For Haiti Fundraiser

No matter where in this beautiful planet of ours you are right now, I’m sure you all have heard or seen the results of hurricane Matthew. This is the third time that a natural disaster hits Haiti in 6 years. (2010 7.0-magnitude earthquake, 2012 Sandy, 2016 Matthew) and they need our help more than ever! Remember I told you on my last Haiti post that I was looking for a non-profit to travel to Haiti with, I found it! Well, they sort of found me or, better yet, we found each other :). I'll be traveling to Haiti in December 20016 to volunteer at an orphanage. I'll be spending there 4 days and taking as many donations as I can, for which you guys get to chip in and help. (I believe in you!!) I'm hosting a fundraiser to gather as many funds as possible to help the nonprofits I'll be working with. One of them will be I am Me. I know a lot of people don't like to donate. I've even heard some complain they are not getting anything in return. (Really?) Therefore, I've decided to make this donation thing a little more personal. 

  • Every person that donates $100 will receive a Simbi Haiti bracelet from me. (This way, you'll be helping two charities with one donation!) With each Simbi bracelet sold, Simbi Inc is able to provide funds to purify 1 gallon of water per day in Haiti through Aqua Haiti. Also, all bracelets are handmade by Haiti artisans with clay and natural colors that are kind to your skin and the planet. Simbi Inc has so far supported 250 jobs and purified 20,000,000 gallons of water in Haiti. 
  • Every person that donates $500 or more will receive a personalized eco-friendly jean jacket (like the one I posted on IG)!!! This applies to everyone. Ladies and gents! I'll also be traveling to Bali next week to review an eco-friendly hotel and have been thinking of getting cute gifts over there for you guys. How about that?!! Deal?? Then, let's get this fundraiser rolling!!! 


I'm in. Let's Donate!