Animals Are Not Fabric

I don't think there's another tee out there that describes the thoughts that go through my mind every time I go shopping better than this one! "Animals are not fabric". PERIOD! Doesn't get clearer than that and this outfit is living proof. There ARE options to fur and leather, guys, and these vegan leather sandals and bag are the perfect example! Let's just summarized it by stating that the sandals have become my new best friends. My type of comfy, kind, and fashionable boho style. ;) See below for more pics and details.

Vegan Leather Gladiator Sandals. OBSESSED. No other way to put it. I've been looking for sandals like these for years! Vegan leather that does not look like plastic. They are beautiful and comfortable!

Maxi Skirt. What can I say about this skirt....It's beyond comfortable and goes with everything.

Animals Are Not Fabric Tee by TheTreeKisser. This was actually a v-neck tee with a design that was so popular it was almost completely sold out so I had to get mine in a huge size. I was so in love with it I did not care about the size at all but, obviously, when I tried it I looked hilarious in it so I decided to get a little creative with my scissors. I cut the sleeves of, a little around the neck and the bottom and finished it by braiding the back. What do you guys think? Nothing like making a statement with a little sexiness on the side!

Coral Vegan Leather Bag (Reversible). I've had this bag for almost a year now and completely adore it! Its quality is so good it withstands all the weight I put in it! From my laptop to books, to my gigantic cosmetic bag. Coral on one side and brown on the other. PERFECTION!

Illesteva Sunglasses. The little black sunglasses everyone should have. They go with everything. Casual and elegant. LOVE!