Eco won't kill your vibe! / Ser eco no arruinará tu vibra!

When I talk about sustainable fashion with friends, or even total strangers, the words I hear usually revolve around:

-is not cool

-is not sexy

-is not luxurious enough

-is only for hippies

-there are no options

I hope this post, and all the ones I’ve been sharing change your mindset. Sustainable and ethical fashion can be ANYTHING you choose to make of it. I choose to make it boho-chic, comfy, story-telling and fun. Always! Here’s one more look I’m proud to rock.

Boots: they are made of recycled and vegan materials such as recycled PU, recycled resin (for shoe bottoms), post consumer cardboard, and faux suede made of recycled plastic by Beyond Skin. Their production is also ethical and located in Spain.

Skirt: made by one of my favorite brands. Reformation. Every piece is not only fair-trade but also made with materials that are kind to your health and our planet, like recycled fabrics, tencel (eucalyptus fiber), organic cotton, linen and others. They are also one of the few fashion brands that has been Carbon Neutral since 2015!

Sweater: cruelty-free, sustainable, ethical. Naadam is reshaping the cashmere industry! All their animals are hand-combed (not sheared!) and are cared for and treated humanely as a WAY OF LIFE, not merely a practice. They also pay their herders 50% more and…. (wait for it!)…. use ahimsa silk! This is silk that has been produced by waiting for the silkworms to hatch from their cocoons and later boiling the empty cocoons rather than the boiling the live silkworms like ordinary silk methods. Naadam also uses clean energy-powered manufacturing, non-toxic dyes, and is rolling out biodegradable plastic bags! This is the only cashmere brand that is Cradle to Cradle certified for their high standards focused on protecting the earth and basic human rights. 



Cuando hablo de moda sostenible con amigos, o incluso con extraños, las palabras que escucho generalmente giran en torno a:

-no es cool

-no es sexy

-no es lo suficientemente lujoso

-es solo para hippies

-no hay opciones

Espero que esta publicación, y todas las que he estado compartiendo, cambien tu forma de pensar. La moda sostenible y ética puede ser CUALQUIER COSA que elijas crear de ella. Yo elijo hacerla boho-chic, cómoda, llena de historias, y divertida. ¡Siempre! Aquí hay una tenida más que estoy orgullosa de compartir.

Botas: están hechas de materiales reciclados y veganos como plástico reciclado, resina reciclada, carton de post consumo y PU reciclado por Beyond Skin. Su producción también es ética y localizada en España.

Falda: confeccionada por una de mis marcas favoritas. Reformation. Cada pieza no solo es de comercio justo, sino que también está hecha con materiales que respetan nuestra salud y planeta, como telas recicladas, tencel (fibra de eucalipto), algodón orgánico, lino y otros. También es una de las pocas marcas de moda que ha sido Carbono Neutral desde el 2015!

Chompa/suéter: libre de crueldad, ecológico, ético. Naadam esta remoldeando la industria del cashmere! Todos sus animales se peinan a mano (no los rapan/rasuran/cortan!) y se cuidan y tratan humanamente como un manera DE VIDA, no simplemente una práctica. También pagan a sus pastores 50% más que el mercado …. (¡esperen!)…. usan seda ahimsa! Esta es seda vegana y pacífica que se produce esperando a que los gusanos de seda salgan de sus capullos, e hirviendo los capullos vacíos en lugar de hervirlos con los gusanos adentro y vivos, como hacen en los métodos de seda comunes. Naadam también utiliza energía limpia, tintes no tóxicos, y está lanzando bolsas de plástico biodegradables! Esta es la única marca de cashmere que tiene la certificación Cradle to Cradle por sus altos estándares centrados en la protección de la tierra y los derechos humanos.

Nature-filled Walls & Eco Brands I adore!

The wall that reminds me of my solo trip to the Amazon and how I told everyone that asked “Yes, me Jane. I know, latina Jane. Nope, no Tarzan. Just Jane. But you can call me Valeria.” 😂🌿 I’m working on posting every little detail of the 4 days I spent in the Amazon, by myself, sleeping in an eco-friendly treehouse 80ft above ground, powered by the sun, in the middle of the jungle, with howling monkeys and singing frogs and lots of mosquitoes and me defying every fear and enjoying every single second of it! It’s coming!

 In the meantime, I leave you guys with this wall and a head-to-toe sustainable and fair-trade look! Proof that nature makes everything look better!

T-shirt: GOTS certified organic cotton t-shirt that reads “Infinite Love & Gratitude” (my daily mantra) by Ipsilon Paris.

Skirt: made of reclaimed fabrics gathered from large companies that would have discarded them by Stormie Dreams. Also, all designs that don't sell get cut into children's clothing and donated to nonprofits Stormie Dream works with.

Shoes: Black sneakers made of organic cotton, plant-based dyes and renewable tree rubber by Z Shoes Organic. Use code "waterthruskin" for discount. 

Earrings: Handmade and empower women in Colombia by MP Wears. Use code "waterthruskin" for discount. 

Bag: A backpack- I’m absolutely in love with- made of vegan waxed canvas, organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles by LiveLikeAnAce.