Cruelty-free & Sustainable Cashmere is finally here!/ Lana Ecológica y Libre de Crueldad!

It’s EARTH MONTH! This means I will be promoting sustainable and ethical brands now more than ever in the hopes that you connect with them and choose to support their world-changing missions. Starting with Naadam, a sustainable and ethical fashion brand I’m beyond proud to partner with to bring this HUGE ECO GIVEAWAY for you! As I’ve shared with you before, I haven’t worn cashmere or any other type of wool in years because of the cruel animal practices behind the industry (animals having their tails cut off, left with wounds open, bleeding to death, etc) but Naadam is reshaping this! Naadam is the first ethical and cruelty-free cashmere brand in the market! How are they doing it right? Beautifully and mindfully! All animals are hand-combed (not sheared!) and are cared for and treated humanely as a WAY OF LIFE, not merely a practice. They also pay their herders 50% more and…. (wait for it!)…. use ahimsa silk! This is silk that has been produced by waiting for the silkworms to hatch from their cocoons and later boiling the empty cocoons rather than the boiling the live silkworms, like ordinary silk methods. Naadam also uses clean energy-powered manufacturing, non-toxic dyes, and is rolling out biodegradable plastic bags. This is the only cashmere brand that is Cradle to Cradle certified for their high standards focused on protecting the earth and basic human rights. As if all this weren’t incredible enough, Naadam also makes sure the goats get veterinary care on a yearly basis to prevent harmful diseases, and constantly looks for ways of offsetting their CO2 emissions.

Their line is gorgeous, warm and comfortable, and there are a few pieces I adore so much I’ve been wearing on a weekly basis! Below are the photos of my favorite styles, AND…. the details for this $4,500 GIVEAWAY featuring some of my favorite brands! The sustainable kind!

ECO Giveaway:

Naadam and I have partnered with @the_citizenry, @reformation, @tataharperskincare, @avocadomattress, and @packagefreeshop to gift a lucky soul over $4,500 in products to help you live your best eco-friendly life!

The winner will receive:

- $500 Gift Card from

- $500 Gift Card from @reformation

- Avocado Green Mattress of any size and Two Green Pillows from @avocadomattress

- $250 Gift Card from @packagefreeshop

- A personalized skincare consultation for a customized regimen up to $500 from @tataharperskincare

- $500 Gift Card from @the_citizenry

To participate, click here. The details are in the landing page!



Es el mes de la madre tierra, lo que significa que estaré compartiendo marcas ecológicas y éticas ahora más que nunca! Comenzando con Naadam, una marca de moda ética y sostenible de la cual estoy super orgullosa de asociarme. Como he compartido con ustedes antes, no he usado cashmere ni ningún otro tipo de lana en años debido a las crueldad hacia los animales detrás de esta industria (animales que les cortan las colas, dejan con heridas abiertas y desangrándose, etc.) pero Naadam está remodelando eso! Esta es la primera marca de cashmere ética y libre de crueldad! ¿Cómo lo están haciendo? Maravillosamente y conscientemente! Todos los animales se peinan a mano (no los rapan/rasuran/cortan!) y se cuidan y tratan humanamente como un manera DE VIDA, no simplemente una práctica. También pagan a sus pastores 50% más que el mercado …. (¡esperen!)…. usan seda ahimsa! Esta es seda vegana y pacífica que se produce esperando a que los gusanos de seda salgan de sus capullos, e hirviendo los capullos vacíos en lugar de hervirlos con los gusanos adentro y vivos, como hacen en los métodos de seda comunes. @naadam.cotambién utiliza energía limpia, tintes no tóxicos, y está lanzando bolsas de plástico biodegradables! Esta es la única marca de cashmere que tiene la certificación Cradle to Cradle por sus altos estándares centrados en la protección de la tierra y los derechos humanos. Otras practicas que me encantan de Naadam, se aseguran que todos los animales sean vistos por veterinarios anualmente para prevenir enfermedades, y buscan constantemente nuevas maneras de compensar sus emisiones de CO2!

Su linea es hermosa y cómoda! Abajo les comparto unas fotos de mis prendas favoritas las cuales uso casi todas las semanas! Y hoy, les tenemos una sorpresa!! Un sorteo ecológico de $4,500 de marcas eco que AMO!! Una personita con mucha suerte ganará los siguientes productos:


-$500 en ropa de Naadam

-$500 en un gift card de @the_citizenry

-$500 en un gift card de @reformation

-Una consulta de @tataharperskincare más $500 en productos

-Colchón ecológico de cualquier tamaño y dos almohadas orgánicas de @avocadomattress

-$250 en un gift card de @packagefreeshop

Para participar, haz click aquí! Los detalles están en la pagina web de Naadam.


