Reformation will leave you eco-breathless!/ Esta marca los dejara sin aliento...ecológicamente!

This dress and brand are one of my favorites. I’m sure you have all heard of Reformation? If not, this is a sustainable brand you might want to check out. Especially for wedding and cocktail dresses, as well as every day boho looks. They have made it their mission to follow practices that are as “holistic as possible, taking into consideration water input, energy input, land use, eco-toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, availability and price.” Which means that every piece is not only fair-trade but also made with materials that are kind to your health and our planet, like recycled fabrics, tencel (eucalyptus fiber), organic cotton, linen and others. PS: they also have some great sales at the end of the year….every year! :) If you live in Miami, they opened a store in Design District. They also have some in NY, CA, TX and DC.


Este vestido y marca son unos de mis favoritos. Estoy segura de que todos han oído hablar de la Reformation? Esta es una marca sostenible que les va a fascinar. Especialmente para vestidos de bodas y cócteles, así como para el look boho diario. Reformation enfocó su misión en seguir prácticas que sean lo “holísticas posible, teniendo en cuenta el consumo de agua, el consumo de energía, el uso de la tierra, la ecotoxicidad, las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero, la toxicidad humana, la disponibilidad y el precio”. Esto significa que cada pieza no solo es de comercio justo, sino que también es hecha con materiales que respetan nuestra salud y planeta, como telas recicladas, tencel (fibra de eucalipto), algodón orgánico, lino y otros. PD: también tienen buenas ofertas al final del año ... cada año! Si viven en Miami, abrieron una tienda en Design District. También tienen otras en NY, CA, DC y TX.


Biodegradable is better!

Barefoot everywhere (but we already know that)✔️
Organic coffee✔️
BIODEGRADABLE and ethical fashion✔️✔️✔️
Yes! You read right. Bio and fashion in the same sentence! I’m wearing a 4-way top made of banana fiber and organic cotton by Milo & Nicki, and my favorite shorts made of flax fiber by Vegan Resort Wear (use code “waterthruskin” for discount”). Both vegan, fair-trade, eco-friendly, and made with plant dyes! Didn’t see that coming, did ya? Like I’ve been repeating for 3 years now, sustainable fashion can be anything you choose to make of it!

In case you wonder, the hoop earings are made with sustainably sourced crystals by Krystle Knight.



Descalza por todas partes (pero eso ya lo sabemos) ✔️

Café orgánico✔️

Moda BIODEGRADABLE y ética✔️✔️✔️

Sí! Leyeron bien. Bio y moda en la misma oración! Tengo puesto un top que se puede usar de 4 maneras, hecha de fibra de plátano/banana y algodón orgánico de Milo & Nicki, y mis pantalones cortos favoritos de fibra de lino de Vegan Resort Wear (usen el código "waterthruskin" para obtener un descuento). Ambos veganos, de comercio justo, ecológicos, y hechos con tintes naturales de plantas! No se lo imaginaron, verdad? Como les he estado repitiendo durante estos tres años, la moda sostenible puede ser cualquier cosa que ustedes quieran!

En caso de que se pregunten, los aretes están hechos con cristales de origen sostenible de Krystle Knight.


Ethical, Sustainable, Boho & Cute!

Fashion. It's the second most polluting industry after oil. Did you know that? Or that through fast fashion, the hands that make your clothes get paid less than $2 each day? Or that we produce 4 lbs of waste every day? Or that old (non biodegradable) clothing pieces are part of these piles of trash that sit on landfills for years? These, and many more, are the reasons why I opted for a sustainable and fair-trade closet four years ago. Finding new conscious brands has become a part of my routine, and there's honestly nothing that makes me happier than discovering brands like Arizen. This one-of-a-kind brand designs beautiful and comfortable clothing pieces using sustainable fabrics and nontoxic dyes. Some of the earth-friendly fabrics they use are made of wood pulp, tree cellulose, flax, cotton and others. Arizen also works with artisans in Bali, empowering them through fair wages, humane working conditions, and fair work opportunities. And, as if all this weren't wonderful enough, Arizen will also blow your mind with their packaging. Each clothing piece comes in a biodegradable and compostable "plastic" bag made of cassava! They had me at hello. Seriously! Below are my favorite pieces and styles.