Eco won't kill your vibe! / Ser eco no arruinará tu vibra!

When I talk about sustainable fashion with friends, or even total strangers, the words I hear usually revolve around:

-is not cool

-is not sexy

-is not luxurious enough

-is only for hippies

-there are no options

I hope this post, and all the ones I’ve been sharing change your mindset. Sustainable and ethical fashion can be ANYTHING you choose to make of it. I choose to make it boho-chic, comfy, story-telling and fun. Always! Here’s one more look I’m proud to rock.

Boots: they are made of recycled and vegan materials such as recycled PU, recycled resin (for shoe bottoms), post consumer cardboard, and faux suede made of recycled plastic by Beyond Skin. Their production is also ethical and located in Spain.

Skirt: made by one of my favorite brands. Reformation. Every piece is not only fair-trade but also made with materials that are kind to your health and our planet, like recycled fabrics, tencel (eucalyptus fiber), organic cotton, linen and others. They are also one of the few fashion brands that has been Carbon Neutral since 2015!

Sweater: cruelty-free, sustainable, ethical. Naadam is reshaping the cashmere industry! All their animals are hand-combed (not sheared!) and are cared for and treated humanely as a WAY OF LIFE, not merely a practice. They also pay their herders 50% more and…. (wait for it!)…. use ahimsa silk! This is silk that has been produced by waiting for the silkworms to hatch from their cocoons and later boiling the empty cocoons rather than the boiling the live silkworms like ordinary silk methods. Naadam also uses clean energy-powered manufacturing, non-toxic dyes, and is rolling out biodegradable plastic bags! This is the only cashmere brand that is Cradle to Cradle certified for their high standards focused on protecting the earth and basic human rights. 



Cuando hablo de moda sostenible con amigos, o incluso con extraños, las palabras que escucho generalmente giran en torno a:

-no es cool

-no es sexy

-no es lo suficientemente lujoso

-es solo para hippies

-no hay opciones

Espero que esta publicación, y todas las que he estado compartiendo, cambien tu forma de pensar. La moda sostenible y ética puede ser CUALQUIER COSA que elijas crear de ella. Yo elijo hacerla boho-chic, cómoda, llena de historias, y divertida. ¡Siempre! Aquí hay una tenida más que estoy orgullosa de compartir.

Botas: están hechas de materiales reciclados y veganos como plástico reciclado, resina reciclada, carton de post consumo y PU reciclado por Beyond Skin. Su producción también es ética y localizada en España.

Falda: confeccionada por una de mis marcas favoritas. Reformation. Cada pieza no solo es de comercio justo, sino que también está hecha con materiales que respetan nuestra salud y planeta, como telas recicladas, tencel (fibra de eucalipto), algodón orgánico, lino y otros. También es una de las pocas marcas de moda que ha sido Carbono Neutral desde el 2015!

Chompa/suéter: libre de crueldad, ecológico, ético. Naadam esta remoldeando la industria del cashmere! Todos sus animales se peinan a mano (no los rapan/rasuran/cortan!) y se cuidan y tratan humanamente como un manera DE VIDA, no simplemente una práctica. También pagan a sus pastores 50% más que el mercado …. (¡esperen!)…. usan seda ahimsa! Esta es seda vegana y pacífica que se produce esperando a que los gusanos de seda salgan de sus capullos, e hirviendo los capullos vacíos en lugar de hervirlos con los gusanos adentro y vivos, como hacen en los métodos de seda comunes. Naadam también utiliza energía limpia, tintes no tóxicos, y está lanzando bolsas de plástico biodegradables! Esta es la única marca de cashmere que tiene la certificación Cradle to Cradle por sus altos estándares centrados en la protección de la tierra y los derechos humanos.

LALF making World Elephant Day happier!

Just in time for World Elephant Day, here's a brand I'm beyond excited to share with you!

LALF (Love Animals Love Fashion) is an ethical, sustainable and vegan fashion brand that creates beautiful and comfortable tees made of organic cotton and natural dyes without the use of chemicals and toxic pesticides, which are poison to our health and planet. Are you smiling already? Then... get ready to smile even bigger! For each product you purchase from their limited edition collection, LALF donates 25% to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and their mission to rescue and protect elephants and rhinos in Africa. How about that for World Elephant Day?! Go check them out! They launched today and you can browse their entire collection on their website!

The tee I'm wearing is the IVY and it came in the most adorable and eco-friendly box, which can be reused or recycled! The box was made with recycled materials and it reads LOVE ANIMALS LOVE FASHION.



Para celebrar este Domingo y el día mundial de los elefantes, les quiero compartir esta marca divina, ecológica y ética! 

LALF (Love Animals Love Fashion) es una marca de ropa sostenible, vegana y ética que crea franelas/poleras/tees de algodón orgánico con colorantes naturales y sin el uso de pesticidas ni químicos que son tóxicos para nuestra salud y planeta. Ya están sonriendo? Bueno, prepárense para sonreír mucho más! Por cada producto que compren de su edición limitada, LALF donará 25% a la fundación David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust cuya misión se enfoca en rescatar y proteger a elefantes y rinocerontes en Africa. Qué les parece esta noticia tan linda para alegrarnos este Domingo y día mundial de los elefantes?! Vayan a espiar los productos de LALF! Hoy lanzaron la marca y todo esta en su website!

