Costa Rica. Time to heal, baby!!

Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat


There are no words to describe this trip! I was invited to the most scenic hotel in Costa Rica to write a review about their location, organic food, yoga classes and rituals, and the healing spa. A hotel located in Alajuela, Costa Rica, surrounded by GREEN! The sun rays would shine through my window at 5 in the morning, birds would sing while I opened my eyes, stretched my arms and got myself out of bed, and an orchestra performed by crickets and frogs would put me to sleep every night. The bathroom had huge windows with no curtains so guests would gaze at nature while taking a shower. Their hair care products were completely natural and organic with the most delicious scents. Their pool looked as if it floated on top of green fields and their morning breakfast fruit bowls had herbs that had been hand-cut from their herb gardens at dawn. No coffee but tons of organic tea and organic wine. The food was exquisite and the hotel's restaurant had a wide variety of options for every type of lifestyle (vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, pescaterian). And the spa.... Oh, the spa! Where should I begin? Cacao body wraps that left my skin nurtured and smelling like chocolate for 2 days. Massages in a tent in the middle of the Costa Rican forest paradise. Reiki that awoke a roller coaster ride of emotions in me but ended with a state of bliss. The Hammam that had grandiose wood doors with mandalas hand-carved on them and holes on the ceiling shaped like stars that let light in. Yoga classes in a wood-floored room wrapped by glass windows that remained opened throughout the entire class. And the water floatation therapy that felt like God's hands were invisibly lifting my entire body and the water transformed itself into a cloud-like sensation. This healing retreat was HEAVEN! It is called Asclepios (The Greek God of Health) for a reason! 12 peaceful rooms with white walls, white sheets, bamboo ceilings, wood furniture and wall-quotes about Greek history. This hotel is an absolute must for anyone looking to disconnect from the capitalist zombie-world we like to call life. Dare to make the trip and find the time to connect with yourself and with nature! If you live near Costa Rica (Miami to Costa Rica is a 2.5 hr flight) a long weekend works perfectly! So travel! It’s the best investment guys. Create stories and memories worth reliving over and over again. You will never regret those!

I truly hope these pictures do Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat justice! And to Asclepios and its entire team: THANK YOU! I will be back. That’s a promise!