New Year. New conscious look.

I've talked about these brands over and over again. That's how much I'm obsessed with them! Besides being totally chic and sexy, they are having a huge impact on the world. So, here's my request to you guys... Let's start 2015 with the right foot, shall we? Leaving a footprint that does not harm our planet in any way but one that fights to heal it. 2015 is the year for changes. For daring to be different. For daring to stand out. For having the courage to speak up, or dress up, and show everyone what we believe in. 2015 is the year to inspire. And it's so easy to do so. Check them out! xoxo

Unlock Hope "Be The Good in The World" Tee. Unlock Hope provides young refugee girls in Africa with quality healthcare, good food to eat and a safe place to live.

Harveys eco-friendly bag. Made in California, Harveys focuses on reducing energy consumption and waste by producing these beautiful bags made from alternative materials. This one right here is made from car seatbelts. Use code: WATERTHRUSKIN10 to get 10% off your entire purchase.

TOMS sunglasses. For every pair of sunglasses you buy, the provide sight-related procedures to people in need. 

The Giving Keys necklace. The Giving Keys employs people suffering homelessness. 

Half United Bullet Necklace. For every product you purchase, Half United provides a week's worth of meals to a child in need. 

And my all-time fave. American Apparel faux leather leggings. Because there is just no need for cruelty or leather nowadays!