La polera que estoy usando es "IVY" y vino en una cajita hermosa que puede ser rehusada o reciclada. La caja fue hecha de materiales reciclados y muestra el logo y motto de LALF "LOVE ANIMALS LOVE FASHION". 

Clay, Fishing nets & Tourmaline into Products!

Clay, fishing nets, tourmaline. What do all these have in common? I’m using them! I wore this look to a sustainability public speaking event last week and everyone liked it so much, I just had to share the deets! So, here goes...

The skirt is handmade by artisans in Africa who bring ancient traditions to life in each product, like dying this skirt and creating shapes with clay! By Akoma 1260.

The booties are handmade in Italy and made from old fishing nets and cork by Verdura Shoes.

The blouse is fairtrade and made with organic cotton by Jan n June.

And my coffee mug is handmade with ceramic and tourmaline- a crystal that releases negative ions when in contact with heat alkalinizing and purifying my coffee/tea/matcha! By Live Vessel.

Barro, redes de pesca, turmalina. Qué tienen todos estos en común? Los estoy usando! Usé este look para un evento de sostenibilidad la semana pasada y les gustó tanto a todos, que decidí compartir los detalles con ustedes! Aquí van:

La falda de Akoma 1260 está hecha a mano por artesanos en África que dan vida a tradiciones ancestrales en cada producto, como teñir esta falda y crear formas con barro!

Las botas de Verdura Shoes son hechas a mano en Italia de redes de pesca viejas y corcho.

La blusa de Jan n June es de comercio justo y está hecha de algodón orgánico.

Y mi taza de café de Live Vessel está hecha a mano con cerámica y turmalina- un cristal que libera iones negativos cuando está en contacto con el calor alcalinizando y purificando mi café / té / matcha! 


Around Town with a Conscience!

Today, I'm all about this girly Sunday look but, of course, I had to add the jean jacket wrapped around my waist to sprinkle the style with some bohemian chillness. :p

All brands are vegan, eco-friendly and charity-loving!! See below for details. Happy blissful Sunday, babes!!

Melissa Vegan Flats: Yes!! Another beautifully designed pair of Melissa shoes! I don't think I'll ever get tired of talking about and promoting this brand. Every design is made from recycled plastic and, as I mentioned in a September post, Melissa also reuses 99% of water and waste and recycles overstock models from old collections and uses that same plastic for new designs. Plus, every pair of shoes smells like CANDYYY!!! :D

Harveys Eco-friendly Cross-body Sophia Bag: This bag!!! This was one of the first models I received from Harveys over 1.5 years ago and it's just so impeccably designed that I doubt it will ever go out of style. Its details are flawless and the color goes well with any outfit: jeans, skirt, dress, shorts. In case you guys haven't heard of Harveys yet, this is a brand created by husband and wife in California using recycled car seatbelts (exterior) and recycled plastic bottles (interior lining).  Use code: Waterthruskin for 10% discount!! <3 

Symbology Fair-trade Skirt: A line that combines fashion with giving back. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade in Asia and helps empower women across the globe. The goal of Symbology is to merge old traditions into the modern fashion world while employing marginalized artisans and connecting women worldwide. You can shop this skirt and more planet-loving products at Nomad Tribe in Miami. One of the stores I adore!!!

Photos captured by Christine Michelle Photography.


That comfy planet-loving boho look!

Happy Saturday, babes! So.. yesterday I had the most amazing fashion photoshoot with Christine Michelle Photography solely focused on what I like the most: Fashion with a Conscience! This look is not only incredibly comfortable and, in my opinion, very boho chic, but also extremely mindful of our beautiful planet and earthlings. As most of you know, I focus my style not only on looking great but also on making sure every single item I wear and promote is vegan, fair-trade, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and charity-oriented. If you want to find out more about why this shopping and lifestyle shift is so important, read about the negative effects of the leather and fur industry on our environment by clicking here.

Ok, so let's go straight to the blissful point... Kind fashion brands. ;)

-31Bits Necklace: Recycled paper necklace handmade in Uganda, Africa, with the goal of empowering women and men to rise above poverty through 31Bits Programs. After 5 years in the program, the beneficiaries are ready to graduate educated, healthy and empowered to manage a business with sustainable income. 

-Matt & Nat Bag: Vegan leather and recycled plastic interior lining. Not only do these bags look and feel like genuine leather but their colors and Matt & Nat's entire Women & Men's collections will leave you in awe. Do I need to say more? 

-Monkee Genes: A question I've been getting a lot recently is "What ethical denim brand to use?". Well, this is it guys. Monkee Genes' motto says it all "No Blood. No Sweat. No Tears" and its mission is focused on designing and manufacturing ethical and fair-trade jeans by paying workers decent wages and providing them with health benefits and safety standards, and also by raising awareness of child slavery and helping put an end to it. The pair I'm wearing is the Twill Cotton Skinny BUT, after watching a few DIY Youtube videos, I gave my jeans a ripped look. Nothing like adding your creative touch to your closet! 

-By Blanch Booties: I'm obsessed with these brown ankle boots. By Blanch is a European brand that makes gorgeous and comfortable shoes with high quality vegan materials such as polyurethane and vegetable oil coating. Every pair is made in Spain and is highly durable (believe me, I've been wearing mine nonstop) and looks and feels exactly like genuine leather. 

-Organic Tee: Organic cotton tee by Econscious. I'm wearing a Medium size so it fits a bit looser.