March 2018

A question I get asked a lot by you- those reading my posts- and random people I meet on a daily basis goes something like this: “can luxury be combined with consciousness?”. The answer is pretty simple. Yes! You can still have that luxurious lifestyle topped with a twist of thoughtfulness. Whatever lifestyle you lead (luxurious, simple, hippie, modern) there ARE travel options that have our planet in mind. Even with architecture. Yes, I know. Not all hotels will have solar panels or water reusing systems, but there are a lot of incredible hotels taking steps to become more eco-conscious. Boutique hotels usually fit this category. Besides their excellent service, they are always very involved in the local community and have nature in mind.

Last month I traveled to Peru for two weeks to visit and review three different hotels. Two of them were luxurious, and one of them was all about submerging into the wilderness in the Amazons. All three with nature in mind.

In Lima, I stayed at Hotel B; a 1914 mansion that was transformed into a boutique hotel reusing the old structure, walls, wood, doors, windows and as much material as possible to preserve the original look without creating more waste, and reducing the negative impact on our planet. Another characteristic I adored about Hotel B, besides its charming and elegant architecture and interior design, were the art pieces that hung on every wall. Over 200 of them representing and supporting Latin American artists. Something Hotel B prides itself of. It honestly felt as if I had been taken back in time. To a castle that had been spiced up with a pinch of modern design. A one-of-a-kind magical place!

My room was beautiful! Big windows, a king size bed, a tub sitting in the hall that led to my bathroom, and natural and nontoxic beauty products made of figs. And breakfast? It overdosed in fruits, veggies, cereals, delicious green juices, quinoa with tomatoes, avocados, and so many more options that opened the doors to heaven to any plant-based eater! They also offered nut milk options, which meant that I- obviously- sipped a mouthwatering cappuccino every morning while contemplating the unique beauty of the patio they have on the first floor. It thrived on a wall covered in green, art pieces everywhere, and a few recycled and refurbished items.

To top this experience, I borrowed one of Hotel B’s bikes and rode around Barranco; a district in Lima ideal for those tourists or locals looking for a bohemian, artsy and romantic scene. One of my favorite areas in Lima. After my hour long bike ride through Barranco and next to the ocean, I went back to the hotel to practice some yoga on the rooftop. Yet another floor that warmed my heart. Each corner had a different look. Modern, bohemian, antique and very special.

Now, here are a few vegan spots, markets and restaurants I recommend you check out in Lima. I was truly surprised by the options and conscious movement in Lima. More than I imagined!

-La Sanahoria: this is a food market with tons of healthy and plantbased brands and ingredients. From breads, cookies and desserts to nut milks, superfoods and chocolate. Everything in one little stop! They have several locations in Lima, and the one I visited also had a Freshii (healthy fast food chain offering bowls with grains and veggies and vegan options). I had a delicious teriyaki tofu bowl there.  

-Flora y Fauna: I think this was my favorite food market. Similar to La Sanatoria but with a cuter and more eco-friendly look. Besides selling healthy and plant-based food brands and natural beauty products, they also had a coffee bar offering yummy acai bowls. I bought a lot of stuff there for the few days I spent in Lima. Almond milk, vegan chocolate, vegan burger patties (make sure you try the brand "Sanúa". You can find them at any healthy food store. SO freakin' DELICIOUS! The brand carries 100% natural and plant based burgers, breads, cereals, and milk. I bought a lot of their products and devoured them during my stay.), superfood oatmeals and the most delicious vanilla cookies by "La Purita Verdad". 

-Armonica Cafe: Small but super cute cafe offering vegan options such as avocado toasts, cappuccinos with nut milks and acai bowls. 

-La Bodega Verde: LOVED this place! The decor was very bohemian, warming, and relaxing. Indoors or on the patio. I tried their vegan burgers (both of them) and devoured them in the blink of an eye. That good! 

-Seitan Urban Bistro: This was the last restaurant I visited before heading back to Miami. I had the tofu and veggie sushi rolls with chimichurri and another one with vegan tiger milk, and also a tofu rice bowl. My favorite was the chimichurri sushi roll. Of course! :p

Things to know about Hotel B:

-Bike rental is included

-Their breakfast buffet has lots of vegan options

-They offer iced tea in the afternoons

-Their wifi is great

-The area is beyond beautiful and you can walk everywhere

-The service is excellent

-They also have a bar and restaurant on the first floor you might want to check out

-It’s a boutique hotel with 20 rooms