May 2018

Imagine yourself opening your villa’s windows and looking straight into the most beautiful turquoise waters. You feel the sunrays warming your skin as you slowly walk towards the 7-step ladder that separates your feet from the ocean. You have two options. You can either use the ladder or do a cannon ball straight into the water. There is no sand here. No beach, but mesmerizing caves you can discover the minute you jump into the ocean. Yes, this eco-friendly hotel has been built on top of rocks in Negril, Jamaica. As if this were not magical enough, Rockhouse Hotel also used local and reclaimed materials to built each villa without disrupting nature. Instead, they merged with it in perfect synchrony. They also have an organic garden that does not only provide veggies to the restaurant, but also medicinal herbs to the spa. A spa focused on holistic treatments with products made with natural and nontoxic ingredients. And last but –definitely- not least, they created a nonprofit (The Rockhouse Foundation) to transform and rebuild schools in low income communities of Jamaica while also training and empowering teachers. Since it inception, the Foundation has reshaped six schools and has invested over $4 Million in projects focused on improving education in Negril. I had the opportunity to visit one of these schools and spend time hugging and playing with the kids. One of the many reasons why I chose to stay at Rockhouse and would do so again!

Rockhouse has also a sister property called Skylark. This is a great option for those interested in staying at a hotel on the beach and near shops, restaurants and bars. They also have a holistic spa you can enjoy, and daily shuttle rides to Rockhouse Hotel so you can dine at their restaurant or take part in their activities.

Some activities I recommend at Rockhouse are:

-Jump from the hotel’s bridge straight into the water and snorkel or free dive around the caves!I did this every day!

-Go snorkeling to a reef nearby in a glass bottom boat. Did this and loved!

-Take a yoga class (or hit the outdoor gym. You’ll be amazed with the views!)

-Enjoy a spa treatment. I chose the deep tissue massage at Rockhouse, and the chakra-balancing facial at Skylark.

-Go to the schools with the Rockouse Foundation. (A must!)

-Drink a ginger shot every morning! (They also offer delicious green juices or shakes with soy milk)

-Go paddleboarding or kayaking

-Play chess or listen to vinyl records at Rockhouse’s game room area. I loved this!

-Ask for the Rockhouse passport, which describes all activities, and go get stamps for each activity you 

Other things to know:

-They have energy efficient practices and appliances

-They offer vegan options in their menu

-They offer ocean-safe and nontoxic sunblock in your room (please use ocean-safe and reef-safe sunblock. Always!)

-Take mosquito repellent (natural please!)

-Take your own reusable water bottle