Wednesday coffee run

Ok, so from all the outfits I've shared with you so far this is probably one of my top 5 ones. Why? Well, first of all, it has two beautiful fashion items that seem to be leather but they are NOT! And secondly, because this look is the perfect boho/hippie chic look. In other words, so me! From the lose sweater, to the crochet skirt, the gladiator sandals and the accessories. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! What do you guys think? (Please comment on my Instagram feed until I figure out how to add a comment box to this freaking page! xoxo)

Vegan Gladiator Sandals. Yes, you read right! Not leather!! No animals harmed in the making of these babes!

Crochet Skirt. Polyester skirt. White and goes with everything.

Gray Rayon Sweater. 

Boho Fringe Silver Necklace. What can I say about this? I'm obsessed!

Crossbody Fringe Bag. Vegan, beige, light and beautiful! Need I say more?