression to living a longer and happier life. xx


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Speechless. Doesn't happen often! Cowspiracy is a MUST!

Ok. Cowspiracy. Where to even begin? We’ve all seen documentaries about the meat industry. Most of them leave us heartbroken and frustrated through their tough depictions of the inhumane torture towards animals, but this documentary is different. It’s probably the only one that filled my brain with powerful and useful information rather than stuffing my heart with emotions.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I didn’t know much about the negative effects of the animal industry on our planet, but after watching Cowspiracy I became more proud than ever about my choice of lifestyle. Being vegan took another perspective. I realized that being vegan is not only about your compassion towards animals but it’s also about sustainability. It’s about helping stop one of the most destructive industries facing our planet today: factory farming. This “animal-exploiting” industry is one of the leading causes of global warming, water pollution, deforestations and dead zones. Try visualizing this: it takes 220lbs of water to produce ONE hamburger while it only takes 1lb of water to produce one orange. Did you know all this? Pretty eye-opening isn’t? And that’s nothing compared to all the information this documentary throws at you. In short, this documentary is a must for anyone who cares even a little about our planet’s future… And especially for all the environmentalists who love preaching about global warming but haven’t realized yet that the only solution to the earth’s problems is a plantbased diet. Watch it, share it, LIVE IT! 


ND of course, click here to get your tickets and to read more info on Cowspiracy.