Vegan Boho

God I love days like these! Those days when you wake up in the morning, call your best friend/WTS photographer and ask him to come with you to visit the charity you love so much and stop at different planet-loving spots to take pictures during the 50-minute drive there. We never expected the pictures to look so beautiful. Huge trees, infinite roads covered with leaves, and of course Coco- my furry babe- running around like crazy. Perfect day. Wearing one of my favorite boho outfits.  

Kimono. I bought this one in a little store in Barcelona but was able to find a similar one here in the US (which I'm getting 100% sure).

Shredded Shorts. A must in every closet.

White Boyfriend tank. Comfy Comfy Comfy.

Vegan Booties. So Boho and immitation suede. Love them way too much!

Pink Sunnies. Love the color and it matched perfectly with the occassion.

Urban Outfitters Non-Wool Hat. Saddly sold out :(