The Earth Day vibes are still going on strong over here, and we are celebrating it by gifting a lucky soul a free spot at the retreat I'll be leading in Bali November 6-13! The retreat might be sold out but a wanderluster spirit will receive 13 days at one of the most mind-blowing eco-friendly hotels I've reviewed for the blog, 3 organic vegan meals per day, waterfall walks, a flower offering workshop, a Balinese cuisine class, a holistic spa treatment, organic coffee and tea 24/7, local tours and so much more! A $1225 value gifted by Sunology. All you have to do is:

1) Follow @sunology and @waterthruskin on instagram

2)Comment on our Travel Giveaway photo on Instagram and tag 3 friends

3)Repost the photo, tell us what Mother Nature means to you, and tag @sunology and @waterthruskin

4) Get ready to win this trip and @sunology products!!

The winner will be announced in 13 days on May 6th. I can't wait to meet one of you and spend a week in paradise together!

You can read more about Sunology's eco-friendly, ocean-safe, mineral, cruelty-free and vegan sun care products here

More details about the retreat here.

Disclaimer: please make sure you can attend during those dates and purchase your flight to Denpasar, Bali, if you win. Transportation from the airport to the hotel is already arranged. :)


Doggie Giveaway! Vegan, eco-friendly & charity-oriented!

Hi guys,

As promised, June's doggie giveaway is finally here! I've partnered with two incredible brands to gift these items to a lucky winner. Before I get into the participation details, let's talk about the products.

-Dogs Before Dudes Tee: 100% cotton made by TheTreeKisser with 10% of all sales being donated to the Love Infinitely Project Animal Fund that supports different animal rescues. The giveaway winner will get a tee directly shipped by TheTreeKisser. Applies to EVERYONE. Winner can choose Male or Female design (tank, a tee, or a sweatshirt), color and size!

-VDog Doggie Breath-bones: This is the only brand I give to Coco, guys! Vegan, healthy and natural food for your furry best friends. I wrote about V-Dog, and all the reasons why I recommend it, on the blog before. In case you don't know, commercial dog foods are not only made of animal parts (such as beaks, brain, spinal cord tissue, bones, lungs, intestinal tracts) but also of animals that fit the category of the 4 D's: dead, dying, diseased, or disabled. For this reason and the fact that animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions,  34-76 trillion gallons of annual water consumption, and is the leading cause of species extinction, dead-zones and habitat loss, it seems natural to me to feed Coco food that is eco, natural, healthier, compassionate and plant-based. V-Dog sells both dog food and breath-bones, and a lucky winner will be getting two bags of doggie breath-bones made with 100% natural ingredients including cinnamon, parsley, chia seeds, sweet potato and broccoli. They smell incredibly delicious too! Plus, a "I'm a vegan dog" bandana. 

To participate, all you have to do is the following:

-Follow @thetreekisser, @vdogfood, and @waterthruskin

-Post a photo with your dog on IG sharing one of your stories/adventures, use #wtsdoggiveaway, and tag @waterthruskin, @vdogfood, and @thetreekisser. 

-Make sure your IG account is PUBLIC. If not, we won't be able to see it.

-And that's it!!! Winner will be announced June 20th. 

Good Luck!!

Planet-loving GIVEAWAY!!!!

***The Winner of this Giveaway is: Jessica Tejera (The Walking Mermaid Blog)

It's that time of the year again guys... Giveaway time!! Over $200 of planet-loving gifts that will brighten up your days while helping heal our world. One product at a time! :)

For this giveaway, I don't want you to repost this picture but to upload a picture of yourself promoting a conscious lifestyle. Be it cooking vegan food, cleaning the beach, wearing a vegan outfit, recycling, volunteering at shelters, or even doing yoga. I  want you to post that activity that plays a big role in your life and is also mindful to our planet as whole, and describe why it is important to you and what a "conscious lifestyle" means to you. Who knows?...Maybe in this way, the movement will finally catch on. Nothing to lose and so much to gain!! Why not give it a try? <3

Ok, so...basics. These are the steps you will need to follow:

1) Make sure your Instagram account is public

2)Follow @waterthruskin @shopbubblebags @simplygum @consciouscoconut @rawelementsusa @agentnateur

3) Post a photo of yourself doing your favorite conscious activity & describe why it plays a big role in your life & what "Conscience" means to you.

4) Tag your friends and share the love!!! Use #wtsgiveaway #lifestylewithaconscience 

Winner will be announced on February 14th (happy v-day!). My international soulmates can participate too! Worldwide love and shipping, babes!!!


-BBB Bubble Clutch: This clutch is made from recycled bubble wrap! Very fashionable, cool, big enough to carry all your daily essentials and EXTREMELY kind to our planet!! ($181)

-Conscious Coconut Oil: Ever wanted coconut oil that is travel-friendly? Well, this is it! Organic, cold pressed, travel sized,  AND provides a meal to a child in need in the US.($15)

-Simply Gum: Natural, vegan, and organic gum that has eco-friendly post chew papers in that cute and chic box. Winner will get 2 different flavors. ($6)

-Raw Elements: My favorite sunblock ever! Natural, organic and ocean-safe (does not harm our ocean or its animals). It comes as a stick which makes it so much easier to apply to your face and neck. ($15)

-Agent Nateur: The only deodorant I use. Vegetarian (has honey as ingredient), organic and natural. Made from avocado, coconut oil, raw honey, lavender & eucalyptus. ($19)