Tree Pulp Sunnies & Much More. Costa del Mar has gone green!

As #plasticfreejuly continues, here’s another brand I want to share with you. For all my adventurers and eco warriors, this one is for you! You may have heard of COSTA del Mar before but their new eco-friendly initiatives will leave you speechless! COSTA is making it their mission to leave the world just as beautiful as we all found it. How?

1) For starters, they have partnered with Ocearch to preserve one of our ocean’s most important creatures: sharks! The health and survival of our oceans depend on sharks, and we depend on our oceans. As scary as they may look, we sadly kill more of them per year than they accidentally kill humans. 100 million+ per year, that is. These are sea creatures that take years to reproduce and are crucial to preserving our waters. Our waters protect us from sunrays and rising temperatures, and generate 50%+ of the oxygen we breathe. So, do the math!

2) Four years ago, they started the initiative, Kick Plastic to eliminate single-use plastic wherever they can. Plastic takes from 100-500+ to decompose and always finds its way into our oceans killing thousands of sea creatures. Plastic is one of the most toxic man-made and petroleum-based materials for our earth, animals and people.

3) COSTA uses renewable resources like tree pulp and bio resin, from the castor plant, to make their sunglasses frames. Yes! This is where we all get to chip in as conscious consumers by supporting brands that have our planet in mind! The sunnies you see me wearing in this photo are made of tree pulp and come in the cutest cork case.

4) They have also partnered with Bureo to create a collection of sunglasses from discarded fishing nets collected in the ports of Chile! The collection is called “Untangled” and this video will make your heart beat a little faster.

Stay tuned for a giveaway coming up in the next few days! A lucky soul will win a pair of sustainable sunnies and a “Kick Plastic” water bottle!



Continuando con este mes de Julio sin plástico, quiero compartirles otra marca ecológica que esta cambiando la industria de la moda. Para todos mis aventureros y guerreros ecológicos, esto es para ustedes! Es posible que ya hayan escuchado de COSTA DEL MAR, pero sus nuevas iniciativas ecológicas los dejarán sin palabras. COSTA volvió su misión el dejar el mundo tan hermoso como todos lo encontramos. ¿Cómo?

1) Para empezar, se han asociado con Ocearch para preservar una de las criaturas más importantes de nuestro océano: los tiburones! La salud y la vida de nuestros océanos dependen de los tiburones, y nosotros dependemos de nuestros océanos. Por más temerarios que puedan verse, nosotros (los humanos) matamos más tiburones por año de lo que ellos matan accidentalmente a los humanos. 100 millones + de tiburones por año. Estas son criaturas marinas que tardan años en reproducirse y son cruciales para preservar nuestros mares. Nuestras aguas nos protegen de los rayos del sol y el incremento de las temperaturas, y generan el 50% + del oxígeno que respiramos. Hagan los números! 

2) Hace cuatro años comenzaron la iniciativa, "Kick Plastic" para eliminar el plástico donde sea posible. El plástico tarda de 100 a 500+ en descomponerse y siempre encuentra su camino a nuestros océanos, matando a miles de criaturas marinas. El plástico es uno de los materiales más tóxicos (hechos por el hombre y derivados del petróleo) para nuestra tierra, animales y personas.

3) COSTA utiliza recursos renovables como pulpa de árbol y resina biodegradable para hacer sus gafas de sol. Sí! Aquí es donde todos podemos ayudar como consumidores conscientes apoyando a las marcas que tienen a nuestro planeta en mente! Las gafas que me ven usando en esta foto están hechas de pulpa de árbol y vienen en un estuche de corcho divino.

4) También se han asociado con Bureo para crear una colección de gafas de redes de pesca descartadas y recolectadas en los puertos de Chile! La colección se llama "Untangled" y este video hará que sus corazones latan  un poco más rápido.

Estén atentos para un sorteo en los próximos días! ¡Un persona afortunada ganará un par de gafas sostenibles y una botella de agua "Kick Plastic"!


A sustainable watch that will leave you speechless!

Here is a brand I am incredibly excited to share with you: Lian & Mez.

It’s the first time in 3 years I wear a watch. I kind of gave up on the designer ones I had and the leather-strap one I used to wear 24/7, the minute I entered this conscious journey. Since then, I haven’t been able to find a watch that embodies the new person I’ve become. A watch that represents the way I now view life. A watch I can wear every single day and smile every time I put it on. My sister and I even joke about this. Every time we talk about watches, she says something like “So…you’ll never wear a Rolex?” and I reply with a “Not until they come up with a fair-trade and eco-friendly one!”. And then, out of the blue, Lian & Mez watches came to life. The perfect combination of sustainability, elegance, and style! When I first heard of them, I simply couldn’t believe what I was reading on their website. They represent everything any human being that cares about our planet, seeks in a brand or product. Let’s start with their most impressive feature: Piñatex. Piñatex is the new sustainable alternative to leather. It is vegan leather made from pineapple leaf fibers. The best part? No extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides are required to produce these fibers since they are the by-product of the pineapple harvest. This practice also provides new additional income for farmers in Philippines while creating a new industry for pineapple growing countries. Do I have your full attention already? Well, there’s more! Lian & Mez, a brand designed by two German millennials, uses this pineapple leather for all of its watches’ straps with over 5 colors to choose from (the gold one is my favorite). The watches are also waterproof resistant (50m), fair-trade and handmade in Germany, and have been delicately designed with sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel for durability. I don’t know about you guys, but this is like a dream come true for me and also proof that the conscious movement is pushing brands to come up with beautiful products that are good for our planet and our people. Julian and Feramez (Founders of Lian & Mez) are a visionary example of how we can reshape the fashion and lifestyle industry for the better.

Lian & Mez is currently hosting their kickstarter and they need our help to make their sustainable watches an ongoing reality. Are you guys ready to support the change you want to see in the world? If so, head to Lian & Mez’s website for more info.

 Happy planet-loving Sunday, babes!