National Bacon Day Vegan Recipe!

HAPPY #INTERNATIONALBACONDAY, WORLD! Today, I decided to try something new and share one of my favorite recipes (transformed into a vegan one) with you, and also give some tips to those souls that might not be ready to go vegan yet. It’s ok! We’ve all been there. Some people are born into vegan families and have never tried meat, others discover veganism by themselves. Like I did. I ate meat until my early twenties when I watched a few eye-opening documentaries that changed my life. I’m the only vegan in my family and, if there’s something I’ve learned in these 6 years of a plantbased diet, is that judging or criticizing others for not making this transition doesn’t create a positive outcome. We inspire and lead by example and by sharing the knowledge. Therefore, below, you will find a delicious vegan recipe for International Bacon Day, and also WholeFoods Animal Welfare practices that focus on improving the life of animals and our world, and providing animal products that have been raised in more ethical ways than those under the ordinary meat production industry. When you go shopping at WF, you will see these steps in a huge banner in the meat section. Something worth reading!

Vegan Stuffed Potatoes


-Vegan Bacon (you can get it at WholeFoods) Yes, I know it’s processed and we all try to avoid processed foods but you will only be using one slice of it for flavor. All other ingredients are natural :) I bought two vegan bacon brands to choose from for taste. Yves Veggie Bacon was the winner!

-1/4 cup Shiitake mushrooms

-1/4 cup Kale

-3 tbsp Coconut Cream

-Sweet potato or regular potato (up to you)

-Coconut oil

-Low-sodium soy sauce

1) Wash your potatoes, dry them and make little holes in them with a fork. Cover them with a little coconut oil.

2) Set your oven at 425F. Once ready, add potatoes and bake for 30-45 minutes. Check on them to make sure they don’t burn.

3) In a saucepan at medium heat, add 1 tbsp coconut oil with half tbsp soy sauce. Once the pan is hot and coconut oil bubbles up, add the sliced mushrooms, kale and cubed vegan bacon. Stir for about 5 minutes.

4) Once your potatoes are ready, wait for them to cool a little. Make a cut in the middle and take some of the insides out with a spoon to make space for the toppings.

5) Add the sautéed kale, mushrooms and bacon to the potatoes.

6) Top it with coconut cream (For the coconut cream, open the can and only use the thick creamy part on top. Don’t use the water for this recipe)

7) Add cubed avocados.

8) If you want more flavor you can add chimichurri to it or vegan mayo.

 I hope you guys enjoy this super simple yet delicious recipe!

 For my carnivores, Whole Foods is having a National Bacon Day sale today! Their products follow a 5-step Animal Welfare process (no cages/crates/crowding, enriched environment, enhanced outdoor access, pastured centered, animal centered) which means their practices are more humane and ethical than the ordinary meat industry ones. Thus, this is your opportunity to choose wisely when shopping for meats……until the day you are ready to go vegan :)